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[The Sun 15/12/06]

Moses Chan Prepares for his Christmas Party

After many years in the industry, it has been rare for Moses Chan to have a Christmas where he is not working, so this year, he plans to put up a Christmas tree in his home and hold a party there, especially as his brother is here to visit him: "This is my first year when I have not had to work at Christmas, because I have been filming every year up to now, so I can finally take a rest this year. I bought a new home earlier and have not thought about how to decorate it yet, so I hope to arrange this during this time and with it being so close to Christmas, I thought it would be good to put up a Christmas tree so that I can have a party with my brother."

Moses has also prepared some gifts for his friends and he says excitedly: "I would like to give gifts to my friend so everyone is happy. (What will you give to your girlfriend?) Anything she wants! However, you have to be sincere and the best thing would be to take time out to make it. I have painted a picture for a friend and written them a card, so that is okay."


[Ta Kung Pao 15/12/06]

Nanning's Zhao Ying Ying is Crowned Homeland Beauty

Eight mainland finalists took part in the final pageant contest for "Homeland Beauty" on Wednesday and in the end it was Nanning's Zhao Ying Ying who came away with the crown and a place in January's Miss Chinese International Pageant. Zhao indicated that she never thought about winning at all, so she was very happy to win the contest. Yesterday she has headed back home indicating she hopes to come back to Hong Kong again soon.

Mainland supermodel and Aaron Kwok's rumoured girlfrind Xiong Dailin was one of the judges on the night, but guests Chapman To and Tao Kit joked with her about her rumours, with Tao suggesting that Aaron is like a koala [joke: having to grasp onto Xiong's long legs], making Chapman turn around and snigger when he heard this. Afterwards, Xiong indicated graciously that she did not mind the jokes because she is used to it now. She does not think that her relationship has become a selling point because this was an entertainment programme and they had to do something to make people happy. As for Aaron being likened to a koala, she knows that the guests did not mean anything and this was just their wit. Does she think Aaron is like a koala? She says: "Of course not, when have you seen such a good looking koala and as a friend, height is not a problem."


[Ta Kung Pao 15/11/06]

Bernice Liu Arranges Marriage for her Dogs

Bernice was invited to a jewellery promotion yesterday as a guest model and she was presented with a set of platinum jewellery. She revealed that she has been busy rehearsing her dancing for her new series and as she has been rehearsing for four hours a day, her body is very tired and she has injuries in her calves. However, she is very happy and is looking forward to her show being aired to the viewers.

Although she is busy, Bernice has still taken time out to arrange a doggie wedding for her pets Bailey and Mac and the doggie witnesses to the event were good friend Pang Kin Sang's dog OK Jai and Lo Po Man's dog Bedhi. After leaving their paw prints on the official marriage certificate, they posed for photographs in their wedding outfits. Bernice says happily: "There is just one year between them and their birthdays are very similar, but my views are verty traditional, so I feel they should get married before they start to mate." As well as receiving lucky packets from their adoptive mother Bernice, she has also bought them diamante collars as a wedding gift.


[Ta Kung Pao 15/11/06]

Shirley Yeung Wants to Travel Tibet by Train

Shirley Yeung was guest at the opening of a Korean cosmetics outlet yesterday and as well as receiving a satisfactory feel, the sponsors also presented her with many skincare products. Asked if she was worried about it not being suitable for her skin, she says she is not worried because she has been wearing make-up for a long time and this makes her skin very dry, so all moisturising products are good for her.

As for her fee, Shirley smiles that it is enough to buy a Christmas gift for her boyfriend Gregory Lee, but she has not though of what to get him yet. She has just finished filming for her series so she can spend Christmas celebrating with a group of friends. So what present would she most like to receive? Shirley says that she would like to have a vacation, because she has not had time to take a holiday: "I wanted to go to Tibet before, because it is very exciting and I can experience the ancient and simple lifestyle as well as travel on the new Qingdao to Tibet Railway. (Are you not afraid of suffering from altitude sickness?) If I don't do overactive things or go jogging, then it should not be a problem?"

Talking of Gregory's family being devout buddhists, has she been influenced by them in her decision to visit Tibet? Shirley says this is not the case and in truth, she has wanted to go since she went on a trip to the Silk Road with her friends but they were unable to get the plane tickets, so this was cancelled. Her boyfriend also knows she would like to go, but he will not go with her as she wants to travel with her friends.


[Ta Kung Pao 15/12/06]

"Trouble Daddy" Blessing Ceremony

TVB's new series "Trouble Daddy" held its studio blessing ceremony yesterday and cast members present included Bobby Au Yeung, Yoyo Mung and Wong He. Bobby revealed that he has recently been for a body check with his wife and they are both fine, but he is 8 lbs overweight.

Talking of the rumours of animoscity between Bowie and Ah He during filming of 'Homeland Beuaty', is Bobby worried about not getting along with him? Bobby says that whether they get along is hard to say as everyone has their own personalities, but this is the second time he has worked with Ah He. He also says that many people have expectations from filming so if there is anything you are unhappy about, then the best thing is to speak out so that everyone can work around this.

Ah He appeared to be chatting away to Bobby about cars, but it was unknown as to whether they got along because this cannot be predicted. He says: "This does not happen every time and I am always asked for a reaction. We have to see whether someone is deliberately spreading rumours. However, I will be more careful when speaking in the future because I am not young any more and I have never thought that I will be working on the stage for a long time in the future, so I will just do my job."

Yoyo will be filming with a group of children in the show and asked if she would like to be a mother, she says: "I am a nervous person so if I have a child, I will be very paranoid such as how he is growing and whether he is healthy. Will she be celebrating Christmas with her boyfriend? She says she will be spending it working.


[Ta Kung Pao 15/12/06]

Louisa So's New Book Out on Sale

Louisa So's first cookbook will be launched today and the book gives instructions on how to cook and also offers some of her recipes to share with everyone, representing different emotions, such as family love, friendship and romance.

Both the words and pictures in the book were produced by Louisa herself. She hopes to make the book more lifestyle-based and she usually wears a t-shirt and jeans at home, so the book will also reveal Louisa at her most genuine image and show her tastes and her outlook on life.

As for expectations for the book, Louisa smiles: "Of course I would like to release more and more. I hold a burning passion for my cooking and this book is like a dish, in that I have selected the best in writing, ingredients and methods in the hope to make everyone drool with envy."

Reports indicate that Louisa's book will also be released for sale in America, Canada and Singapore.


[Ming Pao 15/12/06]

Wynners Enjoy the View of Shivering Beauties

The Wynners were filming their reunion music special for TVB yesterday despite the strong winds and low temperatures on a beach yesterday and as well as good friend Candice Yu being there, they had also arranged for Cha Cha Chan, Winnie Shum and Cathy Chow to appear on the beach in bra tops and hot pants, but they were shivering and dribbling in the cold weather.

Asked how he felt about the girls freezing in their bra tops, Alan Tam smiled: "I am full, my eyes have had plenty of ice cream today. (Who has filled you up the most?) I have been paying attention to my work and have not noticed. (Why did you not invite Candice to appear in a swimsuit too?) Candice is rushing to go shopping later, so she does not have time." Are Cha Cha, Winnie and Cathy worried about catching a chill? Winnie says: "We have put some warm packs inside our pants, but we are cold in the wind so all of our noses are running."


[Ming Pao 15/12/06]

Maggie Shiu Loves her Rockports

For Maggie Shiu, there are three things she has most of in life. Can you guess what they are? Maggie says: "In my life, the things I posess the most of are books, clothes and pretty clothes. I don't know if other people are the same, but I will often 'stock up' for myself and when I see some clothes and shoes that I have neglected for a while, then I feel guilty for being so forgetful of my feelings."

Maggie is very faithful to people and she is also very faithful to her shoes. She says: "I feel that to find a pair of shoes that you like and are comfortable is not easy because sometimes when you find a pair you like, the size does not fit. Life is never perfect, so when I find something that is, then I would rather buy different colours of the same style. At least then you will not have to suffer the pain of squeezed feet. I will not pursue the need for unique design because if you follow fashions, they will quickly go out of fashion. I like comfortable high heel styles. In the past, I liked to wear slippers out of convenience, but my friends told me that if you wear slippers outside, you will kick away your luck, so I followed their advice." Maggie has a liking for Rockport shoes because this brand meets her requirements for comfort.

In the past, Rockport was seen as a purely male domain, but they do have a large selection of female designs and Maggie has bought many pairs to wear, so she knows the difference and this is a reason behind her fidelity. "I often have to go out on location to film and then go to some promotional event, so to have a pair of shoes that I can wear all day is very important, especially if it is suitable for the more formal occasions, then this is convenient for casual people like me."

Maggie's personality is one of going with the flow and she finds that if you just take what comes, you will become happier because it means you gain more from your experiences: "When I lose something, then maybe I will gain even more. This can include love, family and money, so I will not be unhappy if I lose out in love because it will make me cherish even more what I do have."

Would she like to start a new relationship? "I have not really wished for it intentionally, espeicially as I am someone who likes surprises. Even without a lover now, I am still very well, but I cannot guarantee that I will find chemistry with someone tomorrow." Maggie has become happier in recent years compared to when she first entered the industry, especially when she met her business partners from the medical and beauty sectors. She has found that her life is very fulfilling and apart from filming, she has also gone back to school to take classes in beauty. This is Maggie's new life.


[Ming Pao 15/12/06]

Maria Chen's Terrifying Skywalker Experience

Maria Chen was working earlier at the Macau's Observation Tower and her manager suggested that she tried the Skywalker attraction there. She says: "At first, I saw the models walking around outside and it seemed like it was quite fun, so I joined them, but when I stuck my head out, I could feel a very strong pull of gravity. It was scary and I felt faint." Maria loves exhilarating experiences though and she is planning to go to Australia next year to do a bungee jump, proving that the greater your artisty, the greater your courage.


[The Sun 15/12/06]

Leila Tong Celebrates 24th Birthday With Gift Eggs

Leila Tong joined her fans for a party earlier to celebrate her 24th birthday and they presented her with a 2 ft high red postbox model, filled with gift eggs: "Each of the eggs had a message from my fans inside it and at first I wanted to open them all at once, but they stopped me and said that I had to open one a day. (What is your birthday wish?) Good health, because without health, you cannot do anything else. (Would you like some romance?) Not yet, my work is very busy at the moment and dating distracts your attentions. I will go with fate." After going to karaoke with her fans, Leila returned home in the evening to have a meal with her family: "My mother made me some authentic Indonesian dishes and I have not eaten such delicious food in a long time."


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