Thursday, December 14, 2006

[The Sun 15/12/06]

Bobby Talks Food in Love Scene

Bobby Au Yeung and Anne Heung were filming together again for "Trouble Daddy" earlier, where they play a couple who re-ignite their love affair. The scene should have been quite intimate, but as they filmed their reunion scene in Central, the weather suddenly turned very warm and humid and wearing his winter suit, Bobby was hot and sweaty and not in the mood as he sighed: "How can it be so hot in December? I am sweating all over, so how can I find the right feeling to talk sweet love?" Fortunately, Bobby loves his food and Anne was asking him about his culinary experiences, so they had a good conversation and Anne smiled: "When you start chatting, then you start feeling it. Bobby is scared of getting fat though, but my face looks thin on the screen, so I can fool the camera and I can eat as much as I like."


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