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[The Sun 09/12/06]

Bowie Quits 'Landscapes & Beauties' after Falling out with Wong He

Wong He and Bowie Lam have both become entangled in the 'gay affairs' scandal recently and should both be in the same boat, but there were rumours yesterday that Bowie cannot stand Ah He's arrogance and his cursing, so he has quit from the 'Landscapes and Beauties' final, with guest host Ha Yu taking over his space.

Reports suggest that when Ah He and Bowie headed out together to film in Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou for the series, Bowie became rather annoyed that the whole crew had to accompany vegetarian Ah He in not eating meat on the trip and was offended by Ah He's alleged curses that meat-eaters would get cancer and be sent to the depths of hell. Bowie was also unhappy at Ah He's refusal to co-ordinate on air clothes and his constant request for the producer to change his lines and therefore has pulled out of the final for the beauty pageant part of the show, which will be filmed on Wednesday and aired next Saturday.

Ah He was rehearsing his martial arts routine for the show yesterday at a Martial arts school and he denies that he has fallen out with Bowie, saying with his eyes wide open: "Of course not! Don't say things like that, we still have to film 'Jewel's Splendour' together. I am a vegetarian and I do not agree with killing, but I will not curse other people to get cancer or go to hell. I will not interfere with other people's business and I cannot stop them. (The rumours have not affected you?) I don't mind! Rumours are usually negative, they will never say I am lovable or popular will they?"

Although Bowie also denied any animoscity on the telephone yesterday, there seemed to be some double meanings in his words: "There is nothing wrong between me and Ah He, he is very serious with his work and so serious that I cannot stand it! Over the years, I have met many bad-tempered divas, so if we don't share the same views, then just saying 'Hi!' will do. (Do you share the same views with Wong Hei?) Hello friend, we don't have much to say to each other as he is always talking Buddhist scriptures and I am a good listener."

Wong He also mentioned the gay scandal and he said: "I don't know Walter Hau and internet rumours are like magazine reports, you can't get too bothered. (Have you been bothered by more gay men after this story broke?) When I released my photolog, I had already broken into the gay market. I don't have many friends, so if I am working, I am happy. (Are there any developments on your relationship front?) When I find someone, I will let you know.

Landscapes and Beauty pageant favourites, number 7 Huo Yan Jing dubbed as 'Guangzhou Michelle Reis' and number 3 Wan Mi Jia, who has had eyelid surgery to make her eyes look larger.


[Ta Kung Pao 09/12/06]

Steven Ma and Joyce Koi Duet for Charity

Steven Ma and Joyce Koi will be performing classic duet 'Leung Mong Yin Sui Lui' at tonight's Tung Wah Charity Spectacular and even before singing, $200,000 has been pledged for their act. They hope that the audience will donate even more on the night, so they have been busy rehearsing hard for the event.

After working together on "Better Halves", Joyce and Steven have become good friends and although their usual singing styles are very different, with Steven singing modern pop and Joyce singing opera, they still always hope to have the opportunity to work together. They are both quite nervous about this charity performance, so they joined voice coach Lee Yuet Ling for a session to rehearse. Steven says: "She is my mentor and I have known her for over ten years. When I first entered the industry, I took part in numerous singing contests, but I failed in every one, until I met Teacher Leung who taught me to sing Jacky Cheung's hit 'Lee Heung Lan' to take part. As this song is difficult to sing well, I scored highly and finally won the contest, changing my life forever and launching my career in showbiz."

Steven laughs that in introducing Joyce to his tutor, he has raised his status to 'student elder'. They were both praised as 'good students' by their teacher, Steven in particular for his unfailing conscientiousness and this makes her feel very contented. Joyce and Steven will be touring America and Canada next year, so this performance will be a good warm up for the tour. This fresh duo will have a wide variety of songs to choose from, ranging from opera, to folk songs to pop songs and should prove a good investment to entertainment businesses.


[Wen Wei Po 09/12/06]

Niki Chow Sighs at the Betrayal of Trust in Today's Society

After intruders forced their way into Niki Chow's home earlier posing as delivery staff and frightening Niki's mother, Niki was interviewed on a radio show yesterday and host DJ Jerry Lamb asked her if she had stopped crying yet. She replied: "I did not cry? (Your manager said you were crying a lot?) I was just very angry."

Asked if she has been comforted by rumoured boyfriend Kevin Cheng, Niki said: "He has asked about my mother and made sure she was alright. (Did you make sure you keep your distance when you spoke to avoid the press making up more stories about you?) At the time I did not think about that too much. Not many people knew what was happening, but as I was talking on my phone and frowning a lot, he was stood beside me, so he knew." Niki says that the two people were already taking photographs when they stood at the door and when they failed their mission, they ran away. Her mother bravely ran after them, then she called Niki as she was so scared that she could not breathe. Niki says: "You cannot scare older people like this, she said her chest was very painful and I was worried her heart could not handle it. The worst thing for me was my mother getting frightened like this."

When the two people ran away, they left behind the battery to their mobile phone. Will this be sent for fingerprint scanning? Niki says: "We reserve the right to take whatever legal action is required. It is in the hands of the company now and we will see what we can do, but I don't want to blow this out of proportion." When Niki found out what had happened, she was busy filming and she says that it affected her mood quite severely: "I really wanted to take time off yesterday, but I did not want my work to be affected by my personal affairs, so I was constantly on the phone and keeping in contact with my mother." Talking of her recent string of negative events, she says: "I don't know if this incident was related to me because there are so many of us in my family. If it was our friends in the media, then I am very disappointed. If they are thieves or other criminals, then it is even more frightening." Asked if she thinks they are crazy fans, she says: "My fans are very good and will not do this kind of thing." Niki says that her mother now has a shadow over opening doors, facing strangers and even staying at home on her own and this is quite a big effect on her because she does not even want to go home. Niki says that the police have urged her family to be careful when opening the doors, but she points out that the delivery was addressed to Mr Chow and then the next time it will be someone claiming to be Mr Chan the new neighbour, so you can't be too careful really.

Niki indicates: "If this event was the media taking paparazzi shots, then I hope that they will use other means to gain information and not to disturb my family. If it is the media, then this will betray the respect and trust between people. I hope that everyone will pay attention to this because intrusion into people's homes to take photographs is a serious matter."


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