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[The Sun 08/12/06]

Tavia Yeung insists Big Breasts = Big Brains

Tavia Yeung has recently enhanced her breasts, but she definitely does not agree with the adage that "Big Breasts mean No Brains" and insists that a great figure and intelligence can co-exist and the saying is wrong.

Yet Tavia's role in the currently airing series "Dicey Business" is the busty Tam Chu Mei, who despite her 36D assets is rather naive and simple. However,in real life, Tavia has enhanced her own figure and does not agree that having a great figure does not mean you are stupid. In fact, she believes that she should stand up for women with great figures who are so often misunderstood.

Tavia smiles: "Just like how Miss Hong Kong winners all have a combination of beauty, figure and intelligence and I am a good example of how my figure has improved, but I have not found my own intelligence dropping, I am still as smart as ever and I will not be as easily led into temptation as my character was. Even in the complex world of showbiz, this is no problem at all for me."

As for her character taking part in a beauty contest to get to the top, Tavia says she does not have the guts to do this: "I don't thin I would do this! If I went back in time, I would still not enter a beauty contest. Although you can gain a lot of experiences from it, I would not be brave enough to parade before everyone in a swimsuit, so I do admire the contestants for their bravery and determination."


[The Sun 08/12/06]

Rain Li Sends Birthday Message to Raymond Lam

Ella Koon, Rain Li and Tracy Ip took part in a Christmas Gingerbread Charity Auction event earlier and Rain indicated that she remembered her former rumoured boyfriend Raymond Lam's birthday, so she will send him an SMS greeting on his birthday and consider buying him some suntan lotion as a birthday present.

Wearing a T-shirt designed by sick children to perform, Ella says: "When I was younger, I had a congenital heart condition and the medication made me very sick."


[Ta Kung Pao 08/12/06]

Hacken Lee Celebrates his Birthday on JSG

Hacken Lee, Alex Fong, Kay Tse, Sum Sum, Ban Ban, Andrew Cheung and Peter Cheung were guests on 'Jade Solid Gold' on Wednesday and TVB had arranged a special VIP room for pregnant Kay to prepare in. As it also happened to be Hacken's birthday on that day, they had prepared a birthday cake for him and Hacken was so happy, he tucked in and took a bite from it. When the birthday song was played, he was swamped by fans bearing gifts and lucky packets.

Hacken says that he has not had any special birthday celebrations because every year he seems to have more work than usual on his birthday. When it was suggested he could go out and celebrate after filming for JSG, Hacken smiled: "With so many paparazzi around, I am used to not going anywhere now. Everyone cares so much, so there is nothing I can do!" As for his birthday wish, Hacken wishes for good health to those who love him and for his new album to do well. Recently there have been rumours that he has been on a honeymoon to Hainan and has registered his marriage there, but he denied this, saying that the visit was for Nat Chan's birthday and it coincided with the opening of Chan Kwok Keung's new golf club so Alan Tam and Eric Tsang were also there. Hacken sighs: "Every year there are so many 'dogs' following me around [Cantonese for 'paparazzi' is literally 'puppy groups'], then I think I will have to wait until 2008 before I can register, because at the moment, it is like a secret affair I am having."

Hacken refused to let TVB cover his wedding reception earlier and there have been rumours that this has upset TVB executive Stephen Chan, so at this year's JSG Top Ten, the Best Male Singer and Best Song awards will now be given to Leo Ku. In response to this, Hacken says: "Stephen has already explained this and after someone in such a high position has spoken, then I don't need to explain this again. No-one knows the result until the final moment and I will face it without expectations. (Are you not fighting for it any more?) I don't know how to reply to that question. (Do you have confidence to take the Best Singer award?) Just go with the flow, not only TVB, each organisation has its own way of scoring that I don't know about. If I win, I will go and collect it, if I don't, I will go home. (Are you planning to lose?) I am a confident person, but I will just go with the flow." Asked if he thinks Leo will win the award, Hacken says openly that he cannot answer this question, but if he had to choose someone, it would be Andy Lau.

Miriam Yeung earlier invited the Gold Label artistes for dinner and Alex indicated that this was just a Christmas celebration and not Miriam's farewell party. As for the chance that Leo will win the Best Singer and Best Song awards, Alex says it is hard to predict before the event, but he will be very happy for Leo if he wins. Brothers Peter and Andrew will be holding a concert at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium this month and Peter's wife Eugina Lau [former TVB actress Lau Mei Kuen] is seven months pregnant with a baby boy who is due to be born in February. Asked if she is being particularly careful this time, Peter explained that their last child unfortunately died within 24 hours of being born and this was nothing to do with the pregnancy, so to say things like this is unfair to his wife. The matter is now in the hands of the lawyers to find out the true reason why the baby died.


[Ming Pao 08/12/06]

Sheren and Bowie Freezing in Qingdao

After their co-operation in "War and Beauty", Sheren Tang and Bowie Lam also starred together in mainland production "Love Affair in Qingdao", which is currently airing in Guangzhou and proving a big hit. This series was filmed in Qingdao itself in the middle of winter and they were filming in temperatures of minus 5 degrees C and having to bear the cold sea winds. For Sheren wearing high cut qipaos, she was so cold she couldn't stop shivering. Before filming, she was wrapped well in scarfs and shawls to keep warm. Sheren's father visited her during filming in Qingdao and she was worried about him catching cold, but was grateful for his care as she did not have to bear the rice box meals.


[Ming Pao 08/12/06]

Kenny Wong Boxes out Negative Emotions

Kenny Wong's career is really picking up now and after winning the award for Best Male Supporting Actor at the TVB anniversary, he has recently received an offer to be the face of cosmetic brand Squina's new product in their latest TV ad, where he appears as a boxer, throwing his powerful punches and boxing away all his negative emotions.

Many years ago, when Kenny's career was in a dip, he developed depression at one point and became a little unstable, feeling that nothing was going his way. This experience has taught him to understand that all this negative emotion will make you stand still and not move on, so you have to work on it through basic good health.


[Ming Pao 08/12/06]

Lydia Sum's "Where Are They Now" Visiting Old Friends

Lydia Sum's series "Where Are They Now" will be airing episodes 16 to 21 next week, showing Lydia's visits to friends in Vancouver and Toronto, including Elliot Yue and his wife Tanny Tian, Sam Wong, Christine Leung, Ho Sau Shun, Chan Lai Sze and Lau Fung Ping.

The 'Red-robed Heroine' and 'Action Actor' of the Shaw Studios Tanny and Elliot are the model couple of the movie world and Tanny once set the record of filming over 100 movies in three years, on the condition that she would only reveal from the shoulders up because she felt that her washboard figure was not suited to the nude shots. The personalities of the two are very different, but they have been very compromising to each other over the years, but they did get drunk once and a fight broke out in the car. The heroine and action hero of the past are now happy in their peaceful lives and do charity work in their spare time for the Tzu Chi Foundation.

Sam Wong married Miss Hong Kong 1976 runner up Christine Leung and then emigrated to Vancouver, where Sam studied construction at evening classes. He has taken part in the design of over 70 of Vancouver's luxury homes and even Lydia's home was one of his creations. Sma and Christine joined Lydia to visit one of Vancouver's tourist spots Grouse Mountain.

In the 60's and 70's, Lau Fung Ping was named as the cutie singing queen and in 1988, she married and emigrated to Vancouver. She remembers that she once had a disagreement in a nightclub over an encore and they let out over ten snakes there to cause havoc. Now she is a full time housewife and also teaches music to nurture the next generation.

TVB's Golden MC of the 80's Ho Sau Shun (Ho B) and his wife Chan Lai Sze are well known among all audiences and after emigrating to Toronto, they have enjoyed a peaceful lifestyle. Lai Sze has worked at radio and TV stations in Toronto and smiles that she has picked up tips on hosting from Ho B. Lydia reveals Ho B's nickname from the past and they also talk about their views on marriage.


Em's note: Many of the young 'uns probably won't recognise the people in this article, even I don't know some of them, but I just couldn't resist doing this article, just in case someone out there is just as intrigued as I am about what happened to the stars of the 70's and 80's.... You can check out Lydia's photos with her old friends here: http://jade.tvb.com/special/where_are_they_now/album/03.html

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