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[The Sun 07/12/06]

True Professional Bosco Still Filming Despite Grandfather's Death

Bosco Wong's grandfather passed away a few days ago, but he has still continued filming for "The Seventh Day", putting aside his sadness for the camera. Despite his mind being blank, he composed himself as soon as the cameras started rolling to film his kiss scene with Charmaine Li.

Filming in Tin Hau earlier, Bosco, Charmaine and Natalie Tong were shooting a scene where Charmaine, who has a crush on Bosco sneaks a kiss from him after their meal and this is spotted by his girlfriend Natalie, who becomes very jealous. Bosco seemed rather confused and did not even seem aware of his forthcoming kissing scene. He said: "What? Is this a kiss scene? I didn't know at all." Bosco revealed that his grandfather had passed away that morning, but as he had to keep up with filming schedules, he insisted on carrying on with his work. He said with a hoarse voice: "My grandfather passed away this morning and my mind is completely numb at the moment. (Did he love you?) Of course a grandfather loves his grandchild! I am not in a good mood at the moment and I am still unwell, but fortunately my colleagues are all very helpful."

When he wasn't filming, Bosco was drinking the red wine prop to drown his real life sorrows and quietly sitting in a corner not saying anything, a stark contrast to his usual playful and jolly self. However, as soon as the cameras started rolling, then Bosco still entered the scene with a smile and both Charmaine and Natalie praised him for his professionalism. Charmaine said: "He is very strong and I know he is unhappy, so when we are not filming, we will not disturb him." Natalie adds: "Bosco arrived late for the afternoon scene and at first we were going to play a joke on him and tell him to pay for dinner. Then we found out about his grandfather and saw how upset he was, so I daren't bother him now."


[Ta Kung Pao 07/12/06]

Fiona Yuen Mistaken for 'Dating' her Brother

The film "Little Miss Sunshine" held its premiere earlier raising money for the Lions Club. Celebrities attending this included Fiona Yuen, Lee Wan from Cream and Pak Wan Kam and Tse Wai Chun. Fiona arrived with her younger brother, but he was a little shy and did not want to be photographed with her.

Fiona says that her brother has just finished his studies in Germany and has returned to Hong Kong, but as he has no work experience, she has introduced him to some work in the catering business. However, her brother is not adapted to the fast pace of Hong Kong and having to start work at half past six in the morning is hard work. She feels a little guilty for finding such a hard job for her brother, but he says he does not mind and says that he will keep working no matter what and will not give up half way. Just gaining the experience makes him happy. As her brother looks quite mature for his age, Fiona laughs that when she goes out with him, he is mistaken for her boyfriend and someone once said that they looked like a great couple, leaving her having to explain herself all the time. With Christmas approaching, Fiona will be spending this with her family who have all come to Hong Kong to visit her and have a family reunion.


[Ta Kung Pao 07/12/06]

Steven Ma Still not Content and Wants More Achievements

Steven Ma won the award for My Favourite Male Television Character at the TVB anniversary awards this year with his portrayal of Sheung Chi in "Safe Guards". To celebrate his success, some close friends held a party for him and presented him with a cake with the message "Steven shows his stuff and shows success forever" to wish him continued success in his career.

As his golden award has been sent back to the jewellers to have his name engraved on it, he could not show it off at the celebration. Steven says: "The award is made from real gold and is worth about $100,000. In the past, I have won three other awards for 'My Favourite Television Character' and they also have real gold stars on them that are worth about $30,000 each, so they are quite valuable." In other words, Steven has won over $200,000 in gold from his awards. With the current gold prices so high, will he trade in his gold? Steven says definitely not and he will be keeping them safe in his safety deposit box because this is a great honour and pride to his family, so he wants to keep this to show his children and grandchildren.

Steven says confidently: "I am confident that I can win the Best Actor award next year because the roles this year have given me a chance to shine and are a mixture of ancient and modern, with each character a product of hard work. For example in the new series with Bernice Liu, I will have to learn to dance and grow my hair, so I hope to give the viewers a fresh new image." Although he is confident, there is still a chance that the favourite will lose out? He smiles:"If I lose out next year, there is always the year after. As an artiste, you have to be confident in yourself because with confidence, then you are a step closer to success." What Steven has given up is clear for all to see, but we just have to wait for the time to be right when he gains true recognition.


[Ta Kung Pao & Ming Pao 07/12/06]

Suki Chui says TVB is Putting No Pressure on her

Suki Chui was dressed as a sweetie girl for a shopping mall event yesterday where she joined Santa Claus in revealing Hong Kong's largest sweet dispensing machine and helping children to make their own chocolate. She says that she likes to each chocolate and she has made chocolate desserts in the past, but she had not met her current boyfriend then, so he has not tasted her cooking because he does not like sweet things.

Suki and her boyfriend have been the focus of the media and some reports recently have suggested that TVB have been putting pressure on her to lower the profile of their relationship, leading to Suki moving out of his home and returning to her family home in Tsing Yi. Asked if TVB is putting pressure on her, she says: "The company is very good and they just told me I have to be diligent with my work and have not told me I cannot date. (Your relationship has become low profile lately?) Because I have more work, I have been filming series and hosting. (You rarely ride in your boyfriend's car now?) Because I usually get a taxi. (You have moved out of your boyfriend's home?) We have never lived together and I have lived with my family in Tsing Yi all along. Even if move closer to TVB city in the future to be more convenient for work, I will still live with my family."

As for the continued focus on her relationship and all the gossip, Suki was asked if her boyfriend has been unhappy about this. She says: "He feels that I should treasure every opportunity and my parents and everyone else want me to do well in my career. (How about your boyfriend?) He is among my friends. (Is your relationship starting to fade?) It is still steady like before and has not changed. (Are you worried the reports will affect your boyfriend?) Work is more important. (If the company wants to split you up, would you choose your career or your relationship?) The company will not do this." Suki does not know whether she can spend Christmas with her boyfriend because she does not know her work schedule yet and if there is work, then she has to do it, so she is using her spare time now to buy some gifts for her friends.


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[The Sun 07/12/06]

"Jewel's Splendour" will lose Stars Millions in Endorsements

TVB will begin filming for its 80-episode blockbuster production "Jewel's Splendour" in January next year and filming will last around nine months. With many of the cast of "The Dance of Passion" reunited in the longest drama production since "At the Threshold of an Era" in 1999, but unable to take on endorsement and promotional work during filming, the stars stand to sacrifice a lot to appear in this production. The series will be produced by TVB veteran Chik Kei Yi and the cast include Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Gigi Lai, Ada Choi, Maggie Siu, Kenny Wong, Bosco Wong and Linda Chung.

With their schedules fully booked up by the series in the nine months of filming, the stars will not have time to make extra money, so the financial sacrifice is quite substantial. Gigi Lai says: "I think I will be sacrificing a seven figure sum, but there is nothing I can do! To take on a great project is something you cannot let go of and to wear jewellery worth tens of millions is high pressure! To have to wear it and run around in it is quite scary." She thinks that she will have to take it all off every time she goes to the toilet for security reasons.

The show will be centred around the jewellery industry and sponsorships of several sets of $10 million jewellery have been secured. As this will be a grand production for TVB next year, it has attracted a number of large jewellery companies to sponsor production. During filming, there will be heightened security and there will be an unusual level of commotion for a TV series.

Ada Choi says that she will be giving up a lot for producer Chik. She says: "To film this series, I have turned down a lot of opportunities to make money in the mainland and it is a great sacrifice, but for Chik, I can't count it like this."

As for Bowie, he says that the reason he took on this project is because he remembers his roots and even if he makes less money, he still has to repay his debt to TVB: "For a series with a nine month filming plan, there is a big chance that this will be extended to a whole year and for me, of course this is a great sacrifice. When people approach me with jobs now, I have to tell them I am fully booked for 2007. However, TVB is my spiritual home and I remember my roles, so making money can be put aside and I will not count this." Moses is overjoyed at the opportunity to take part in yet another large scale production and says that he has been filming non-stop for the last two years, so he is confident he can handle this 80-episode series.


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