Sunday, December 17, 2006

[Ming Pao, Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 18/12/06]

Bernice Liu's Ideal Boyfriend Must Love Dogs

Bernice Liu and Kenneth Ma took part in the 'Smart Pets Carnival' event yesterday and they learned how to massage their dogs and make sweet potato tarts, with Bernice's 'daughter-in-law' Bailey rather enjoying it. Dog-lover Bernice says that when she buys her new home it must allow her to have pets and when she chooses a boyfriend, he must also be a dog-lover. However, she has had complaints by her father that she loves her dogs more than she loves her family.

Bernice has been busy practising her latin dancing for her new series "The Whole City is Dancing", which will begin filming on the 23rd. She smiles: "There has not yet been any location shots yet because they are looking for quality, people take over ten years to perfect Latin Dance but we have only had two weeks to rehearse and on one occasion I was thrown to the floor by Matthew Ko, so it was quite dangerous and it left me with bruises on my knees." She also says that Bailey has just been accepted onto the 'Dr Dog' scheme, so she will be taking her to the hospitals to visit sick children.

Kenneth feels that keeping a pet is a huge responsibility and his home is not big enough. He says: "When I was young, my father brought a stray dog home, but it ran away again after two or three years and he was very upset, so we have not had another dog since." Asked if he has plans to buy a new home, he says: "Plans to buy a home will be determined by my income, so I daren't buy a car. If I do buy a place, I like somewhere that is a quiet haven in a busy area."


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