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[Ming Pao 05/12/06]

Ada Choi on a Journey to Trace Christ's Footsteps

Ada Choi headed out yesterday to Isreal to film for "On the Road" on a ten day trip to trace te footsteps of Jesus Christ, visiting Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Bethlehem and the Garden of Gethsemane and telling the story of how she found her outlook on life through the teachings of Christ. Ada says: "In order to build my experiences, I will be following the painful path of Jesus and try carrying a cross to feel how Jesus felt during his suffering. Just thinking about this moves me to tears, so I have prepared a lot of tissues."

With the uncertainty in Israel, Ada's trip has already been postponed three times and she smiles: "I have wanted to go for so long and have been looking forward to it. You can kill me before I get off the plane, I have to go there! I will be taking my cousin with me and many of my church friends are quite envious."


[Ming Pao 05/12/06]

Jessica Hsuan is Happy at Ratings Rise for Dicey Business

TVB series "Dicey Business" has risen in ratings by two points in its second week, averaging at 32 points and peaking at 34 points. Its direct competitor on ATV "No Turning Back" has fallen by one point, with average ratings of just 3 points, typical of ATV's poor ratings last week, with single figures between 6pm and 11pm every night and the usually popular 6 o'clock news broadcast just reaching 9 points. TVB's "Deal or No Deal" fell by six points, losing 380,000 viewers dropping down to average ratings of just 22 points after facing strong competition from the airing of "The Day After Tomorrow" on TVB Pearl, that reached a respectable 16 point peak and 13 point average, totalling 1.03 million viewers.

Jessica Hsuan was interviewed on a radio show yesterday and she was happy at the news of the ratings rise for her series. She says that she was happiest working with Bobby and as well as creating some sparks during their work, Bobby kept joking that she had gained weight and her flab on her arms was so long it looked like batwings. He also laughed that she is going back to her 'spiritual home' in Ningbo [sounds like 'no boobs' in Cantonese].


[Ming Pao 05/12/06]

Bernice Liu Makes Enough Money for Another Property

Bernice Liu took part in an event for World Communications Expo to promote a mobile phone and she says that she has been making a lot of money on endorsements lately, so she is very happy. She will soon be filming Leung Choi Yuen's new series and hopes that during this filming, she can spare some time to make some more money by sacrificing her resting time. She describes 2006 as a rewarding year, so she plans to buy another property in 2007. She says: "At the moment, the feng shui in my current home is very good and I constantly have work coming in, so if I buy an apartment, then it will be purely for investment. I have been looking for properties recently and my favourite is a detached property in Clearwater Bay. The money I have made this year is enough for the deposit, so I will have to keep working hard." Bernice's car is the 7-seater that she won in a draw several years ago and she says her friends often laugh that she is driving an old style car, but she says this is her lucky car, so she does not want to spend the money on a new car, preferring to continue using her old one."


[Ta Kung Pao 05/12/06]

Sonija Kwok Losing Weight through Police Officer Role

Roger Kwok and Sonija Kwok were filming in Happy Valley yesterday for new series "Curious Detective", but they were in separate scenes and when Roger finished, it was Sonija's turn. Sonija's scene tells of her chasing Wong Ching, but her car is driven away by Roger, so she has to borrow a Rolls Royce from someone to continue the chase.

Sonija smiles: "This is the first time I have driven such a large vintage car, but after trying it, I have found it not too difficult to drive." As she plays a very rough and tumble police officer in the show, then not only does she have to speak very loudly, she also has plenty of chasing and running scenes, so after just a few days of filming, she has found that she has lost some weight. She says: "After filming a chasing scene, I am worn out the following day, so being a fighting star is not easy at all. (You once said that you would like to be an action actress, have you changed your mind now?) I don't mind, the most important thing is for someone to ask me to play the role."

Roger took a little rest after lunch as he did not have to film again until the evening. In the show, he will be a couple with Sonija and asked whether they will have a kiss scene, he smiles: "The scripts have not come out yet, but I have been kissing Shirley Yeung in the dark in our recent movie shoot. (What do you mean 'in the dark'?) Because the light was running out, so we had to film quickly and we had to kiss three or four times." As this series has just started filming, Roger will not be able to spend Christmas with his wife. He smiles: "Not just Christmas, I cannot even be with her on the 16th, which is her birthday. (Will you buy her a bigger present?) Usually I give her birthday present together with her Christmas present, so it will be bigger, but this year I plan to just give her the money, because she wants to study nutrition an supporting her financially will be better. (You have separate bank accounts?) No, we share our money, but she does not know how to invest, so all the investment and money management is left up to me. (Do you have time?) I just invest in trust funds and blue chip companies, so it doesn't take too much time. (Have you invested in property?) No, I feel that one property is enough."


[Ta Kung Pao 05/12/06]

Fala Chen is Afraid of Mother's Disapproval of Sexy Shoots

Fala Chen was a guest model at a digital camera show earlier and was presented with a new camera. She likes to take photographs, so has she thought about publishing her own photobook? She says she has not, but if someone invites her to do this and the pictures are beautiful, then she does not mind. Would she be willing to pose naked? She says: "Beauty does not necessarily have to be sexy, close-ups and backgrounds can make a picture look very pretty and I feel that a good photographer is someone who can capture the subject's expression and personality. Anyway, I am very conservative, so I will not pose naked, otherwise my mother will scold me to death."

Although she is afraid of her mother, Fala often does things first and then tells her mother later, but her mother is totally trusting of her. She says: "My mum believes me more than the magazines, but sometimes when she sees the reports, she will ask me what is going on because she does not understand Hong Kong culture. (Has your mum asked you about your gossip?) We talk on the phone every day and she knows everything as I will explain it to her." Talking of her rumours with the Karaoke bar heir, she seemed a little hesitant and said that this was a long time ago and has been asked about already.


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