Saturday, December 02, 2006

[Ming Pao 02/12/06]

Michael Miu Has Thermal Undies to Beat the Wind and Snow

Michael Miu, Sheren Tang and Toby Leung headed out to Vancouver yesterday to film on location for "The Drive of Life". The weather there at the moment is very cold and snowing heavily, but Michael has not prepared much winter clothing for the trip: "The snow has started to melt there now and as the scenes are supposed to be in July, then we will be on location for most of the shoots and wearing winter clothes will be very bulky, so I will be wearing thermal underwear instead." Have you not been so far away for a while? "I have just been filming on location in Beijing and I have not been to Canada for so long. To go away with a big group of people is quite good because it will be happier and we all get on fairly well. I refer to Toby and Sheren as my daughter and wife!"

Toby is already wearing a scarf and polo neck while she is still in Hong Kong and she smiles: "I will be carrying a big coat to the airport and prepare some warm packs, but I cannot wear the big coats for filming, so I will have to wear some lambswool clothes underneath. We will be there for two weeks and as soon as we land, we have to start filming at 6am the following morning. Filming in such cold conditions will be hard work."


[Ming Pao 02/12/06]

Gigi Lai - Career Going Well, Romance Not So Well

For Gigi Lai, who is 34 years old this year, she has been in the industry now for nearly 20 years, but in the last two years, she has not had any romance: "Women need to have their own career, I do not want to depend on a man!" Gigi has no shortage of courtship, but she does not want to find a boyfriend. When she does, then this person will be the one she wants to marry and as soon as she marries, she will retire from showbusiness. Gigi says: "I can say that I have achieved something in my career after winning Best Actress for 'War and Beauty', however in love, I am not so outstanding!" Gigi says that her ideal partner will be from outside the industry and she will never be the third party in a relationship.


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