Monday, December 25, 2006

Hope you have lots of fun, eat plenty of lovely food and Santa brings you all the presents you asked for.
Health and Happiness to all!
Em & Ghosty

[The Sun 25/12/06]

Ron and Toby Back Together Again

Ron Ng, Toby Leung and Michael Miu were filming yesterday for "The Drive of Life" and having already worked together in "Men in Pain", Ron and Toby are paired up again in this series and asked if they have any kissing scenes, she says: "I don't know, there shouldn't be! This time it is just baby love. I don't mind as long as it tells the story then it is ok." She reveals that she has already received some Christmas presents: "I have received some! I will usually put them under the tree at home and wait until Boxing Day before I open them."

Also, having just returned from a stage performance in New York, Ron indicated that he will be staying at home on Christmas Day. "Of course I have had invitations, but I have not accepted any yet. At first I had planned to stay for a couple more days in New York to go shopping, but I had to come back to Hong Kong to work, so there was nothing I could do." Michael indicates that he will finish work early to go and celebrate with his family. Asked if he has bought gifts for his son and daughter, he says: "Every year on Christmas morning, I will place some gifts on their beds and as they have grown up, they know that the gift is from me, but they still pretend to be surprised and we all make each other happy."


[The Sun 25/12/06]

Louisa So's Unforgettable Fairytale World

Louisa So will be cooking for her friends at her dinner party today, showing off the skills that won her the title of 'Beautiful Cooking Goddess' and asked about her most memorable Christmas, she says: "One year, I went out to Vancouver for a show and when I walked out of the airport, I saw the white snow drifting over and I felt that the whole world looked so pure and untainted. Afterwards I sat beside the fire at the hotel and there was a beautiful Christmas tree and as I listened to the music, I watched the snowscene outside and it felt like I was in a fairytale world."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 25/12/06]

Lai Lok Yi Looks After Ekin's Girl Whilst Waiting for his Own Love

Lai Lok Yi took part in a Christmas promotion yesterday and although it was Christmas Eve, he still had to rush back to continue filming his new series "Trouble Daddy". Fortunately, he was able to finish work early at 8pm and then join some friends for a hotpot dinner to celebrate.

Should he not be spending Christmas Eve with his girlfriend? Lok Yi smiles that he has not got a girlfriend, so his friends will make do. He explains that as Ekin is currently filming for mainland series "Huo Yuan Jia", he will look after Ekin's girlfriend Yoyo Mung as she is currently filming with him in Hong Kong. Has he given Yoyo a Christmas gift? He says: "No! She should give me one instead." Asked if he will be spending Christmas with rumoured girlfriend Emme Wong, he says a little awkwardly: "No, I don't have a girlfriend, I am waiting for someone to introduce me to a girl. (Tell Yoyo to do it!) Yes, she should." Lok Yi is currently planning to move away from Tseung Kwan O because the air quality there is quite poor and it is making his asthma worse day by day.


[Ta Kung Pao 25/12/06]

Michelle and Sidney Yim Share Gifts at Christmas

Michelle Yim appeared at the Victoria Park Trade Fair yesterday to promote her sponsors health food product and her own book. Younger sister Sidney was also on hand to lend her support. For Christmas Eve, Michelle has invited her family out for dinner as her boyfriend Wan Chi Keung has joined Eric Tsang on a trip to Macau.

Asked if she has received a gift from Wan, Michelle says: "I have received it, but I have not opened it yet. It is a very small present. (Maybe it is a diamond!) Or it could just be a purse." As for what she has bought him, she would not reveal this, but she will be waiting until boxing day to open it. She says that every year they do buy each other gifts and keep up the suspense. With her sister showing support for her at the event, what has she bought her sister? Sidney quickly answered on her sister's behalf saying: "My entire outfit was bought by my big sister." Asked what she will buy for Michelle in return, Sidney gave her sister a thank you kiss.

Michelle reveals that she will soon be heading out on vacation to Thailand before returning to help promote her new series "The Brink of Law", for which she holds great expectations. As well as some experienced veterans such as Elliot Yue in the show, there are also some younger stars such as Shirley Yeung, Ron Ng and Bernice Liu in the show. She praises Shirley for being very well-behaved, Bernice for her intelligence and she says that the young stars are all very punctual and arrive at work on time every day.


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