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[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 15/11/06]

"Curious Detective" Costume Fitting

Roger Kwok, Sonija Kwok and rumoured couple Margie Tsang and Kenneth Ma attended the costume fitting ceremony for new series "Curious Detective" yesterday. Margie and Kenneth were naturally the focus of media attention and even Roger laughed that this was a good opportunity to bring them together and indicates that they have similar interests, making Margie a little embarrassed. When they introduced their characters, Margie intentionally avoided looking in Kenneth's direction and got Sonija to stand in between them, however towards the end of the event, Margie seemed a little more relaxed and leaned against Kenneth, joking with the reporters telling them not to intrude on them eating. Kenneth seemed quite open about it all throughout.

Since filming her last series for TVB in 1996, it has been ten years since Margie returned to her mother company and she believes that she can get used to filming life again. As for her son, she says that his education is on the right tracks now, so she can continue to further her own career. In the show, she has scenes mainly with Roger and not with Kenneth. Asked if she minded this, she did not reply, just saying that if she works with people she knows it will be more relaxed. Asked about her thoughts about Kenneth winning the award for the Most Improved Male Artiste this year, she says that she did watch the ceremony and laughs she needs to update herself with some television news. Has she given Kenneth a congratulatory kiss? She smiles: "Is that necessary? I am afraid of leaving a lipstick mark! (Will you take him for a meal?) That would be good! If I do, I will invite you all too."

Kenneth will have a complex relationship with Nancy Wu, Sonija and Queenie Chu in the series, so he does not have many scenes with Margie in the show and he says he is a little disappointed at this: "When I knew that Margie had a part in this show, I asked the producer to see if he could arrange for us to even have a small storyline together, but if he doesn't add this, then there is nothing I can do. (Why do you want to work with Margie so much?) Because we know each other so well, it would be easier to build the chemistry and it would be less embarrassing. I have not really worked with Sonija before and I really don't know Queenie. I know Nancy a little bit better. (Are you not worried abou this becoming a focus point?) There is nothing to be afraid of, we are just filming." As for suggestions that Margie was embarrassed, he immediately called her over and she denied this, leaning on Kenneth for the press to photograph. Afterwards, she was all smiles as she looked at Kenneth and said: "Let's go and have dinner!" before turning to the press and saying: "After our chat, then don't get in our way!"

Roger laughs that the reason why he joked about Margie and Kenneth was because of the press and in this show, he will be playing brother and sister with Margie, so he will be looking after her, because when he took his first lead role many years ago, it was Margie who was looking after him and even took him to the location shoots. Roger laughs: "She is very righteous, but she is a little clumsy."

Sonija will be playing a female police officer in the show again, but this time, she will be a very rough tomboy, so she is worried she will not be able to handle this role, because she has always been quite softly spoken. However, she feels that once she has got stuck into filming, then she will gradually get used to it. She will be cutting her hair a little shorter, but not too short, because when she filmed for "The Last Breakthrough", she cut it too short and the reception was not too great from the viewers. Also, her advertisement sponsors prefer her with long hair.

Talking of Myolie Wu coming away from the Anniversary Awards with nothing and leaving her acting strangely such as covering her head with a blanket when she was on the plane the following day, Sonija supported Myolie saying: "It is cold on the plane and I will use the blanket too. I found Myolie to be fine and she works very hard. (There are rumours that the executives were not happy with her being too high profile, so they stripped her of an award?) That is not the case! I feel that she has dealt with it all very well and she is an intelligent girl, so she will be back again next year. Everyone is the same, including me. (Were you surprised at the result?) No, I wasn't."

When she was asked about Joe Ma being unhappy at not winning and pulling a face at the result, Sonija says she does not know and thought that the press were talking about Steven Ma, saying she congratulated Steven for his award immediately afterwards. As for suggestions that Joe lost because he became too arrogant and boastful after leading on the internet polls for so long, leading to him being overtaken in the votes, Sonija smiled: "That is why we have to learn to keep a low profile."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 15/11/06]

Myolie Will Miss the Anniversary Extravaganza

Myolie Wu wore a white evening dress yesterday at the opening of a Japanese restaurant. Asked about her act for the forthcoming TVB Anniversary Extravaganza show on the 19th, she indicated that she will be heading out to film for "The Drive of Life" in Beijing and Ningbo, so she will not be appearing on this year's show.

Myolie says: "I have been at the anniversary show every year, so being unable to attend this year makes me feel like I have something missing." Asked if she was worried that she would be accused of not taking part because she did not win an award, she says: "I want to be there, so I want to make this clear first. I really cannot spare the time in my schedule though." She has made some appearances on the front pages of some tabloid magazines recently, with one showing a photograph of her on the plane with a blanket over her head and suggesting that she is suffering from stress and being unhappy at Disneyland on her birthday. Also there have been suggestions that the reason she did not win the award was because of Andy Hui. She responds saying: "I have not had a breakdown and the reason I covered my head on the plane was because I was afraid of people seeing me dribbling in my sleep. I knew that someone was photographing me on the plane."

Myolie indicates she did not know the results of the awards beforehand and she only found out when it was announced. She understands that everyone has to go through different experiences and you have to endure failure before you find success. She knows that people will write about her and that when November comes, the gossip will be everywhere and inevitable, so she can only laugh and say: "In future I will have to look at people more when I speak to them, but what I say has reason behind them and on the night, the interviews were quite embarrassing. Everything has been decided now and I will not be unhappy." Many internet fans have felt that the result was unfair and have been supporting her and Myolie feels that this may not have been the case if the result had been different. She will continue working hard in the future and says that Charmaine fully deserved her award.


[Ta Kung Pao 15/11/06]

Sammy Leung Shares his Award with Co-Host Siu Yee

Sammy Leung was awarded the "Best Host" award at this year's TVB Anniversary awards and he continued filming for "15/16" yesterday. Sammy says that he did not know about the award beforehand and he was just told to dress a little more smartly, so as he had to attend a wedding banquet for a record company executive afterwards, he wore his smart clothes.

Sammy Says: "I was working at the radio station that night and when I saw the television in the studio, it was a little strange. During the broadcast, someone rushed in, but I didn't know whether they were announcing the nominations or the award, so I was a little embarrassed."

With his co-host Siu Yee being left out of the nominations, did he feel disappointed for her? Sammy said he did not because they are joined at the hip, so if he wins, the she has won as well. He jokes: "Without her being so rubbish, it would not make me seem so good!" As for beating Carol Cheng to the award, he says: "I did not think I would win over her and seeing the reports about her supporting me, I was very happy. To win an award after being with TVB for just one year is very rare. (Will there be more series of "15/16"?) There are no plans at the moment, but I hope that I can do more work, so I am prepared to do it."


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[The Sun 15/11/06]

Carlo Ng's wife Violet Gives Birth to Baby Girl

After the news of Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen becoming parents, Carlo Ng and his wife Violet Chow have also become parents for the first time as Violet gave birth to a baby girl on Monday evening, weighing 7 lbs 2 oz. An excited Carlo indicated that his daughter looks like 'Crayon Shinchan' and is very cute.

Accompanied by Carlo, Violet was admitted to the Canossa Hospital to give birth and appearing at the filming for the latest episode of "15/16" yesterday, Carlo was still buzzing with excitement as he talked of how emotional he was when his wife was giving birth: "On Sunday evening, my wife suddenly felt some pains, so she was admitted to hospital and after 15 hours, the baby was finally born. Seeing how much pain my wife had to go through, with her drip to induce the birth and cramping so much that the needle fell out, I felt really helpless and it was very painful for me too. When the baby was born, I was so emotional and my tears just flooded out." Violet's parents visited their daughter and grand-daughter twice yesterday.

Asked who the baby looks like, Carlo showed his own child-like qualities as he said: "The baby is so small and we don't know who she looks like, but she does look like cartoon character Crayon Shinchan, because she is still a little swollen, so her cheeks and eyes are still quite puffy. When she sleeps on her side, her cheeks ooze out and she is very sweet."

Has Carlo chosen a name yet? He says: "My surname 'Ng' makes it difficult to choose a name, so I will pass the baby's birth date and time to a priest to make a choice. Having a boy or a girl does not matter, the most important thing is that the baby is complete and both mother and daughter are safe." Carlo says that Violet changed her eating habits during her pregnancy, so it was a lot harder during childbirth and it has made him realise how wonderful motherhood really is.


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