Sunday, November 05, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 06/11/06]

Myolie's Early Birthday Celebration

Today is Myolie Wu's birthday and she took part in a special shopping mall event dedicated to her yesterday, where she demonstrated hula hooping as well as picking up some latin dancing tips from dancing master Dolby Kwan (previous "Minutes to Fame" winner). Asked if she would be spending her birthday with rumoured boyfriend Bosco Wong, Myolie says she has to work, so she has not arranged to celebrate with anyone. Her fans celebrated with her earlier and bought her some toys, which she has donated to a charity because she has nowhere to store them all. As a hot favourite for the 'Best Actress' award at the TVB anniversary, her internet polls have not been very good of late, but she says she does not mind because she feels that if the ratings for "To Grow with Love" are good, then she is already satisfied. As for the award, she said that she did not have much confidence from the start.

Myolie's fan club celebrated her birthday with her on Saturday and bought her a birthday cake in the shape of a longevity peach. To thank her fans for their generosity, she ignored her slimming regime for the day and ate some cake. She also received some red eggs and longevity buns. The biggest surprise for her was that apart from her usual young fans, there are some older 'motherly' fans, who gave her some lucky packets, and this makes her very happy. She hopes that the range of her supporters will become bigger and bigger and she can be like Liza Wang who receives gold as gifts.


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[The Sun 06/11/06]

Lydia Shum Discharged to Relief All Around

'Happy Fruit' Lydia Shum was admitted to hospital for around fifty days to have a tumour removed from her pancreas. She was finally discharged on Saturday and was interviewed by TVB yesterday. Having lost some weight, she was in good spirits and still displayed her trademark laughter.

Lydia left hospital at around midnight on Saturday, using a clever combination of transport arrangements to lose the waiting press. She has made an agreement with the doctors that she will rest at home for at least another four weeks.

After Lydia got home, a group of friends and family, together with a crew from TVB current affairs programme "Scoop" arrived at her home at around 10am to present her with some fruit and flowers to wish her well. Wearing a grey top and blue trousers, Lydia stepped out into the car park to chop a pig and offer incense to thank the gods and wish for good luck. Lydia's figure has shrunk and she looked a little yellow, but she was in good spirits. Her swelling in her legs made it difficult for her to move, so she needed some support to walk around. Her trademark laughter could be heard all around and she spoke to her family in a mixture of Cantonese and Shanghainese laughing: "Who has taken the pig trotter to eat?" Daughter Joyce Cheng was by her side throughout.

It is reported that whilst she was in hospital, Lydia depended on the television to pass the time and massage to reduce her swelling. She has been instructed by the doctors to rest and watch her diet and even to cut down on speaking for too long. However in her interview, she spoke to thank her fans for their support. "Thank you to everyone for your care and support." When she was cutting the pig, Lydia was very tempted by the meat so upon seeing this, Joyce allowed her to eat a small piece of the meat only.

In a telephone interview later, she once again offered her thanks for everyone's support and said: "To get over this hurdle, I have to thank the gods. I am quite well at the moment, just a little out of breath. TVB love me so much, the public are so supportive, so I decided to take the interview to say hello to everyone."

Asked about the Indonesian maid who photographed her, Lydia said that the maid claimed to be a stand-in for her regular maid, but she seemed quite suspicious and Lydia did not recognise her, so she reported her. Lydia also adds that she was once unhappy at Joyce for being so rebellious, but after this incident, she has seen what a good daughter she has because she has dealt with the whole situation extremely well and maturely.


[The Sun 06/11/06]

Fala Chen's Sexy Dance with Kenneth Ma

Renowned for her sexy attire, Fala Chen wore a deep V-cut outfit to perform a dance with Kenneth Ma at the TVB 39th Anniversary Roadshow. Maybe it was the action being too strong or Fala's flirting, but Kenneht seemed to find things quite difficult. Although people were watching, Fala was not afraid: "Of course I have to be sexy for the Anniversary. However, I have taken precautions and I have tape all over me, so I will not reveal myself." Fala also reveals that she has been preparing her outfit for the anniversary show: "I would like to find a jewellery sponsor, but I am so clumsy, I don't want to lose it, so I will give up on that idea."

With her dance background, Sharon Luk partnered Kenny Wong in the dance, but when she posed with him, she almost revealed herself, but she remained calm as she said: "I am not worried, I know I was very safe. (Your outfit is not as sexy as Fala?) The cutting is different. Mine has sparkly sequins, but the most important thing is that the dancing is good."


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