Saturday, November 11, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Wen Wei Po 12/11/06]

Claire Yiu and Thomas Lam are Married

Claire Yiu and Thomas Lam were married at Tuen Mun yesterday, ending their 7 year marathon of love. Claire openly admitted that they plan to have children because seeing other people's kids is making her broody.

Among the brothers and sisters were Christine Ng, Tavia Yeung, Rabee'a Yeung, Kate Tsui, Sharon Chan, Natalie Wong, Kasey Lin and Cheng Kai Tai. When the groom collected the bride, he had to pass through three tests. The first was to eat baby food off a nappy, dirty sit-ups and reading out a love letter. This was all carried out in a very touching manner. Claire wore a backless Chinese red dress and Thomas wore a black suit when they arrived in a white open top Rolls Royce and were quickly ushered up to the Presendential Suite at the hotel to change into their matching white Western wedding gowns. At the ceremony, Claire's father passed her hand over to Thomas, who declared loudly: "I do want to marry Claire Yiu." The scene was very touching and Claire could not hold back the tears of joy as she read out her vows, making all her bridesmaids cry as well. A 30-second kiss between the newlyweds completed the ceremony. A banquet will be held in the evening, where they have invited many friends and family, including friends from TVB, ATV and CRHK, where there will be plenty of alcohol flowing for the guests.

When the bouquet was tossed, Rabee'a caught it and laughed that this is already the fourth time she has caught the bouquet.Tavia revealed that the 'door opening money' was a five figure sum, so she was pleased about that, laughing that she can use it as a deposit for a house!

There was a small incident before the ceremony, when the strong sea breeze blew over a little stand on the main table that had Claire and Thomas's names on it and the staff had to weight it down with sandbags. When the ceremony was taking place, they sent someone to keep an eye on it, because it was still being blown over. Claire said: "I didn't know about this." Asked if she was worried about it being a bad omen, Thomas replied: "We did not choose a lucky day to get married anyway - it was just easy to remember and we just wanted a simple party for our family and friends." Asked where the honeymoon will be, Claire says that she will be gathering some friends for a group honeymoon and they will be going to Sabah. Thomas will be paying for everyone to go with them. Asked why they are not having some time to themselves, Claire laughs that their real honeymoon will take place in December and she says excitedly that Thomas has promised her that they will go on a honeymoon every year in November.


[Wen Wei Po & The Sun 12/11/06]

Post Awards Reactions: Charmaine has Two Celebrations Lasting All Night

The sixteen awards for the TVB Anniversary Awards have been handed out and some are happy, whilst others are disappointed. New 'TV King and Queen' Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh led the celebrations on Friday night and for Charmaine, who took two awards, she was exceptionally happy and went to two different celebrations, first to the company event and secondly to her own private party that lasted until 5am.

TVB had arranged for the winners and nominees to take part in a celebratory party after the show at the Clearwater Bay Shaw Brothers Cinecity and this was attended by stars including Linda Chung, Sonija Kwok, Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Roger Kwok, Myolie Wu, Gigi Lai, Yoyo Mung and Moses Chan. At the celebration, they shared a meal of crab and took part in some karaoke, where Raymond Lam took control of the microphone. Reports indicate that the other food was paid for by Charmaine, Kevin and Steven Ma and consisted of sushi, congee, noodles and rice. Charmaine and Kevin arrived late because they had to do a shoot for TVB's magazine cover, but Charmaine only stayed for an hour. Stephen Chan also made an appearance to offer his congratulations before Charmaine left at around 2am, heading onto her next engagement with a big bottle of whisky, ready for a good time.

Best Actor Kevin did not have another private party afterwards and went home to rest after leaving the company celebration. Rumoured girlfriend Niki Chow denied that she was moved to tears on the night, saying: "I was really happy for everyone to have a part!"

Asked about whether the decision to give Charmaine both awards was to avoid the suggestion of 'everyone gets a piece', TVB Executive Virginia Lok indicated : "We do not give the awards to everyone and there is no fixin of the results. Charmaine's votes were always in the lead and it was a fair decision to give the award to her. Joe Ma was also in the lead at one point, but he was overtaken by Steven Ma."

For Myolie Wu, who left empty handed despite the hype leading up to the awards, she went for some petrol after the event and was caught by the press for an impromptu interview. She says that she will continue working hard: "I will try again next year and work even harder! However, I am really sorry to my fans because I have disappointed them. It did mean I didn't have to pay for tonight's celebration though. Haha!"

With suggestions that he was unhappy with the results, Joe Ma was reported to have left early, despite showing how happy he was for Charmaine with a hug after her Best Actress award was announced. Asked if he was very unhappy and upset in a telephone interview yesterday, Joe says that he is not disappointed about losing out on the award: "I had guessed already that I was not going to win an award, I did not pull a face, but I am unhappy because I have disappointed my fans and those who support me." Joe also revealed that TVB executive Catherine Tsang shook him by the hand and offered words of encouragement.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 12/11/06]

Gigi Lai Comments on Fat Tin's Disappointment

Gigi Lai took part in a promotional event for her skincare product sponsors yesterday, wearing a short lacy dress and during the signing ceremony, she had to bend over, revealing the top of her tights and it was not a pretty sight. At the event, she demonstrated facials with Selena Li.

Gigi was asked to comment on the results of this year's Anniversary Awards and she says that the result was a good one and Charmaine Sheh has worked ery hard and done very well. Was she surprised about Charmaine winning two awards? She says she was not surprised. When the reporters suggested that the other award is usually given to another person, she immediately laughed: "It's not handing out pork! [Cantonese for 'everyone gets a piece'.]" She also believes in the result that was influenced by the professional voting panel. As for Myolie Wu losing out on an award despite gaining weight for her role, Gigi says she has plenty of opportunities in the comng year and she is a good actress. As for the male artistes, she laughs that Bowie Lam has already won it and Kevin has worked hard for thirteen years before winning this award, so she is happy for him to win the award. She believes that it was not easy to be sitting in there on that night and to win is even harder. Everyone has given blood and sweat, energy and time, so everyone deserved their achievements. She also adds that Charmaine and Kevin are a good match for each other, so their photographs look like they are getting married. Gigi has two series to be aired next year, which are "An Easy Life" and "Psychic Cop". She smiles: "In 'Psychic Cop' I am very bossy, so I would like to be nominated for this series next year."


[Ta Kung Pao 12/11/06]

Sheren Tang Maintains Beauty Through Curiosity

Sheren Tang was the guest of honour at a promotional event in Guangzhou yesterday, attracting a crowd of local fans to watch her. Sheren was presented with a diamond watch by the sponsors and said: "Although many women like jewellery, I prefer watches instead." Talking of her recent work, she says she is filming 60-episode series "The Changing Times" that will be aired on 1st July 2007 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China. In the show, she plays a rich socialite and she goes shopping and having afternoon tea. In real life though, she finds this very hard to do. When the host asked her how she keeps so beautiful, she feels that to keep a positive outlook and a desire to learn, having something that you want to know about. This way you will feel younger and younger and asking questions will help turn back the years.


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