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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 29/11/06]

Hacken Lee and Emily Lo's Million Dollar Wedding Banquet

Congratulations to Hacken and Emily!

Hacken Lee and Emily Lo have finally ended their thirteen year courtship and tied the knot at Tsimshatsui's Intercontinental Hotel with a 46-table banquet. The best man and chief bridesmaid were Andy Lau and Emily's younger sister and the brothers and sisters entourage included Joey Leung, Lau Wai Hang, Chin Kwok Wai, Margaret Chung, Ada Choi and Stephanie Che. A hundred people from the press were also present to cover the event. At this marriage, there was no 'collection of the bride' or registration, just a ten minute session for the press to take some photographs. Hacken had also prepared a press release statement for the reporters, telling of their happiness and some details about the event.

Hacken and Emily just used 'Very Happy' to describe their feelings. In the statement, Hacken indicated: "As the bridegroom on my big day, there is so much to do. The banquet will be a grand, but simple affair and we have not prepared any particular entertainment or any big prize raffles for it. We have no plans to have our next generation just yet, we just want to share our happy occasion with our family and good friends and celebrate our transition into the next stage of our lives."

"When the banquet begins, everyone will hear an old song playing at the hotel that is 'You are my sunshine" and this will be the entrance music because this was the first song that I wrote for Emily when I was dating her, so there is a special meaning. Our menu is very simple and it is not like the reports have suggested to be caviar and duck liver pate. The Wynners concert will be taking place at the Coliseum in February and not at my wedding party. The only special event arranged is that I will be showing a video of us when we were having our wedding photos taken in England, to share our happiness with us. I will say this again that I will not be going on a honeymoon and will continue working and promoting my record."

The newlyweds were dressed in white outfits and Emily wore a white strapless gown with some precious jewellery. During the photo session, the couple were asked to share a kiss, but they pretended not to hear and did not respond. After the photos, they did not answer any questions and entered the hotel for their banquet.

The hotel lobby and corridors were lined with white lilies and roses and looked like a garden. A special area was cordoned off for the press and over ten security guards were on hand to keep order. The newlyweds were due to appear for photographs at half past four, but after waiting for an hour, they had still not appeared and Ada and Margaret were sent out to humour the press first. Ada was asked what she has bought the couple and she says she is a rather practical person and as they already have everything, including love and career, then she has given them money. Margaret knows that they like to play golf, so she has bought them something that they will like. After this, Alan Tam and Nat Chan appeared and Alan laughed that they had to see the parents first before they saw the press, but Nat joked that he was the father figure. The two then pretended to kiss and share their drinks, creating a lot of amusement.

Alan says that you only get married once, so especially for the women, you cannot rush the bride because she has to look her best for her big day. Alan says that he has rehearsed several songs and he will be singing for the couple at the reception. Asked if Hacken was very nervous, Alan says he was fine and asked what give he had given them, Nat indicated that the Wynners and friends had chipped in to buy rings and they were chosen by Albert Au's wife. Alan says he has given a lucky packet as well as his songs, which he laughs are worth a seven figure sum! When Nat suggested to Alan that he should give them his fortune, he said quickly: "I can't do that!" Asked if he has had his tea yet, he says he will have it late, laughing that his age and rank are high so there is no getting out of it.

At around 5:50pm, the couple finally appeared accompanied by Andy and Margaret. The fans applauded to congratulate them and Hacken was very careful as he supported Emily, whilst she showed her care for him as she fixed his appearance. Dressed in her beautiful white gown, diamond earrings and necklace, one ring on her left hand and three on her right, Emily looked stunning. After ignoring requests for a kiss and posing with their entourage, that included Hacken's godmother Leung Shun Yin, Hacken thanked the press for their hard work before heading upstairs. The whole event is estimated at around $1 million.

The guests then started to arrive, each with their Moon Treasure Box invitations and the banquet started at 6:15 pm, led by Stephanie Che, Simon Yam, Lam Kin Ngok and many others. Andy indicated that he has given the couple a large voucher and an electronic photo frame with many photographs of the happy couple from over the years in it.

Simon attended the party on his own and indicated that his wife Qiqi is currently working away. Asked what he has bought them, he says he will give them the words "Have a child soon!" because he wants his daughter to have someone to play with. Asked what tips he has for them, Simon said at first it was secret, but later he reveals that they should eat more fish. Other guests included Edmond Leung and his girlfriend, Paco Wong and Helena Law. Helena says she has given them a lucky packet and wishes them many happy and harmonious years together. Asked if she wishes them to have children soon, she smiles: "Of course!"

Also at the party were Eric Tsang, Carol Cheng and Lui Fong, Stephen Wong (Ka Keung) and his heavily pregnant wife, Cally Kwong, Timmy Hung and his girlfriend, Chin Ka Lok and Chan Kwok Keung. Edmond arrived with his girlfriend and Paco and asked what gift he had bought, he says it was a secret. As for when it was his turn, Edmond asked Paco: "When is it my turn?" to which Paco replied that his career should come first.

When Eric arrived, TVB General Manager Stephen Chan also arrived at the same time and the press pulled them together for photos, but Eric joked: "Why do I have to stand with him?". Eric says that he has contributed towards the group gift of the rings. When it was mentioned that Alan has given a seven figure gift, Eric laughs that he will not exaggerate. Asked if they will be playing games with the newlyweds, Eric says that he will be discussing this with them. As for whether he will be taking some drinks for Hacken, he laughs that he is not very tolerant of his drink, so Nat will be better than him at this.

When Carol and Lui Fong arrived, they were asked when it was their turn to get married, but they put the blame on each other and Carol pointed at Lui Fong saying: "He has his philosophy." Lui responded that it will be hard because unlike Hacken, he has never won the Best Male Singer award and nor have they dated for 13 years. Carol immediately asked: "Have we not had 13 years?" to which Lui replied clearly that they had been together for 12 years. When the reporters asked if they were going to get married next year, Carol laughed: "Lui Fong has not won the Best Singer award yet, never mind three years of it!"


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 28/11/06]

Sheren Tang Finds Understanding from Visiting the Poor

As the ambassador for a Helping Poverty campaign, Sheren Tang took part in a 'Have an Apple for Lunch' event yesterday with some students to promote the message of helping the poor. Sheren says that ging hungry is not hard work because for an artiste, it is something she is used to. Sheren says: "Apples are healthy and can be used to lose weight, so you can help others and help yourself."

Sheren says that she was in a meeting witht he cast of "The Drive of Life" and she convinced thirty people to donate and sponsor her for this event. Earlier Sheren made a trip to the mountains to visit the poor children and tasted the lunch of a poor family. She says: "I ate some sweetcorn porridge and a grey bun, but for Sheren, she says that this was the sweetest and tastiest food ever because it was all completely natural." Sheren says that if she has the chance, she will go and visit them again because after seeing them, she will cherish even more everything that she has.

Sheren says: "Fame and fortune are no longer important, to eat a good meal and wear warm clothing is already enough. If you think this way you will be a lot happier. In the past, I liked to laze around in bed and it was a huge pain to wake up at 6am to go to work, but the children in the villages have to get up every morning at 4am to go to school and they are still so happy. I am already so much better off than them, so if I am not content, then this makes me even poorer than they are."


[The Sun 29/11/06]

Linda Chung Wants 4 Kids by Age 30

Linda Chung was filming at TVB city for "Gambler Yi Takes A Wife" yesterday, dressed in a costume shwoing early pregnancy. Playing a pregnant woman for the first time, Linda does not find this hard work and she says that she loves children: "i am used to it now always rubbing my abdomen. I hope to have four children before I am 30, ideally two girls and two boys."


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