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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 27/11/06]

"Dicey Business" First Week Ratings are Good

TVB series "Dicey Business" has received its first week ratings results and a special promotional event was held yesterday at Olympian City where the cast split into two groups to hold a "Card Game Challenge". Great buddies Bobby Au Yeung and Jessica Hsuan worked well together and as the only young male lead in the show, Bosco was made to kiss all the girls, such a sacrifice for his art!

Other cast members present yesterday included Michael Miu, Leanne Li, Benz Hui and Timothy Zao. Bobby and Bosco went 'lips to lips' for the ball sucking game and then they invited the audience members to impersonate the kiss by Jessica and Michael in the show, but when Bosco was demonstrating this, he put a sticker over his lips first, making Jessica laugh. Michael then smiled at Bosco and said: "I know you have wanted to kiss Leanne for so long now, so I will give you the honour." Bosco followed Bobby's lead and put a sticker on his lips to demonstrate the kiss with Leanne. Bobby then suggested that Bosco kissed some of the audience members and a middle-aged woman came on the stage, threw her arms around him for the kiss and then afterwards she raised her arms up in the air victoriously. When the other cast members saw this, they all turned to him and said: "Thanks for your hard work for our ratings!" Two female fans also went on to present Bosco with a cake and some flowers to wish him an early Happy Birthday, together with a birthday kiss, so he shared the cake with everyone there and then.

(additional pic from Mingpao)

Talking of his 'fortunes' for the day, Bosco laughs that this was all thanks to Bobby. With his birthday in two weeks time, Bosco will be working and asked who he would most like a birthday kiss from, he says: "I want the producer [Amy Wong] to kiss me!" He also adds that he had no feeling about being kissed by an older lady and laughs that he often kisses his mother and Ha Ping as a mark of respect. His birthday wish is to break his record six figure tax bill next year by paying a seven figure sum. [in other words, Bosco wants to earn more money]

Bobby and Jessica are both happy with the results for the first week and they showered each other with compliments about their performances. Jessica laughs: "I have never seen Garfield [Bobby] crying so much before." She agrees that there is some chemistry between them even after not working together for so long. Jessica indicates that she is happy that her character has been accepted by the viewers as she has had good responses from her friends. In the past, Jessica never gambled, but in order to play this character, she has found out how addictive gambling can be and you have to have a lot of self-control.

Michael says that this series is not promoting gambling, it is actually a warning about what can happen to you if you become overly obsessed with gambling. His son and daughter have been supporting him and they know how to identify each of the characters in the show. His own character is someone who will do anything to further his career, including making Jessica's character pregnant. Andy Lau had earlier invited the other four 'tigers' to shoot a movie together and Michael admitted this did happen and he has no reason to turn Andy down. He is greatly looking forward to working with everyone again.


[Ta Kung Pao 27/11/06]

Ron has No Comment on Ella Incident

Ron Ng appeared at an event yesterday and was asked about the reports that rumoured girlfriend Ella Koon had been spotted outside his home and that she had made suggestions of their split during questioning afterwards. Responding for the first time after the reports broke, Ron just replied with "No Comment", seemingly wanting to distance himself from Ella.

Asked if he has split from Ella, he neither admits or denies this and just says: "No comment. Ella and I are friends and there is no promotion or demotion of our relationship to speak of. I really do not want to respond to any of this as I am putting my work first. People who know me will know I am not very good at talking, so to avoid more misunderstandings, I will not respond. I will thank the people around me and the magazine reports." With the report that Ella had sent a message to him about this, he says that he has only seen the cover of the magazine and has not read the reports. So have they contacted each other since? Are there any more of Ella's items in his home? He continues: "No comment. My work comes first and I don't want to talk about my family or my relationships." Are you stopping all male friends from visiting your home? He says: "My family members are okay, but few female friends come to my home, Ella is one of these." So this shows they have a very close friendship? He says nervously: "It is not related, sometimes female dancers will come and visit and have a party, but for now it is better to have just me at home."

Ella was asked about Ron again at another event and she did not want to talk about this either and says she is relaxing by playing the piano. Ron says about this: "No comment, you saw how small the bag was (the one that Ella removed from Ron's home) and you can see how deep the relationship was. (Is this just s smokescreen to move your relationship underground?) I have never admitted to dating and time will prove everything."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 27/11/06]

Kevin Cheng Falls off a Building but has No Fear and No Danger

Kevin Cheng was filming a scene yesterday at a Tseung Kwan O school for "The Most Beautiful Seventh Day" and although he was arranged to sit on the edge of the roof on the 8th floor to film part of the scene, he was only actually required to jump from the first floor to the ground. With the safety precautions in place, there was a soft landing waiting for him in the form of an airbag. Despite the relatively small drop, when he fell into the airbag, there was a very loud noise, suggesting there was still an element of danger in this.

Kevin says that this is the first time he has been in a scene where he has to jump from a building and smiles that if he really did have to jump from the 8th floor, then he would be scared, but as he only had to jump from the first floor and he is not afraid of heights, he could handle this. He has taken part in rock-climbing events in Australia before and that was more exhilarating. He smiles: "I have been filming on the 8th floor since this morning and I also tried some jumps into cardboard boxes. The crew said that cardboard was harder work, so for the ultimate in safety, then the airbag was used. You even have to warm up to jump off a building."

Niki Chow was also present at the filming of this scene and she she was hugging her pet dog that her character in the series keeps. She reveals that the 'rent' paid for this dog is $6000 a day and is not cheap at all. Asked if she was worried about Keving and his jump scene, Niki smiles: "No, men don't usually worry about these scenes. Kevin just said to me 'I am off now' when he went up."

Niki says that she is not afraid of heights, but she is afraid of gravity. When she was in Las Vegas, she went onto a drop ride and she still remembers it vividly and she daren't go on them again because she was so frightened. She also says that she will be heading out to Nagoya in January to film for the series on location, but because of her tight filming schedule, she will not have time to go shopping or extend her stay.


[Ta Kung Pao 27/11/06]

Prince Roger & Princess Bernice at Christmas Event

Roger Kwok and Bernice Liu dressed up as a fairytale prince and princess at the opening of a shopping mall yesterday and as well as cutting the ribbon, they also performed some songs for the audience. Roger laughs that this princess is taller than him, but he has to sing the duet from his series "Glittering Days" with her. He says: "When this series was aired, I have had plenty of opportunities to make some money and I hope that I will have a 'fat' new year."

When Bernice heard Roger's comment about her being taller than him, she said: "Of course I am not as suited to him as his wife!" She also reveals that she has to buy a lot of Christmas gifts for people, but she has not had time to go shopping. Asked if she will be buying a present for Moses, she smiles: "I will give to good friends. I have been taking part in promotions every other day recently and I don't have time to go shopping for presents. The Christmas gift I would like is an apartment. My parents have been to look around for one, but they think it is better if I go and look for myself. I have most of my furniture already, I am just missing my 'shell'."


[The Sun 27/11/06]

Margie Tsang says Rain Lau has the Real Thing

Margie Tsang was filming yesterday for new series "Curious Detective" and she says that after ten years away from filming, her performance is so-so and she has not had too many NG's (outtakes). She reveals that one of the NG's was because she accidently knocked into Rain Lau's chest: "I can bear witness that Rain Lau's bust is definitely the real thing!" As she said this, she pretended to grasp Rain, who defended herself by saying: "I have loved watching your series since I was young!" Rain says that they are working together for the first time,but they are both very fun people, so they should get on very soon.


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