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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 25/11/06]

Kevin Cheng receives TVB Golden Pineapple

Newly enthroned 'TV King' Kevin Cheng was invited onto "Be My Guest" yesterday and having been dubbed as 'TVB's Own Son', Kevin was presented with a 'Golden Pineapple' (representing 'most precious thing' or 'darling son' in Cantonese traditions) by TVB General Manager Stephen Chan. Also he received a tennis racquet and some limited edition trainers. Stephen smiled: "If he ever gets stabbed in the back, he can use the golden pineapple to defend himself." When he presented the racquet to Kevin, Stephen said: "Remember to find a partner to play with you!" With such support behind him from the boss, Kevin proved his position in the company. Asked if he minded all these titles he has been bestowed with, Kevin says: "I have already explained the 'own son' name for a long time, but now I have another title. If the boss decides to give it to me though, then I will accept it." As for whether he is worried about other artistes becoming jealous, Kevin says modestly: "I will just do my best and to have these nicknames is just my good luck and good fortune."

Stephen revealed that he once said to Kevin that if he won an award at the anniversary,then he has to appear on "Be My Guest" and Kevin had laughed at the time that if that was the case he would rather not win the award. Hearing this, Kevin said: "I daren't say that!" and explained: "I was worried about Stephen asking me about romance and relationships, becuase I would like to keep a little privacy." TVB has recently received information that someone tried to attack Kevin in the mainland, so Stephen said to the press that they should help to 'protect' Kevin. Asked about being the target of an attack, Kevin says that this is just a rumour and he has no enemies in the Mainland. Has he filed a case with the police? He says there is nothing to worry about and he will discuss with his family whether or not to go to the police for assistance.


[Ta Kung Pao 25/11/06]

Miss Hong Kong Winners at News Team Party Event

The 39th Anniversary Party for the stations reporters and newscasters was held earlier and this year's Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui were present at the seven-table banquet to draw the tickets for the grand prize draw. However, Koni felt unwell half way through the event and was absent from the press conference afterwards.

Aimee and Janet have done other work before winning their titles, so they have been to similar types of events with colleagues. Janet is a regular winner in these lucky draws and once won a golden pig. However, she says she is not particularly lucky and some of her friends are even luckier than her. Aimee says her luck is not too bad and when she went to the amusement parks, she would always win the toy that she wanted, making everyone else jealous.

Aimee is currently preparing hard for the Miss Chinese International contest in January, but she seemed a little spotty at this event. Asked if she was feeling the pressure, she says she will not give herself any pressure because this will just affect her performance. Her spots have arisen because she has been eating too many biscuits lately. She says: "I usually eat quite plainly and I like eating salads with low salt and low fat, but these biscuits are too tasty and I could not resist, so it has given me a breakout of spots." With the pageant looming, she says she will be watching her diet to avoid affecting her skin.


[Ta Kung Pao 25/11/06]

Jacqueline Law Gives Hope to Cancer Patients

A special show to raise awareness of cancer sufferers and raise funds for the Taishan Charitable Association, hosted by Jacqueline Law and Ander Jen will begin airing this evening and will cover the stories of three cancer patients and how they overcame the illness through endless love and care from the people around them. A special hotline will also be opened for the public to make donations whilst the show is on air. A press conference was held for the show yesterday, attended by the two hosts and Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan and Janet Chow. Also present was a man who had suffered from cancer for over thirty years to talk about his experiences and feelings. He was presented with a best wishes card by Aimee and Janet.

Jacqueline covered the three cases earlier and one of them told of a 60-year old sufferer, whose son and daughter also suffered from cancer, but they did not have enough money to seek treatment and it was thanks to the free treatment offered by the Taishan Association that they were treated. Asked if she felt very sorry for the patients and if it made her cry, Jacqueline said: "No, because I want people to see hope, because without a wish, then it would be even worse. Cancer is not uncurable and if you see it as a death sentence as soon as it is diagnosed, then it will just make your condition worse." Faced with more and more cancer cases, Jacqueline is especially careful with her diet and health, so she is having detox meals, such as sweet potato rice and making sure she has her five-a-day fruit and vegetables.

Jacqueline's recent series "La Femme Desperado" has had great reviews and ratings and asked when she will be filming again, she smiles: "If the script is good, the co-stars are good and it isn't too hard work, then I will definitely film it." With "La Femme" receiving the award for 'Best Series' at this year's Anniversary Awards, Jacqueline says that although she was not there, when she saw the result, she immediately sent a text message to Sheren Tang. Asked if she felt Sheren was robbed of the 'Best Actress' award, she smiles: "I am very clear of how she feels about it and she does not put much emphasis on awards, so she will not pressurise herself over them. If she wins, she would be happy, if she doesn't she will still be happy. (Losing out every year makes her fans very disappointed?) Fame is very intangible and it is not important, the most important thing is to know what you are doing. Every competition has winners and losers and if you lose it does not mean you are no good. I just want her to be healthy because she has too many aches and pains."


[Ta Kung Pao 25/11/06]

Ella Koon Still Denies Rumours with Ron Ng

After filming for "Revolving Doors of Vengeance" two years ago, Ella Koon and Ron Ng have been linked and rumoured to have been dating since, but they have always denied this, with Ella announcing just last week that she is single and concentrating on her career at the moment. However, with that said, new reports have printed photographs and reports of Ella staying over at Ron's apartment. Taking part in filming for TVB's "Trainee Chef" show yesterday, Ella finally admitted after much questioning from the press that her relationship with Ron is well and truly over and she will look to meet better people in the future.

Although Ella has denied their relationship in the past even with photographic evidence, she finally broke under the media attention yesterday and admitted that she had been to Ron's place, but just to collect her own things and from now on, apart from working engagements, she will not see him again on a personal level. Asked if she was dating Ron, she denied this, saying: "We have never talked about dating, so how could we call this a split? We were just good friends." The reports suggest that she was staying over at Ron's home for two nights, but she says that she was just there to collect her things. As for the suggestions she went out without a top on does she mind about this? She says with resignation: "It's not whether I mind or not, you can see I had clothes on in the picture." So what is her relationship with Ron? Ella took a deep breath and said: "Friends. Even after I have taken my things back. (Have you taken everything back now?) Yes." After the reports broke, Ella passed on a voice message to Ron about it.

Ella also says that a lot has happened to her this year, such as losing her phone and being assaulted by a crazy fan, but she has had to face everything by herself and she feels very disheartened: "Every time it is up to me to deal with it and for the modern woman, we should depend on ourselves. (Is it hard to get through it on your own?) After so much has happened, I get through it alone, don't you think so? So it is enough."


[The Sun 25/11/06]

Suki Chui and Vivien Yeo are Christmas Cover Girls

Vivien Yeo and Suki Chui received five-figure fees for dressing up in festive red dresses for a Christmas Cover Girl shoot for a shopping website.

Suki's bust seems to have become fuller of late and she explains that when she was in the Miss Hong Kong pageant, it was very hard work and now that the pressure has been lifted, her weight has gone back up by 10 lbs and this has made her figure rounder and fuller. Suki also says that when she was a model, she only ever received a four figure fee, so now this has risen tenfold, she will be buying gifts for her boyfriend and family.

Vivien has had an endless string of work since joining TVB and has not taken a vacation for a long time, so she hopes to use the fee from this job to go for a refreshing break or maybe return to Malaysia to visit her family as a special Christmas present.


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