Wednesday, November 22, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 23/11/06]

Steven & Bernice Put On their Dancing Shoes

The blessing ceremony was held yesterday for Leung Choi Yuen's new series and as the show (which is yet to be named) is centred around Latin Dancing, the cast members including Steven Ma, Bernice Liu, Matthew Ko, Mannor Chan and Claire Yiu all wore their dance costumes and under the watchful eye of their dance teacher, posed professionally for the press. Other stars of the show include Akina Hong, Kate Tsui and Stephen Huynh.

During the event, Steven and Matthew joined to lift Bernice into the air to do a rather difficult manoeuvre and despite failing a few times, they succeeded in the end with some help from the teacher. Stephen says that he was worried about hurting Bernice, but fortunately there were no accidents. He smiles: "If there was an accident, I would grab hold of her." Asked why he was not on form, Steven says that as he and Matthew are both quite tall, then it is very hard to stay balanced when they are lifting Bernice. However, he has been working hard at his dance lessons to prepare for this show. As for the close contact that is required for this kind of dancing, is he afraid of being mistaken as 'taking advantage'? Steven indicates: "Before this show, I have spoken with Bernice about this on several occasions and we have decided we will both watch some films about dancing and see if we can gather some tips from them. We knew from the start that there would be a lot of close contact, so we have agreed that there will be no limitations and we will do whatever we need to give a good performance." Steven is not worried about wearing close-fitting trousers that may reveal his underpants: "Let them see, but I am worried about the girls laughing at me!"

Bernice says she has been busy filming for another series so she has not had time to attend her Latin Dance lessons yet, so she was just picking things up as she went along yesterday. As for being lifted by the two strong men, she laughs she was quite nervous. Asked if she would be embarrassed about the close contact whilst dancing, she says that she has been dancing since she was a child, so there is nothing to be embarrassed about as long as the results are good.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 23/11/06]

The Village People Meet Hong Kong Beauties

1970's pop group The Village People will be joining up with Gloria Gaynor to hold a concert in Hong Kong and a press conference for the event was held yesterday, attended by Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan and Koni Lui. Other celebrity fans including Vincy, Sonija Kwok and Angela Tong were also on hand to lend their support.

Sonija was asked about the recent reports suggesting that former rumoured boyfriend Joe Ma has been sighted with a female companion whilst on his earlier trip to Thailand. In response to this, she said: "This is his private affair and I don't know anything about it, so I am not in a position to say anything. The only thing this proves is that I am not his girlfriend, so please don't ask me any more questions about him. I am so happy to be freed from this!" As for the reports of Joe's wife returning to Hong Kong to sort things out with him, Sonija just says: "Never mind that she is a woman, even it if was a man, it would be very difficult to ignore these reports." TVB Executive Virginia Lok indicated that an artiste's image is very important and she will be urging Joe to clean up his act.

At the event, when the Village People saw Aimee and Koni, they asked who they were before commenting that Hong Kong girls were very pretty. When they found out that they were beauty queens they were even more complimentary and band member 'Biker' Eric Anzalone seemed especially attracted to Koni in her evening dress and put his arm around her waist as well as brushing the back of her hand as he was deep in conversation. Koni said in response to this: "Chinese people are more reserved, holding onto someone's waist is normal Western etiquette and I can accept this. (How about stroking your hand?) He had rings on all five fingers and when I shook hands with him, he knocked his hand into mine. He was just rubbing it better and saying sorry."

Vincy presented the group with a copy of her debut album as a souvenir and talking of the criticisms of the poor English grammar in Joey Yung's song "My Pride", Vincy supported her senior, saying: "Singing is about feelings and to express this is more important. I feel that Joey has done very well."


[Ta Kung Pao 23/11/06]

Louisa So Back on the Big Screen

Vincent Kok has been reported to have been buying pirated DVD's recently, despite his efforts against piracy in Hong Kong. Asked about this at the start of filming ceremony for his new film "Wishes Come True", he did not want to say very much as he indicated he has already responded in his own newspaper column. As for Eric Tsang's jokes about borrowing pornography from him, Vincent says there is nothing to borrow. He says that buying pirate DVDs would be a very negative action and he denies buying them, saying he was just in the area to check on the current situation.

Despite the reports suggesting that he was looking closely at the selection on offer, Vincent insists that he was there just to see what was being sold and says that if he really did want to buy them, he would not need to go and buy them in person as he could ask someone to buy them for him. He says that he did not know he was being photographed or filmed on the shop's security camera. Asked if he has been unhappy about this, Vincent says he is most unhappy about his family and friends being intruded upon. He explains that another reason for him to go there was that there is a scene in his new film, where he has to sell pirate discs. When the reporters continued to push him, asking him why he bought something when he was just there to take a look, he was wiping sweat from his brow and saying that if he was a normal person, this would not be such a big deal. Pushed for an answer, Vincent admitted he had done wrong and said: "I understand, I know this is the wrong thing to do and if this affects my colleagues in the industry, then it is very wrong. Thank you everyone."

Louisa So has been away from the big screen for over ten years ago after her last movie "The Umbrella Story" in 1995 and she refers to herself as a 'newcomer' to the movie scene. In the film, she and Vincent will be playing a couple and asked whether she would ask him about the pirate discs incident, Louisa said she didn't know about this, but she believes that he was just there to observe. She will be having some kissing scenes with Vincent and she laughs that he might be doing his research by buying those discs. When the reporters laughed that the material might not be so suitable for this, Louisa laughs out loud and says she will have to get used to this. She says that when she was working on the stage, she had to play a role which was a stripper, so she went to the convenience store to buy some pornographic magazines for the first time in her life to research the role. She recalls that she was extremely embarrassed and wore a cap and dipped her head. Now she treasures that magazine because there is a lot of sentimental value. She also laughs that she will be playing herself in the new film because her character is an artist who does not produce very much.


[The Sun 23/11/06]

Joe Ma has not had Scenes Cut

Joe Ma has been surrounded by gossip recently after photographs of his recent trip to Thailand with his girlfriend were published and there are now suggestions that TVB has deleted some of his scenes from the joint venture blockbuster "The Drive of Life" that is currently being filmed on the Mainland. Joe's manager responds saying: "There is no such thing, Joe is currently filming in Ningbo and when I spoke to him on the phone, he has not been affected by the news. Gossip is never ending in this industry, so he will not comment." TVB executive Tommy Leung also denies that Joe has had his role reduced and indicaes that they will not change the script due to gossip.


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