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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 17/11/06]

More Glitz and Glamour At TVB Artistes Party

TVB's Artiste Department held its annual dinner event yesterday entitled "Gathering Stars Big Party 2006" at a Tsimshatsui hotel and the male and female contracted artistes were all present. The females were all dressed up in their glamourous evening gowns and included Myolie Wu, Tracy Ip, Bernice Liu, Vivien Yeo and Angela Tong. Gigi Lai arrived late and although she was wearing a backless dress, she had a black overcoat on and at first she would not remove it for the press until she had entered the venue.

Despite not winning an award, Myolie Wu still dressed up in a low cut dress and she indicated she would be performing the theme song to her series "TO Grow With Love" at the event. As for reports that her rumoured boyfriend Bosco Wong has been avidly pursued by Niki Chow, who has been showering him with text messages, Myolie says she will not respond to things that are none of her business and in any case these things are very normal in the 21st century and sending messages is nothing unusual. Does she feel relieved at being out of the equation? Myolie msiles that if she was then people would stop asking her. She says she has been linked with Bosco for a long time now and she laughingly hopes there will be a new character sometime. As for rumours that there will be a sequel to 'War of In-laws', she says that she has heard the producer mention this and she does not mind working with Bosco again. Bosco himself just finds the rumours amusing because he and Niki do not have each other's phone numbers, so it is all made up. When it was mentioned that Myolie wants him to have rumours with someone else, he laughs: "Well everyone had better help her out then!" Asked about the suggestion that his rumoured girlfriend is chasing Bosco, Kevin Cheng says that most of the time, people will just make things up based on the stories, so there is nothing to be shocked about. He has become too accustomed to the showbiz gossip now and he will not think about it too much and is pleased when the reports are not too bad. Although this is a simple principle,it is very difficult to do in practice, but he will work towards it. He also adds that when the three of them were filming yesterday, they had a good laugh about this.

Bernice's gold $60,000 Fendi dress was worn before by Jennifer Lopez, but Bernice says modestly she does not have the same S-shaped figure as Lopez. She caused a stir as she entered with Raymond Lam instead of Moses Chan for this occasion and she wore jewellery by Bvlgari worth $500,000. She indicated that she had to be very careful with her step to avoid exposing herself because her dress sponsors have specified that she cannot use tape on the dress. Tracy wore a deep-V dress worth $40,000 because she felt that her outfit for the awards ceremony was too plain, so she decided on a prettier dress this time, but she has made her preparations. Her diamond necklace is made from the stone from her Miss Hong Kong crown and she wore the $200,000 watch that she was awarded when she won the pageant. Vivien wore a sexy dress that featured a picture by Picasso on the skirt. Gigi Lai wore a deep red backless Celine dress and a Cartier watch. When Gigi was asked about the gossip following the awards ceremony, she said that there are always remarks made every year so she will just see it as promotion. Sonija Kwok wore a set of diamonds worth $1.3 million, sponsored by Chow Tai Fook and featuring 50 carats of diamonds.

Best Actress Charmaine Sheh arrived with Best Actor Kevin Cheng and wore a low cut Moschino dress. Among the male stars were also Bowie Lam and Moses Chan, who did not seem disappointed after not winning an award this year as they joined in the celebrations. Roger Kwok joked with the press, telling them to go down to the bar with him. When he was dubbed as 'Number 1 Brother' because he was in the first act and the finale, he said: "I am just doing my best, I don't know how the company arranges it. (Everyone else has one part, so you agree you are special then?) This is not down to me to decide, it is the respect from other people and if people call me that, I will thank them." Steven Ma had his bandage removed from his eye yesterday and he said he was very brave in putting on his own make up. He says: "When my eye moves up or down it will make me feel faint, so I can't gawp at the girls when they go past!"


[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 17/11/96]

Angela Tong Prepares to be Jolin at Artistes Party

TVB's Artiste Department held a special "Gathering Stars Big Party" yesterday at BP International House Hotel, where some of the artistes were invited to show off their best performances, singing, dancing and doing impersonations. Yesterday afternoon, those taking part including Angela Tong, Fala Chen, Francois Huynh, Stephen Huynh, Rocky Cheng and Suki Tsui held a blessing ceremony for the event.

Brothers Francois and Stephen revealed that they have been arranged fo walk the catwalk in beachwear, showing off their muscles. However, Francois says: "I have put some weight on recently and I have a bit of a spare tyre, so I have been busy doing exercise to get fit." Asked if he feels that he has to show some flesh every time he performs, he says he doesn't think this and he is not just 'selling his flesh', there is opportunity for him to sing and dance as well.

Angela will be doing a dance routine, impersonating Jolin Tsai as she sings her song 'Dancing Maiden'. In order to make the performance realistic and do the same fluidity as Jolin, Angela has been to visit her good friend Margaret Chung to take four lessons in yoga, but as she does not do enough exercise, this has left her body aching. Asked if she was worried about exposing herself whilst being suspended above the stage like Jolin, she says lightly: "I am just worried that I am not strong enough when I am suspended, exposing myself is not a problem becuase I will have tape all over me to avoid this."


[Ta Kung Pao 17/11/06]

Sonija Kwok is not Materialistic in Love

Sonija Kwok, Yoyo Mung and Kenny Wong were guests at a Diamond Event earlier and Sonija was sponsored with a $1.7 million set of diamonds for the event, featuring 60 carats of diamonds. She says she does not have much diamond jewellery of her own and the most valuable is a 1 carat diamond given to her by a sponsor. In the past she has received diamond jewellery from her boyfriends but not from people courting her. When the press pointed out that usually people do not say they are not presented with gifts, but say they refuse them, Sonija says she just speaks the truth and she does not require anyone to give her such a big diamond. Asked if she would prefer to receive sports cars or luxury villa, she says that she is not a very materialistic person. So is she waiting for her protective 'shell'? She says again that she is not talking about materialistic people.

Asked if she is working hard to make money to build up her own nest egg? She says: "At the moment, I am not able to get married yet because I don't even have a boyfriend and my mother is not rushing me. However, my friends laugh at me, saying that if I always stay at home every day and don't go out, then the only person I will meet is the security guard. (Are you not waiting for your 'shell king'? [Suggestion of rumoured business tycoon boyfriend]) Not at all." As for 'Shell King' being rumoured to be linked with Shirley Cheung now, Sonija asks the reporters whether this is true or not because she has not seen the reports and is not clear about this.

Yoyo wore a set of diamonds worth $1 million, totalling 30 carats, but she only wore one earring because her left piercing has closed up. She says she has considered having it pierced again but is afraid of the pain. Asked if she would have nipple or navel piercing, she says she will not, but she can accept tattoos as long as the design is a simple one. However she will definitely not have a tattoo of her lover's name. Asked if she has received diamonds from her boyfriend, she says she has not and laughs that it is time to put that right. She says that she is not too interested in jewellery, because she is so clumsy and often loses things. Originally she had planned to buy herself some diamond jewellery last year to reward herself, but in the end, she decided to save the money up instead.

Kenny modelled two diamond crucifixes and he says that wearing diamonds is very fashionable and he feels that men are suited to wearing diamond ear studs, but he does not have his ears pierced. Has he ever given diamonds to his girlfriend? He smiles: "No, I am so useless. (So you'd better get saving up for that ring to propose then?) Do girls prefer gold or diamonds?"


[The Sun 17/11/06]

Joe Ma Cheers Himself up with Retail Therapy in Thailand

As the other artistes celebrate at the TVB Artistes Party, Joe Ma, who has been rumoured to be extremely upset at losing out to Kevin Cheng at this year's TVB Anniversary awards, has headed out to Thailand on a break to visit a revered priest to give him some advice. Asked about the criticisms of being a sore loser, Joe says: "I have lost in this way for several years now and I was disappointed on that evening. Before the show, I was leading on all the internet polls and it built my hopes up. I put my best into every single character in 'Maidens' Vow' and I do understand the politics and rules of the game, but when I heard that I didn't win on that night, I really did question the fairness of it all. Afterwards, my friends suggested that I should go and visit a venerable man in Thailand and he gave me a piece of jade, teaching me to approach everything without any expectation and that cheered me up. I am very grateful to Liza Wang, because she said I have improved and this was a very big encouragement and support for me."

As well as visiting the priest, Joe also did a lot of retail therapy on his trip: "I have just moved house, so in Thailand, I bought a lot of things for my home, including a bronze mirror that needs two people to carry, fans, candlesticks, lights and monk ornaments. My manager who came with me said I was crazy! After returning from Thailand, I will be heading out to Beijing soon to film for 'The Drive of Life' and will be putting my all into it again."


[The Sun 17/11/06]

Louisa So Builds on her Popularity and Breaks her Zero Murder Count

After gaining a rise in popularity through winning the popular show "Beautiful Cooking", Louisa So has filmed a commercial for a microwave oven company and in her new series, she will be making a breakthrough as she breaks her usual stereotype and plays a villain and a criminal. This year has been a fruitful one for Louisa and after seeing her on the stage and on the television, we will also see her on the big screen as she will be taking part in a Chinese New Year film directed by Ronald Cheng called "Dreams Come True" and working opposite the big stars such as Tony Ka Fai Leung, Cheung Tat Ming and Edmond Leung. She says: "In the past, I worked with Ronald in 'Colourful Life' and this time it is his directorial debut, so I have to support him. The role is really suited to me as it is an artist who is not interested in quantity, very much like myself."

Despite this claim, Louisa has been taking on a lot of work lately and as 'Beautiful Cooking Goddess', she has made a lot of money from endorsing electrical goods recently. She also says that she uses a microwave to cook normally: "The microwave ovens nowadays are very versatile, so you can steam fish, roast and make Chinese and Western dishes. You can also bake cookies, so it is great for me!"

With so much demand, has she put her fee up? Louisa smiles: "A little! However, the most important thing is that people like me!" Louisa is currently filming for new series "Prison Inferno" and she is trying a lot of new things in this series: "This role is very bad! After killing someone, she ends up in prison and this is the first time I have played a prisoner. I have never filmed a series set in the 1930's before, so the costume is very unusual."


[The Sun 17/11/06]

Winnie Young About to Give Birth but Still Working

Already the mother to a daughter, Winnie Young is about to give birth to her second child, but ever career-minded, she opened up the internet branch of her baby goods business, selling her own designs of baby clothes, baby goods and maternity outfits. Winnie has been her own model for her designs as well as putting photographs of her daughter Hannah on the site. The results are great and in just one week, she has had over ten transactions.

Winnie says happily: "The bibs are the best seller at the moment, maybe because I use material that is used to make chipaos and they are handmade by a tailor. They have been sourced by myself from Shamshuipo." Although hard work makes good rewards, should she not be resting now? Winnie says: "I am okay, it is not too hard work."


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