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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 10/11/06]

Charmaine Favourite for Best Actress Awards Tonight

Liza Wang, Charmaine Sheh, Roger Kwok, Sharon Chan, Shek Sau, Akina Hong and Chan San Chung held a promotional show and party for "Glittering Days" yesterday, where a 39-table banquet was held whilst they performed a song and dance show and a lucky raffle.

At the event, Lo Kwan Chor appeared in a wig and thick-frame glasses to look like Lydia Shum, whilst English Tang imitated Ho Sau Shun as the other MC. The cast took it in turns to sing on stage, but Liza could not perform live because she has suffered damage to her vocal chords during her recent illness, so she had to mime to a tape before resting backstage afterwards. Roger's song was accompanied by Akina dancing as he sung 'In My Heart is Only Her' and Charmaine mimed to her solo song, but sung live in her duet with Roger. TVB General Manager Stephen Chan went onto the stage to present her with some flowers, but this distracted Charmaine and she sang in the wrong key. After this, she did another dance with Sharon. Liza was asked about Lydia's discharge from hospital and she said she has not called Lydia yet. Asked who she thinks will win the Best Actress Award, Liza smiles that she doesn't know and suggested the press asked Charmaine.

With the heat on as TVB's Best Actor and Actress will be revealed this evening, Charmaine and Myolie are still very close, but the internet polls have Charmaine still in the lead. With the good ratings for "Glittering Days", is Charmaine confident of winning? She syas that after "Glittering Days" began airing, she has had a lot of exposure. So is she sure that the award is hers? She smiles that if she wins, then of course she will be happy, but the competition is too strong and the pressure is even greater than when she took part in Miss Hong Kong. She has been though the biggest test already, so winning an award would be the icing on the cake. Asked if she has been for dinner with Virginia Lok recently, she says: "We are all so busy, so we don't have time to do personal things."


[Ta Kung Pao 10/11/06]

Myolie Prepares Calmly for TVB Awards Ceremony

Myolie Wu, Andy Hui, Kenneth Ma, Jack Wu and Matthew Ko were among the cast members at a "Fatties' Happy Party" event to promote their series "To Grow with Love", where they played games with the audience. Myolie wore a loose sleeved dress, so she took care to hold her chest every time she bent over to avoid revealing herself. Andy did a demonstration on the fit ball, but when the female audience member followed his move, she ended up revealing part of her chest. Afterwards, Myolie smiles: "Andy is so bad, but she had plenty of assets to show us."

Tonight is the TVB anniversary awards event and as a hot favourite for the Best Actress award, Myolie was asked if she was nervous. She smiled: "I am feeling very calm and relaxed, because the more difficult task of selecting my outfit, shoes and accessories has been done and I just need to look beautiful." She reveals that she has two outfits, but she will just be showing off her back and not her bust. As for the awards, she says she daren't think about it because she says if you think you won't win, then you will have a pleasant surprise if you do and be even happier. Whether or not she wins an award, she still thanks the media because she has had a lot of exposure during filming of the series and it seems like the whole of Hong Kong was looking out for Fat Tin and this experience will live with her forever.

With the series maintaining average ratings of 32 points, Andy feels that this is already very good and he hopes that the finale will break 34 points. Andy has been approached by CCTV to film in their New Year series, but he says he has not read the script yet, so he does not know if he will accept the part. However, he does feel that this is a snowball effect and he hopes that his popularity will get bigger and bigger. The second edition of his album will be reelased today, with the theme song to "To Grow with Love" included as a bonus track. He says happily: "With an unexpected extra album, my luck has returned. (Is Myolie your lucky star?) It is not just her, I have got on very well with Wong Ching [he plays Andy's father in the show] because we both like to smoke cigars and we share the same 'smelly' tastes, so I would like him to be my godfather." When Brother Ching was asked when he will be adopting Andy as his godson, he smiles: "I will accept him any time. I do admire him and he is very kind and nice." Brother Ching has two daughters, the eldest is 26 and is working in Australia, so asked if he will be introducing her to Andy, Andy immediately indicated that he has seen her before and praised her for being very pretty. Asked if he would rather have Andy as a godson or a son-in-law, Brother Ching smiles: "Godson first, that is a closer relationship." Andy laughs that Brother Ching's daughter would complain about his big nose.


[Ta Kung Pao 10/11/06]

Shirley Yeung Prepares $10 million diamonds for Anniversary

TVB's Anniversary Awards ceremony will be taking place this evening and the extravaganza will take place on 19th. For her attendance at these star-studded events, Shirley Yeung has taken some time out to visit her sponsors 3-D Gold to try on three sets of diamond jewellery, worth a total of $10 million. Afterwards, Shirley indicates her favourite was the second set, entitled 'Spring Beauty' that features multicoloured precious stones. She also liked the final set, which looked very pure, even though it had a lot of diamonds set into it. For her outfit, she has called upon the services of local designer Barney Cheng and the styling is a little alluring to show off her great figure.

At this year's awards, Shirley has been nominated for 'Best Actress' for her role in "The Biter Bitten" and 'Best Supporting Actress' in "Always Ready". However, she is leaving the results down to destiny and she feels that to be nominated already makes her very happy. Asked which series she preferred, she says that she really likes her role in "Always Ready" because the character was a disabled person and without the expressions through body language, she had to convey her role through dialogue and expression alone, so this was quite challenging.


[Ta Kung Pao 10/11/06]

Steven Ma Injured by a Horse

Steven Ma was filming at Yuen Long's Tai Tong Lychee Valley for TVB series "Predicting Fate" in a horse-riding scene and although he is quite an experienced rider after filming several series with horses and no stranger to them, showing a lot of understanding, he was still caught out as the horse knocked his head, leaving him with injuries that meant he was rushed to hospital for treatment.

Afterwards, Steven recalls: "When I went to get the horse, I knew that its mood was not very good, so I let a body double take my place for the galloping senes and I just filmed the scenes on the horse's back, but with the wind blowing the fallen leaves, the horse must have been frightened and it suddenly bolted, hitting my head with the back of its head and it was very painful. I have never hurt so much before in my life." The crew saw Steven screaming with pain after being hit and checked to find that he had a swelling on the right side of his head and he could not open his right eye, so they rushed him to the nearby Pok Oi Hospital, but as there was no A&E department there, they had to take him to another private hospital.

The doctors were worried about Steven being concussed and the bruising around his eyes affecting his vision, so they immediately had a brain, eye area and neck area scan, but there were no fractures to Steven's cheekbones or skull and the injury was just to soft tissue, so he was discharged and instructed to return for a check-up in a few days time. As the bruising had spread around his eye area, there was a dark area to his eye and he smiled: "Tomorrow is the Anniversary Awards, but I will look like Ultraman on the stage."


[Ta Kung Pao 10/11/06]

Michelle Reis Opens her Heart to Stephen Chan

Michelle Reis is the latest guest to be interviewed by TVB General Manager Stephen Chan in his chat show "Be My Guest" and she was presented with a giant teddy bear, dressed in a swimsuit like the one that Michelle wore when she was crowned Miss Hong Kong in 1988. It also had on an elegant evening gown and a Miss Hong Kong staff, crown, sash and cape. Michelle's childlike innocence immediately surfaced and excitedly set about crowning the toy.

Stephen revealed: "I had asked Michelle beforehand who I should not mention, but she said no-one." Michelle says that she will talk about anything in the show and she will not even avoid talking about her love life. Asked if she was worried about Stephen's questions being very direct, she says: "It shouldn't be a problem, I know that he treats his guests well." Asked how many blue roses he had presented Michelle with, Stephen smiles: "It is not 99, only Leon Lai gives 99 roses." When she heard this, Michelle became a little wary and laughed: "I am starting to worry about his questions now!" Asked how she would respond to questions about her romances, she says: "I will answer them. For it to come from my mouth is better than all the guessing and story-telling from everyone else." Asked if she is worried about being asked about her wedding date, she says that the reporters always ask her about this anyway, so she is not afraid. So when is her wedding date? Michelle indicates that no matter when people ask her, the answer will the same, she has no fantasies about marriage. Michelle says she has seen the interviews that Stephen has done with Andy Lau, Carol Cheng and SAR Chief Executive Donald Tsang and she says that the format of the interview over a meal is very unusual and different from a normal magazine interview.

Asked if she has kept her staff and cape from when she won the pageant, Michelle smiles: "I sometimes still try on my chipao at home, because it is quite tight fitting and I can use it to check my figure." Has she ever not fit into it? She smiles: "Of course. (Did you put on weight because you were dating?) No, it is when I am unhappy that I tend to eat more." As for her staff and cape, she laughs that her friends often ask to take a look at them when they visit her at home. So does she parade in a circle for them? Michelle laughs out loud and says: "Usually it is my friends who try them on and sometimes they don't want to take them off." As soon as Michelle received her gift from Stephen, she started to think about where she could put it.


[The Sun 10/11/06]

Selena Li Wants to play a Crazy Girl

Having raised her popularity through new series "To Grow with Love", Selena Li has become the target of the advertisers and she has received many offers of work recently. She is very excited and says: "Although filming series is very hard work, when the show is aired, then I hear people discussing the show and it fills me with satisfaction. Aside from this, there are a lot of people approaching me with opportunities to make some 'real money' and I will continue working."

Selena has been nominated for her role in "To Grow with Love" for the TVB Annivesary award for 'Most Improved Female Artiste' this year,but she says she has not thought about it too much to avoid being disappointed if she doesn't win. "I have not thought about winning an award, the most important thing is to work hard. I would like to play someone with a psychiatric condition because this would be very challenging and a big chance to shine."


[The Sun 10/11/06]

No Chemistry between Linda Chung and Cookie Hunk

Self-confessed sports fanatic Linda Chung has been invited to shoot a sportwear advertisement with a six-foot tall handsome male model, but she was too busy eating cookies and there was little interaction between them.

Linda has been busy filming for her series "Storm in a Pool" recently and her healthy image and sweet smile has attracted the attention of sports retailer Marathon, who have asked her to model their sportswear in their new ad. Sports-mad Linda loves to play volleyball, badminton and go swimming, so she loves to wear sports gear in her leisure time. Talking of Yoyo Mung finding love on the badminton court, Linda says that she has played with Yoyo before. Having filmed with Yoyo's boyfriend Ekin Cheng before, Linda says there is no embarrassment when she sees Yoyo: "Everyone knows that the rumours about us were false, I don't like men who are so much older than me."

On the day of the shoot, male model Ken made some 'sweetheart cookies' with Linda. Asked if she felt any sparks with her handsome partner, she said: "He is quite tall and handsome, but I like men with a character more than looks. On that day, we just filmed together for four hours and we had little time to interact. Also I love eating cookies, so whenever we stopped, I would be eating and I didn't have time to chat to him."


[The Sun 10/11/06]

Kenneth Ma in Steamy Skincare Ad

Kenneth Ma has suffered from skincare problems since he entered the industry and his has set him back compared to the other rising male stars in his generation. He has recently signed with a skincare sponsor and not only does he make money from hugging pretty girls in ads, he has also improved the condition of his skin.

Kenneth suffered severely from acne when he was in high school and he loved playing football, so he was always outside in the sun, giving him rather poor skin. He says: "In the past, my skin was like a beehive, but I went to a boys school and there were no girls around, so I did not take any notice of it. After entering showbiz, I finally felt the importance of your appearance and the viewers who have seen me will know what my skin is like."

At first, when Kenneth's manager approached him with an offer of sponsorship from a skincare company, he was very confused: "They should be looking for someone with smooth flawless skin. I never imagined that I would have such luck through a bad experience. It also reveals that the sponsors have confidence in me and I hope that I will look more and more handsome."

Kenneth has undergone two months worth of treatment and his skin has smoothened a lot. No wonder he says: "I am getting paid and my appearance is improving and when I film the ad, there is a pretty model to hold, so I am definitely a winner here." However, during the filming of the ad, Kenneth appeared topless for the first time, but he said that the results were very healthy and he did not mind at all. Asked if he commanded a better fee for revealing his chest, he smiles: "Oh, I don't know."


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