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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 07/11/06]

"Dicey Business" Cast have Gambling Competition

TVB new series "Dicey Business" (aka Casino Wars/Casino Crisis) held a gambling competition promotional event yesterday, attended by Bobby Au Yeung, Jessica Hsuan, Michael Miu, Tavia Yeung, Law Lok Lam, Eileen Yeow and Leanne Li. They broke up into five groups for Mah Jong, with Bobby, Jessica, Michael and Tavia at one table. As Tavia does not really know how to play, she was tricked by Bobby, who kept looking at her tiles. Michael also mocked her for being slow and kept rushing her. In the end, Tavia couldn't stand Bobby any longer and snatched his tiles.

After a crazy battle, Michael won the game, but Bobby was a bad loser and pushed over the tiles and Jessica and Tavia also refused to lose too. Michael could only agree to play another game and Bobby won this. Afterwards, the cast also played cards on the stage and Jessica kept cheating and swapping her cards, making her team with the other 'master cheat' Bobby the winners. When Bobby was called a cheat, he immediately argued that this is true 'Casino Wars'.

Bobby has not played Mah Jong for over ten years now and he says that he is not too interested in playing. He says: "In the past, I would go and play with my friends in a hotel room, but we only gambled a little and even lost out on the room rent. I don't really have much gambling luck because I lose every time, like my character who loses so much he is left in the street." The new series will follow on from "To Grow with Love" and Bobby says he is not worried about ratings because the show's cast is very strong and he does not feel any pressure. When the reporters mentioned that he has always been a lucky star, he laughs that this is not the case because he has worked hard night and day. As for this show just missing this year's anniversary awards, Bobby says he doesn't mind. Asked if he doesn't care for awards, he laughs that this is not the case, because he can win again. He will continue filming next year and laughs that he has always had a large output, more than just one series per year.

Michael reveals that he has a number of kissing scenes with Jessica in the show, but each time he doesn't quite manage it because he just kisses her lip gloss instead. So when people see him with shiny lips, they know what has happened.

Tavia indicates that she will be playing a Filipino girl and she says that she has wanted to have big breasts like her character, so now her wish has come true because her fake breasts take her to a 36F. She says that in the past she was quite revolted by big breasts because she found them too revealing, but she has changed her opinion on them now. She says she has increased her cup size recently and she now looks better in some outfits, but she says she is not taking the sexy route.

Talking of the ratings for the series, Tavia says she thinks this show will have at least 35 points. If the ratings are good, will she wear a swimsuit? Tavia laughs that it would be better if Jessica wore it because she is so slim. Or maybe if Bobby wore one instead, it would be even better. When Jessica heard this, she immediately cursed jokingly and said that even if she was to wear one, it would be the most conservative design. Jessica says that some friends have watched clips of the show on the internet and has praised it for being very good. She and Tavia have become good friends after filming this. In the show, she plays a woman who is a big gambler and the character is very unusual.

With the anniversary awards close, Jessica, who has changed contracts this year, is yet to receive her notification to attend yet. Also, as she has two friends getting married, then if she does not have to take part, then she will go to the weddings. Asked when she would get married, she says that she is carefully choosing a man at the moment because she feels that dating is not difficult, the hard part is finding a future together.


[Ta Kung Pao 07/11/06]

Celebrity "Deal or No Deal" raises money for Charity

TVB game show "Deal or No Deal" held a special Anniversary charity celebrity event for its third show that was filmed on Sunday, where host Michael Hui was joined by members of the "Glittering Days" cast, inclduing Charmaine Sheh, Roger KWok, Sharon Chan and Lai Lok Yi. Together, they won $160,000, which they donated to the Tung Wah Hospitals.

Charmaine said beforehand that she felt that this was a very meaningful event because so much money went to charity and she would do her best to win as much money as possible. During the test run, her luck was quite good and this gave her more confidence to play the real game. Host Michael is Charmaine's idol and she praised him for his quick wit and hopes to work with him in the future. Roger was also very confident, because he was very lucky in previous game shows. Talking of Lydia Shum's discharge from hospital, Roger is very happy about this and laughs that he would like to go for tea with her. As for Sharon in the supporters group, she played an important part and she hoped that they would win two or three million dollars.


[The Sun 07/11/07]

Up and Coming Females Kate and Linda Support each other

TVB's "Anniversary Awards Ceremony" will take place on Friday and every year, there are always heated contests between the female leads. However, favourites for this year's 'Most Improved Female Artiste' award, Kate Tsui and Linda Chung are very harmonious and eager to offer their support for each other.

Linda and Kate are both being heavily promoted by TVB and for Linda, as well as filming series after series last year, she has taken on some quite heavy roles and has therefore become a favourite for this year's 'Most Improved' award. However, she fancies Kate's chances of winning: "Many nominees have a lot of talent and I think Kate stands a good chance because she has a lot of potential as an actor and even though 'La Femme Desperado' was her first series, her acting is still much better than my first series. I think she has a lot of confidence and she is very quick thinking."

Linda laughs that although winning an award would make her very happy, she will not wish too hard for it: "Awards are an encouragement, so if I win, then I will be happy and it will give me more motivation, but if I don't win, then I won't be disappointed because to be nominated for three series, this has already proved that the hard work over the last couple of years has not been wasted." With her nomination for 'Best Actress', Linda says she has never dreamed of winning that award and to be nominated has already made her very happy.

As for Kate, she says she is not too confident about winning: "'La Femme Desperado' was my first series and there are still a lot of improvements to be made, so to have been nominated is already worth celebrating. I think that Linda should win this award because her acting has improved a lot and she has more acting experience than me, so she is my senior." As well as the 'Most Improved' award this year, Kate has also been nominated for the 'Best Supporting Actress' award and 'My Favourite Female TV Character. Of the three awards, she smiles: "Of course, I would like to win the 'Favourite Female' award, because the character not only represents the series, but also the hard work of crew behind its creation."


[The Sun 07/11/06]

Bowie Tells Moses to Wait a Couple More Years

The TVB Anniversary Award for 'Best Actor' is also in the limelight, with the favourites for the award including Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Steven Ma and Kevin Cheng all talking about their feelings. Bowie taunts Moses, saying that he does not speak his lines clearly and that he should wait for a couple more years before he wins.

After many challenges, Bowie has been nominated this year for his role in 'Dance of Passion' for the Best Actor award. With a calm outlook, he says that awards are just material and the most important thing is that the character is a breakthrough: "To keep in the lead role over a long time, your biggest enemy is yourself. I hoep that when I look back at my performances in my sixties and seventies, then there will be no regrets. (Who would you like to work with?) Roger Kwok! I would like to test my acting against him."

With Moses referring to him as 'Big Brother', Bowie says quite unforgivingly that Moses has slim chances this year: "Maybe his chance will come in a year or two! Moses's weak point is that he does not speak his lines clearly enough. I suggest he should read newspapers out loud every day." Moses does not mind 'big bro' giving him criticism, but he is still confident of his nomination from "Dance of Passion": "Many people feel I have improved and I feel that I could grasp the right expression and speech in my acting. (Do you feel that Bowie was stealing the limelight?) Yes, but my rather inward character was hard to portray and when there are a group of people, then you need different characters to make it interesting. There are supporters of my type."

Kevin and Steven entered the industry at the same time and they both learned to sing from the same teacher. Thirteen years ago, they both started their careers in the music industry, but now they are contesting against each other for the 'Best Actor' award, showing a great affinity for each other. Kevin's role in "Under the Canopy of Love" has left him with the title of 'OL Killer' and a giant leap in popularity. Having lacked confidence in his career in the past, he feels comforted at being promoted now and he says that he will no longer be contented just being happy for other people or staying in the background.


[The Sun 07/11/06]

Adam Cheng - No Service No Award

With his great acting talent, Adam Cheng is already the 'Best Actor' in the hearts of many viewers, so he says that he has seen through the importance of any awards and despite being nominated for 'Best Actor' and 'Best Host' for his performances in "Bar Benders" and "Forbidden Palace", he still says that his chances of winning are slim.

Asked for his selections for the best actor and actress, Adam says that he would choose Joe Ma and Charmaine Sheh because he feels that the goofy guy and the beer girl in "Maidens Vow" were very outstanding. Having worked for TVB for so many years, Adam has never won the award for best actor and he is not confident this year either: "I have heard that if you want an award, you have to pledge your service to TVB and I see so many leading males and females working so hard. I don't serve them well enough, just filming one series per year, so there will not be an award for me."


[The Sun 07/11/06]

Raymond Makes Myolie Cry on her Birthday

It was Myolie Wu's 27th birthday yesterday, so why has Raymond Lam made her cry? It is all because of a scene in their series "The Changing Times" and afterwards she asked him for a lucky packet for good luck. She also reveals that she will be going to Disneyland afterwards with her family to celebrate. Asked about her birthday wish, she hopes for good health and to launch her music and film career. When Raymond and Toby Leung were asked to give Myolie a birthday kiss, he laughingly refused: "Don't, I am afraid of being hit!" In the end, Toby gave the birthday girl a kiss and asked if he was afraid of being hit by Bosco Wong, Raymond says: "I am afraid of being hit by the company!".


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