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[Ta Kung Pao 30/11/06]

Niki and Kevin Kissing from Hong Kong to Hokkaido

Niki Chow and Kevin Cheng were at the blessing ceremony marking the start of studio filming for their series "The Most Beautiful Seventh Day" amd they will be heading out to Hokkaido for location filming soon. In this most romantic of places, people are asking whether they will have plenty of kissing scenes, but Niki would not reveal this and said: "I don't know, we haven't received the scripts yet, but I do have a kissing scene with the Schnauser dog because we have a lot of scenes together and he is the second male lead in the show. (Have you taken hygiene procedures for kissing a dog?) No, the dog belongs to someone else and we just hire it to film, so I was a little scared."

Asked again if she will have kissing scenes with Kevin in Japan, she jokes: "The dog will not go to Japan, so I don't know." She says that thre is a scene where she has to rescue people in a snowfield and she has to take her coat off to warm up the other people, so she is worried that she will suffer bronchitis because this has happened twice before. As Niki became quite coy, the press moved the questions onto Kevin and he was very open as he said that filming love stories, you have to show how you love each other and of course kissing is the best way, especially in such a romantic place as Hokkaido, they will have to kiss at least once. He and Niki have now worked together in three series, with "Hard Fate" and "Under the Canopy of Love" earlier, where they have already kissed twice. For this new series, they already had a kiss scene almost as soon as filming started so this is the show with the most kissing by far. Niki has shared the most kisses with Kevin on the screen and asked if he will be her human heat pack, he says: "With so many crew around, then we will look after each other. (Will you buy her heat packs?) If we have them we will share them between us."

With earlier reports of a plot to attack him in the mainland, Kevin was asked how the situation was. He said seeming relaxed: "You don't need to be so serious about rumours and after this news broke, a lot of friends from the press have been following me around so I have a lot of protection and don't need to worry."


[Ta Kung Pao 30/11/06]

Lydia Shum is Unhappy with Dishonest Media Sources

Lydia Shum held a special thank you party for her friends and family at a hotel earlier and some trusted members of the press were given a special invite to the event on the understanding that the pictures and reports would not be sold on to the unapproved media outlets. However, it has been revealed that some of the reporters did not keep their word and some of the pictures and reports appeared in papers and media who were not invited. This has made Lydia feel very unhappy.

Lydia says that the event was not a press conference, but a private party and she only invited her friends, but there were some peoeple who did not keep to their promises and sold on the story. This has left her very disappointed and she hopes to find out who the dishonest party was. Lydia's close friend and party organiser Mrs Chan indicated that she will look for the source of the leak, but she believes that those members of the press who were present were honest people. Lydia just wanted to express her situation at the event and as it was a private event, she had the right to limit those in attendance. Friends and media all wanted to just celebrate Lydia's recovery with her, so this betrayal of her trust has left the event a little marred.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 30/11/06]

Vinci Wong Bathes in Ice for Charity

The annual TVB Tung Wah Charity Fundraising event will take place next Saturday and Cheung Tat Ming, Angela Tong and Vinci Wong were rehearsing for their item at TKO TVB City yesterday. Tat Ming was balancing on two different sized balls, one which is about knee height and the other taller than a person and his balance was quite good. Although there was an action choreographer present, he did not need any assistance. Standing on top of a big ball, he was a little frightened though and he asked the choreographer: "If I fall from this height, would I die?"

Tat Ming has learned some acrobatics before in New York and has balanced on the smaller ball before, but this is his first time on the large one and he hopes that he can learn to skip on the ball or take the ball up a slope because the harder the feat, the more money they will raise. He also plans to let his son learn acrobatics in the future. He says: "Kids need to suffer some hardship and cannot be spoilt." Asked if he will be taking safety precautions for his performance, he says: "Of course not, otherwise I would not be able to raise as much money. Even if I am to get injured, then I would like to be injured on the night so that the donors can see.

Angela and Vinci will be performing an item where they will be lying together in a bath of ice before being covered with more ice and then eating ice lollies. Angela arrived at rehearsals yesterday, but did not get into the icy bath because she said she had a cold and was not feeling well. Vinci continued to sit in the bath and Angela poured the ice onto him. However, he just bit into his first ice lolly before he jumped out, saying he had lost all feeling from his legs and groin area and he had to jump around for five minutes to warm up before he could feel them again. Asked if he was worried about causing himself an injury, he says: "Yes, so I will have to consult with a doctor as to whether the cold will have any lasting effects. I was already so numb after biting into one ice stick, so I don't know how I can perform on the night." When Angela saw this, she suddenly felt the urge to give up and asked if she can stand the cold, she says: "When I was in Canada, I used to stand in temperatures of minus 30 degrees to wait for the busy, but after coming to Hong Kong, I am more sensitive to the cold. This Saturday, I will be heading out to Canada to film on location for 'The Drive of Life', so I will take the chance to practice. (Will you be wearing a bikini for your performance?) That will depend on the donations, I will do it for charity though."


[Ta Kung Pao 30/11/06]

More News from Hacken and Emily's Wedding Day

Hacken Lee and Emily Lo's million dollar wedding was held at Tsimshatsui's Intercontinental Hotel on Tuesday and the bride was moved to tears on several occasions. Although there were no games played on them at the party and there was no tea ceremony, they still tossed the bouquet and sang on the stage as Hacken presented his song 'You are my Sun' to his beautiful wife.

Emily changed into three or four outfits in the course of the evening and was stunning in all of them. The newlyweds are both Manchester United fans, so they opened the event by showing a video from when they had their wedding photos taken at Old Trafford. These photos were all part of the special photo album that was presented to all the guests who arrived with their treasure boxes and also featured was the story of how the couple had met and their romantic love story. Among the photographs were some of Hacken kissing Emily and one where Emily had jumped up and grabbed onto Hacken's waist with her legs. They are both football (soccer) fans, so there was also a picture of them sitting in the stands at the football pitch.

The newlyweds and their parents went on stage to give speeches and Emily shed tears of joy on several occasions. As soon as she started speaking, she wanted to cry and she praised Hacken for being a good husband and she announced that she felt so proud to be marrying him. Hacken replied that she is the person in his life that he loves the most. When Hacken's father gave his speech, Emily cried again. He said how she was a good daughter-in-law and she looks after them and he also thanked his in-laws for allowing their daughter to marry Hacken, making Emily cry again.

As well as tossing the bouquet, the couple offered a toast to their guests and best man Andy Lau and brothers Alan Tam and Nat Chan did a lot of the drinking on Hacken's behalf. Many of the guests were quite merry by the end of the evening, including Andy, Alan, Nat, Virginia Lok, Sheila Chan, Priscilla Chan, Shirley Kwan, who all showed pink faces and were a little wobbly. The person who was most drunk was Eric Tsang, who was already out of it by the half way mark. The other highlight of the evening was the singing, led by the happy couple and followed by songs from Andy and the Wynners. Reports suggest that Paula Tsui and Jacky Cheung were secretly let into the event. After 2:30 am, the guests departed.


[Ta Kung Pao 30/11/06]

Princess Bernice awaits her Prince Moses

Bernice Liu wore a snow white wedding gown for the Opening of the Disney Princess Fantastic Journey event. As beautiful as a real princess, Bernice was chosen as 'Most Perfect Bride' by some young princes and was presented with a limited edition music box.

Bernice wore her elegant gown and was accompanied by a page boy and a flower girl and couples who were celebrating paper and ruby anniversaries were invited to re-enact their proposals. Afterwards, Bernice says that although the dress is beautiful, it is very heavy so when she went down the steps, she had to have two people helping her to carry her skirt. Does she want to choose this style of dress for her own marriage in the future? Bernice laughs she will think about this nearer the time, because she has never dreamed about her own wedding day.

Then Bernice opened her heart and said: "There are so many people getting married and having kids this year. (Has your Prince Moses proposed to you?) I don't know. I have been in the industry for five years, but I still need to work hard." Although she is still not prepared to admit that they are dating, their relationship is an open secret and recently they have been appearing publicly as lovers. She explains: "That was arranged by the company, maybe because they are re-airing 'Love Bond'. We are filming separately though. (Do you mind about getting jobs together?) No, we are working together after all."


[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Wen Wei Po 30/11/06]

TVB Service Awards Ceremony - Roger Kwok receives 20 Year Service Medal

TVB held an evening event to mark its "Long Service and Outstanding Employee Awards Ceremony" and Roger Kwok was among those TVB staff who were presented with his 'medal' for twenty years service with the company. He was very emotional when he made his acceptance speech and says that he hopes that in the future, he will be receiving further awards with his son. He says: "I am very happy and touched, when I go to work it is like a big family and many people care for me, no matter whether things are going badly or well. I not only have my twenty years service award, I want to have thirty or forty years here and I hope that I can bring my future son here to accept these."

It turns out that Roger has never actually left TVB. Even though he went to Taiwan to further his career, he still had a contract with the company. He says: "I joined TVB from 'City Stories' and after receiving this medal, I will treat myself as a newcomer again." As for his future targets, he says he dare not think about it. "However, TVB is a very good company and they have clothed and fed me for so long. They have made me grow up and given me recognition in my career, making me known to Chinese people througout the world. When I get my thirty year medal, my son will be nearly ten years old! (Does that mean you will be a father in Year of the Pig?) I hope so! (Is your wife pregnant?) I don't know, don't give me so much pressure though."

Company chairman Sir Run Run Shaw attended the event with his wife Mona Fong and there have been reports recently that he has repaired his relationship with his son and they have been photographed dining together. Ms Fong responded to this, saying: "There is nothing surprising about dining with his son!" Asked if they have overcome their differences, she says: "You can say that. I have not said anything. Of course Sir Run Run is on good terms with his son. (There are suggestions that the heir will change?) I don't know. Why don't you ask the people who are talking about this." Ms Fong says that each time Sir Run Run's son visits Hong Kong from Singapore, he will visit his father.

For Fiona Yuen who collected her ten year service medal, she speaks of her fellow Miss Hong Kong winners from her year, Lee San San and Chillie Poon, who is now married and in the restaurant business. Asked if she should work harder to find herself a husband, she says: "From thirty to forty, there will be a lot of changes. I am still fine, so there is no rush. I have still not finished enjoying life on my own because you can do so much when you are single." Yu Mo Lin received her 30 year service medal and she joined TVB in 1969. When her contract ends in March next year, she will be retiring. She says: "I don't have many shows nowadays and was just mopping up in 'Glittering Days' so there are no more challenges. After so many decades, it is time to take a rest and enjoy life and go travelling."


[Ta Kung Pao 30/11/06]

Sonija Kwok Swears and Chases Criminals in New Series

Roger Kwok and Sonija Kwok were guest models at a promotional event earlier and afterwards, they stayed on the stage as 'human billboards' for the guests to have their photos taken. As well as their fee, they also received a valuable watch and they denied that they were just billboards because this is part of their work.

Roger and Sonija have been working together filming for a new series together and Sonija plays a police officer who has a nickname 'Terrier' because whenever she sees a criminal, she will chase him and in order to show her vicious side, the crew suggest for Sonija to swear inside her head as she chases. Roger laughs: "When you were filming today, you really said it out loud." Sonija quickly denied this, saying that after two days of filming, she is still finding it very hard. As for co-stars Margie Tsang and Kenneth Ma have been reported to be flirting during filming, but Sonija says she has not seen this and Roger says it is a misunderstanding and he does not believe that they will do this in public. Helping out his colleague, he says: "Kenneth and I have been flirting with each other, but they shouldn't be doing that."

Roger was asked if he has successfully conceived a child yet, but he says not yet. Asked if he is not using contraception, he smiles: "If you keep asking, I will become very embarrassed. We have plans and hope for next year, but it is not something that happens when you want it to." He sends his congratulations to Hacken on his wedding and wishes that they have a child soon.


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