Saturday, November 18, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 18/11/06]

Captivating Performances at TVB Artistes Party

TVB held it's Annual Artiste Party earlier and the contracted artistes appeared in their fineries as well as showed off their talents in the performance for the night. The highlight of the show was when Yoyo Mung cooked noodles and Kenneth Ma impersonated Ekin Cheng to perform a song causing everyone to split their sides with laughter and Yoyo was laughing so hard that she had to kneel down, revealing her knickers in the process.

Other artistes did impersonations of other people, including Angela Tong's rendition of Jolin Tsai's performance, Sunny Chan and Erica Yuen pretending to be Liu Chia Chang and Zhen Zhen, singing 'In the Rain' and Chan Shan Chung, Lee Tin Cheung, Martin Lau and Vin Choi impersonating the four female 'Beautiful Cooking' hosts in their dance.

Kenneth appeared in a wig and with a camera, impersonating Ekin as he announced his advertising slogan voice: "Where there is Yoyo, there is Ekin." When the host asked him what he wanted to say to Yoyo, he said: "I will sing to her the song 'I will only love you'." Then he started singing and his rendition was very similar to Ekin, making Yoyo laugh out loud. When she wanted to leave the stage, Kenneth held onto her hand and would not let her go, so she had to stay and laughed so hard she had to kneel down. Afterwards, Kenneth pulled away his wig and revealed a fake bald head, at which point Yoyo stamped on his foot and he let her leave.

Yoyo said later that she had known beforehand that she had to make noodles, so she had prepared some rice sticks instead, but these were taken away from her by Johnson Lee, who said to her there was no avoiding 'noodles' (Ekin's nickname). With everyone joking about her romance, does this annoy her? Yoyo says that she is a little embarrassed, but she will not be angry because this is a night of fun and Ms Lok had already told her that playing around with your own colleagues is better than other people writing about you. She also says that Kenneth gave a very good impersonation, but she did not want to be photographed with him in case people brought it up again in ten years time. As for revealing herself, Yoyo was surprised and a little upset saying: "I didn't know. (Were you too happy and lost with yourself?) I wanted to go backstage, but I was grabbed by Kenneth and he wound me up so much! However, I had flesh coloured knickers on, so it should not be so obvious." With the audience being thoroughly entertained, accepting her relationship fully, Yoyo smiled: "That's all thanks to the company."

Kenneth indicated that this was all arranged by the company to give Yoyo a surprise and he hopes she is not angry with him. Is he worried that Ekin would be offended? He says: "If Yoyo is not angry, then Ekin will not be angry. (You made her expose herself?) I didn't know, that is trouble then. I held onto her just so that everyone could take photographs, I was just following orders, so it wasn't my fault!" In order to train his voice to sound like Ekin, he has been practising for four days and he has been listening continuously Ekin's songs.

Sunny Chan and Erica Yuen impersonated Master Liu Chia Chang and his wife Zhen Zhen and Sunny's make up made him look even more like Master Liu. The couple applauded loudly at the performance and scored them 9.5 out of 10 before posing for photographs with them afterwards. Sunny said he had taken tips from Roger Kwok and Moses Chan who had suggested he should just let himself go with his singing. Is the 0.5 point defasit due to him not kissing Erica? Sunny says: "I didn't know whether I was allowed to or not, if she didn't like it, I'd be dead." Sunny praises his own singing ability for his improvement because he says he has been singing three times a day to make his wife and unborn child happy. He has also been checking his wife and the baby's pulse and jokes: "I am very busy every day, it's like I am doing the anniversary show."

Angela Tong emulated Jolin Tsai's bendy dance in the show, but it wasn't quite as steamy as Jolin's original act. Angela says that this was not her original aim and she was very nervous during her performance and even forgot the lyrics at one point and only picked up again in the middle. Is she pleased with her performance? She says she did not have much time to rehearse because she originally planned to do line dancing, but this act was taken by Shirley Yeung, so she changed to doing Jolin's dance. She also laughs that if she has the chance to do it again, she will have breast implants!

Bernice's performance was similar to the one she gave at the Singer's Anniversary show, but this time it was even sexier as she leant against the pole and gave high kicks and alluring twists. Was this all too flirtatious? She says: "This is what hip hop latin dance is about. This is what it looks like on MTV Dance, but as long as everyone is happy to watch it, then it's okay. (Are you worried about exposing yourself?) No, I have worn some green pants underneath. (Are you worried about being called distasteful?) Dance is like this, I am just wanting to dance."

Charmaine Sheh was asked about recent rumours that she has bought herself a Porsche to celebrate her double win at the anniversary awards and she admits that she had wanted to buy something to reward herself and she has been to see some cars, but she has not yet decided on anything yet, because the prices are too expensive at $900,000. When it was suggested that she should get someone to buy it for her, she says: "No, I wouldn't. Of course I would buy it myself, I don't like receiving something for nothing." When it was pointed out that with her current popularity, she should easily be able to afford it, she admits tht she has raised her fee now for stage performances, but she is still busy filming series and she will be filming on location in China soon, so even if she has offers of work, then she cannot take them and she won't be able to earn as much.

Myolie Wu shares the same manager with Charmaine and there have been allegations recently that their manager has been putting all the attention on Charmaine and neglecting Myolie. In response to this, Myolie denies it and says there is nothing to explain: "I have spoken with her (Charmaine) about these reports in the hope that it will not affect us. In truth, there has never been any animoscity between us."


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