Saturday, November 18, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 17/11/06]

Kenneth Ma Embarrassed During Ad Filming

Kenneth Ma has been selected recently to film an ad for Men's Skin Centres by Bella taking over from Karl Ng, receiving a six figure fee and breaking through the unwritten TVB rules by revealing his chest in the shoot. The surprising deciding factor for Kenneth to win this job was his 'lunar crater' skin. During his schooldays, Kenneth was a sports fanatic and always outside, so the conditions left him with severe acne and bumpy skin, so despite his 6 ft height and good education, this has always left him with a disadvantage.

After receiving the latest skin treatments using new regenerative technology, there is a marked improvement now in Kenneth's skin and he no longer needs to plaster himself in thick make up during filming. In a recent costume fitting, even the make-up lady asked him what he had done to improve his skin so much. The centre feels that he can be very handsome, so they have prepared a special regime for him to show success in just two months, so they signed him to be their spokesperson.

The first ad that the sponsors designed for Kenneth involves him showing off his chest and traditionally TVB has always forbidden its artistes to show too much flesh, but they have made an exception for him on this occasion because the sponsors have guaranteed that the look will be a healthy one and full of sunshine. In order to shoot the steamy scene with the female model, Kenneth has been busy getting fit and having electrolysis hair removal from his face, chest and back. However, during the shoot, he became very shy and faced with the beautiful lady, his heart rate increased and he daren't look at her. In the end, it was up to the model to take the lead and draw him into the scene.


[Ta Kung Pao 18/11/06]

Fala Chen Loves her Computer Games

Fala Chen, Ana R and Lisa S were the guests at the launch party and fashion show for the Sony Playstation 3. The three ladies arrived in a Lamborghini and Lisa felt that there was plenty of security at the event, so she was not worried about any danger. She also smiled that she felt very good in the car and would like to buy a new car, but she can only afford a model.

Fala says that she is a super games fan and when she was six, she would play through the night with her father, then be scolded heavily by her mother. She also reveals that when she was at university, she used to play games with her boyfriend, but she adds that her boyfriend neglected her because he was playing games so much. Fala indicates that she likes to play beat-em-up games. Asked if she likes to release her frustrations in this way, she says: "It is just to relax and for fun. It is also a way to communicate with my father."


[Ta Kung Pao 18/11/06]

Shirley Yeung Attracts more Foreigners - Ada Choi Says Man in Car is Uncle

An awards ceremony was held by a magazine yesterday, attended by many artistes, icluding Leon Lai, Eason Chan, Ada Choi, Shirley Yeung, Steven Ma, Angela Tong, Lui Fong, Jade Kwan, Nat Chan and his wife Cecila Wong, Virginia Lok, Stephen Chan, Roger Kwok, Mani Fok, Vincy and Sun Boyz.

Hacken Lee was presented with the award for "Best Album" and this made him very happy because he says to produce a popular record is no easy feat. Asked if this award makes a good wedding gift to him, he says that this is unrelated and he has talked about his wedding for a while, so he thanks everyone for their concern. Talking of Alan Tam saying he has still not received an invitation, Hacken smiles that Alan lives too far away, so he will receive his later.

Having earlier injured himself during filming, Steven appeared without his bandage at the event, but his eye was still a little swollen. Steven says that there is still some pain and when he wakes in the morning, he can seem a little cross-eyed when he looks at things. However, after the ceremony, he had to rush over to Macau for a fundraising performance, but he says that the organisers are very understanding and have arranged for him to go in a helicopter. Steven will have to resume filming on 20th and he says that he is lucky his injury has not moved another millimetre, otherwise he would be in trouble. Would he consider cosmetic surgery? Steven says his eyesight is more important, but fortunately he has insurance.

Talking about the reports that the youth who kissed Ella Koon earlier has been sentenced to two months in prison, Steven feels that he should be punished, because this has caused a lot of pain and suffering to Ella. He says that in the past, artistes have even had acid thrown an them, so coming into contact with the public can be quite dangerous. He syas that in the past when he was on stage in America, Kenix witnessed him cracking one of his teeth. He hopes that there will not be any lasting shadows of this with Ella.

Shirley wore a low cut dress yesterday, attracting the attention of some foreign guests to asked her for a photograph. After being hugged and kissed by a foreign executive in an earlier event, is she worried about this happening again? She says she is not afraid because they did ask her first and they were very polite. As for the news of Ella's attacker, Shirley hopes that he will learn his lesson and fans should use more suitable methods of supporting their idols. Every time she takes part in events, then there is plenty of security, so she is not too worried. As for the last time, this was just an unexpected incident. Shirley says that foreigners are just more affectionate.

Ada was spotted earlier with a bald man in a car and she laughs that he just had a skin head cut and was not bald. She smiles that he is something exquisite and whilst she would like him to be her boyfriend, he says she has no taste and does not like her. She smiles that that person is actually her uncle and when they were photographed by the press on that day, he was so frightened that he banged his head on the window. Ada also jokes that she regrets not hugging her uncle that night because that would create even more news! She smiles that her uncle has also ben called a 'tattooed brute' in the past and this is very amusing.


[The Sun 18/11/06]

Sherming Yiu Saves for her Spinster House

Sherming Yiu took part in a disco fashion show earlier, wearing bikinis and jackets on the catwalk. Together with her on the stage were many male and female models in sexier outfits and in comparison, they stole much of the focus from Sherming. At one point, whilst she was dancing with a male model, he suddently took off his top and shorts, to reveal just a pair of underpants and Sherming was so embarrassed that she immediately jumped away. She reveals that she is not worried that she will be harrassed at these shows, because they pay well and they have increased security. She has been taking on a lot of jobs like this and mainland stage appearances recently: "I have been saving up my fees to invest in property, buying myself a spinster home for the future."


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