Wednesday, November 15, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 16/11/06]

Dicey Business Char Siu Rice Promotion

TVB will begin airing new series "Dicey Business" on Monday and they held a special promotional event at Causeway Bay's World Trade Centre, attended by cast members including Bobby Au Yeung, Jessica Hsuan, Bosco Wong, Tavia Yeung, Leanne Li and Eileen Yeow. The atmosphere was great as the stars played games, splitting into two teams to make Char Siu rice, judged by Beautiful Cooking's Chef Chow. During the competition, the men seemed rather clumsy, but Jessica was so absorbed that she didn't realise her top being pulled further and further down and she nearly revealed herself in the process. The girls, led by Jessica and Tavia emerged as the winners of the competition.

Jessica indicates that the last time she worked with Bobby before this show was seven years ago, when they filmed "A Recipe for the Heart" so maybe they worked together again because of the seven year itch! She laughs that the next time that they work together may be in another seven years time, but by then she may have already retired. Bobby laughs that maybe she will get married in seven years time, then she can truly retire.

Being joked at by Bobby as being unable to get married, Jessica was very gracious and she says she understands that Bobby was just joking and believes that he does not see her any differently if she cannot find a husband. She is confident in herself though and believes that she will definitely get married in the next seven years. She also laughs that Bobby is her most beloved out of all the male artistes in TVB, whilst Bobby jokes that she treats him like he is her pet dog and he has been looking out for good men to introduce to Jessica. To fight the challenge of "Dicey Business", ATV will be showing their own grand production "Yi Mo Fan Gu" (No Looking Back in Duty) and Bobby sighs in resignation that TVB are always using him to fight off the opposition.


[Ta Kung Pao 16/11/06]

Charmaine films 'Be My Guest' Despite Illness

This year's TVB Best Actress Charmaine Sheh was not very well yesterday, but she still filmed for chat show "Be My Guest" and she smiled that she was a little worried about her brain being a little slow through her illness and this would affect her performance, but she will do her best to answer the questions. In the show, host Stephen Chan presented her with a Monkey King toy and four pairs of sunglasses, laughing that he can 'split up' the hands on the monkey and put him down, hinting perhaps at Charmaine's rumoured boyfriend Benny Chan, who once played the Monkey King. Stephen later explained that the Monkey is soft so he can take anything that is thrown at him and he did not mean anything else. As for suggestions that the Monkey King was representing Benny, Charmaine immediately pointed out that Dicky Cheung had played the role before too and she was only there to receive the gift. She insists that she and Benny have never been a couple, so there is no 'splitting up' to talk of.

Although the awards are over now, the gossip continues and there have been rumours that Myolie has been suffering from stress after not winning an award and acting strangely. Charmaine supports Myolie in this and says that after the awards ceremony, the party went on until half past 2, then the next day, Myolie had to fly to Beijing, so sleeping on the plane was only normal. There are a lot of people on the plane, so covering your head is nothing unusual. With the Anniversary show taking place on Sunday, but Myolie making it clear she cannot attend because of work, Charmaine feels that if you cannot attend the event because of work, then people will not hold this against you.

There have been many internet critics who have been unhappy at Charmaine winning the Best Actress award, but Charmaine says that every competition result has people who like it and people who don't. This is beyond her control and she is grateful for Louis Koo's earlier vote of support for her and Kevin.


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