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[Ta Kung Pao 09/11/06]

Sonija Kwok Finds Jewellery Sponsor

Sonija Kwok will be taking part in the TVB Anniversary show, when her sponsors Chow Tai Fook will be providing her with her jewellery for the night. Yesterday, she attended a fitting at the sponsor's showroom, trying on four sets of jewels worth a total over $10 million. The most expensive set is worth $7.3 million and features a total of 60 carats of diamonds. Two of the other sets are worth $2 million each and the other set is worth $1.3 million. Faced with such valuable jewels, Sonija seemed extremely calm and not too excited.

Sonija says: "The sponsors allowed me to try on and choose whatever I liked, with no upper limit. (What kind of jewellery do you favour?) The most important thing is that it matches my outfit. (There is a suggestion that the sexier the outfit, the more it emphasises the precious jewels?) That is the case, but it may not necessarily be diamonds and precious jewels." Sonija rarely buys jewellery for herself, saying that her most treasured set of jewellery is her Miss Hong Kong crown. She says that sometimes when she takes part in events, she will be presented with diamond jewellery and her favourite is a 1 carat diamond that is etched with her birthday. As for whether any men have presented her with diamonds, Sonija believes that she doesn't need men to buy these things for her but in the past when she was dating, she did receive some gifts from her boyfriends, but they were only small items. Does she hope to receive perfect diamonds for her wedding day? She says: "Giving big diamonds does not represent his love for you, if you truly love someone, then you do not need to spend too much. As long as the size is suitable. However, for the anniversary, I will wear something bigger."

With all the female artistes showing off their worth at the anniversary, will Sonija make her selection based on price? She says she will not look at the price, as long as it is suitable for her. As for her gown for the evening, will it show off her front or her back? She smiles that it will be elegant. When it was mentioned that she seemed rather calm faced with all the jewellery, she says that she will be more excited when she is wearing it. Asked about the reports that Angela Tong will be doing a sexy performance on the night, Sonija says she will not match her performance because she will be doing a magic show.

As Sonija has not been nominated for the Best Actress award, she will not receive an award. Will this affect her mood for selecting her jewellery? She says that winning is all about fate and she knows that she will not win anything this year, so she can put all her energy into looking good. She supports Charmaine Sheh and Myolie Wu this year and says that they are both as hard-working as each other and have made breakthroughs. Asked about recent reports that ex-boyfriend Deric Wan has reunited with his ex-wife, Sonija smiles and says not to talk about these things and let the past be.


[Ta Kung Pao 09/11/06]

Rabee'a Yeung Praises her Juniors

TVB Pearl's lifestyle show "Dolce Vita" held a press conference yesterday to welcome new host To Kwan Wai to the show. The other three hosts Rabee'a Yeung, Cheung Lai Nga and Chan Chi Sun also took part and tested her tastes with pop and soy sauce before opening a bottle of champagne.

With a new junior on board, has Rabee'a been giving her tips? She smiles: "She is okay, because she used to be a DJ, so she has good wit. Although she was a little nervous, she has no problems remembering her lines and performing." It has been almost a year since Rabee'a started hosting this show and sometimes she has to go out on location, for example, she went to Shanghai earlier and her co-host Lai Nga went to France. She says: "Hosting this show has allowed me to meet many people and through this I have picked up many other hosting jobs, so I am pleased to continue on this show long term."


[Ta Kung Pao 09/11/06]

Ada Choi Supports Charmaine for Best Actress

Ada Choi was in America's Los Angeles earlier to do a gospel show and then she went to Xian to receive an award for services to fashion together with Jeff Chang and Carrie Ng. Talking about winning this award, Ada believes that she has always demanded quality from herslf so she will change her image to match each occasion. Take acting for example, her character Chiu Yuk in "The Dance of Passion" was a strong person, whereas her role in "Where the Legend Begins" was more elegant and in "To Catch the Uncatchable", her character was a bit crazy.

Talking of her entering the top five for the TVB Best Actress awards with Chiu Yuk, Ada says she is very happy because last year, "To Catch" was very popular, but this did not take her into the top five. Asked if she longs to win the award, she says of course she does, but if she doesn't win, she will still be happy because to get into the top five means she is being recognised. As for this year's favourites being Charmaine Sheh and Myolie Wu, Ada admits that she hopes for Charmaine to win because they have worked together in "The Dance of Passion".


[Ta Kung Pao 09/11/06]

Carol Cheng: Leave the Awards to the Newcomers

TVB's Anniversary Awards Ceremony will be held tomorrow evening and yesterday, one of the hosts Carol Cheng joined some of the other artistes including Fala Chen, Kenny Wong and Kenneth Ma at the blessing ceremony yesterday. The event each year is a time for the artistes to appear in their finest and Carol's two outfits for the evening are sponsored by Armani. For the main Anniversary Extravaganza next week, a designer friend has made two gowns especialy for her, one will be red and the other is to be decided. For jewellery, Carol has been to try them on and she describes them as 'a big set', but she has not worked out how much they are worth.

Carol has been nominated for an award this year for 'Best Host' with her quiz show "Justice for All", does she want to win an award? She says there is no need, because she won this last year and in the past she has won the Best Actress award, so she is not greedy and does not need to win again and she will leave the awards to the newcomers. She feels that Sammy Leung's performance is quite good. As for the Best Actor and Actress awards, she says she has not watched any series, but she knows that the compeition is quite tough between Charmaine Sheh and Myolie Wu, so she thinks that the winner will be one of them. As for the actors, she favours Adam Cheng and Joe Ma because they are tall and can carry the male leads.

Before the anniversary awards on Friday, the sales presentation will be held and Carol will be hosting both shows. She smiles: "If Lydia [Shum] could take part, it would be good because she could help me out." As for the news that Lydia has been discharged and is resting at home, Carol is very happy for her and hopes that she will get some good rest. She says she has emailed Lydia and sent her some flowers to wish her well. As for Lydia having lost some weight, Carol says: "Of course, after such a big operation. I hope she will be healthy after her recovery and there will be no further problems with her health. (You have always eaten healthily, will you be passing on some tips to Lydia?) Not everyone can accept this and it is similar to the life of nuns and monks. I started to eat plainly when I was thirty and cutting out smoking and drinking, rising early and sleeping early and staying positive, so I will not be affected by reports and not ready the trashy magazines."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 09/11/06]

Fala Chan Denies Having Rich Date - Kenny Wong Confident of an Award

A gossip magazine has reported that Fala Chen has found herself a rich boyfriend and moved into his mansion on Beacon Hill. Taking part in the TVB Anniversary blessing ceremony yesterday, she was asked about this and she calmly denies this: "The apartment in Tseung Kwan O where I am currently living is paid for by the company and near to work. My housemates are Vivien Yeo and Leanne Li and we all look out for each other, so why would I not live there? (Have you been to Beacon Hill?) I have been there to visit friends. (Is your friend that rich heir?) I don't have the right to talk about other people's private affairs and I don't often go there and have never stayed overnight there." As for when she would move, she laughs that she will talk about this when she earns enough money. She is still a newcomer, so even if she earns money, she does not have to buy property or cars. She just wants to film more series and have her own representative work - this is the main reason for her to come and work in Hong Kong.

With his nomination for "Best Supporting Actor", Kenny Wong posed with this award at the event and asked if it is heavy, he smiles: "It is quite heavy and has some weight to it. (Are you confident of winning?) Of course I am confident, otherwise I would not do justice to those who nominated me. I will not think too much about it and just face it calmly. If you win an award, you still have to carry on working, so even if I don't win, it doesn't matter, I will still keep working hard. (Who do you think will win?) Wayne Lai has been popular this year."


[Ta Kung Pao 09/11/06]

Claire Yiu Depends on Phone to Make Wedding Arrangements

Claire Yiu, Gia Lam, Selena Li, Sharon Luk, Elanne Kong, Yoyo Chan and twins Mona and Lisa took part in the launch of a 'Smart Dressing System' at a fashion outlet.

This Saturday is Claire's wedding day, but she was still working yesterday. She smiles that she has never been so fulfilled before in her life, because she has had something to do every day and she has had to make most of her wedding arrangements on the phone, leaving her rather hoarse. She indicates that the seating plan at her wedding banquet is giving her a headache because she could not invite too many people and is apologetic to those who have not been invited. She feels that organising a wedding is like organising an event and today she will be resting, going to a spa and having dinner with her family.


[The Sun 09/11/06]

Moses and Bernice Sweetly Attend Gucci Event Together

Bernice Liu and Moses Chan arrived at the Gucci 07 Spring Summer Collection Party earlier arm in arm and flanked by two TVB executives. With her sponsorship by Gucci for her outfits, Bernice seemed to get on well with Gucci executive Francois-Henri Pinault and they chatted together happily and posed for photographs. He also invited her to attend the Gucci event in Macau next year.

Bernice was accompanied throughout the evening by rumoured boyfriend Moses and also TVB executives Stephen Chan and Virginia Lok. Moses seemed a little awkward when it was suggested that they were working together as a couple, but Bernice laughs: "We are not a couple, just a partnership! Mr Chan and Ms Lok were here too." Bernice has not been nominated for any awards in this year's TVB Anniversary, so she seems rather relaxed. However, Moses has been nominated for the 'Best Actor' award and Bernice admits openly that she has voted for him because she feels he has a good chance of winning. she says: "It doesn't matter if he wins or not, I am confident in him though."

With the support of rumoured girlfriend Bernice, Moses was extremely pleased and although he has not been announced in the top five, he is still very confident in winning an award. When asked if he felt awkward about arriving with Bernice, Moses says defensively: "No, I just felt a bit odd wearing my cap."


[The Sun 09/11/06]

Chloe Nguyen Dropped from 'Deal or No Deal' Thanks to Matt Yeung

Former Miss Hong Kong contestant Chloe Nguyen was selected as one of the hostesses for high profile game show "Deal or No Deal", but after being photographed clubbing with the currently frozen artiste Matt Yeung, she is reported to have been dropped from the show after just two episodes, for spoiling her image. Matt was very apologetic for this and said: "I feel that I have brought her down and if I had not gone drinking with her, then maybe this would not have affected her image."

The producer of "Deal or No Deal" Lam Ka Wing admitted that Chloe's work has been rearranged and she is no longer on the show. As for whether this was due to the reports about her and Matt, he just explained that she is required to work on a drama.


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