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[Ta Kung Pao 08/11/06]

TVB Grown Men do a Girly Dance

Matthew Ko, Kenneth Ma, Lai Lok Yi, Louis Yuen, Charles Szeto and Tang Chi Fung were rehearsing for their act for TVB's Anniversary, which is entitled "Male Beauties Dance Troupe". On the night, they will all be dressing up as women for the dance, but seeing them in rehearsals yesterday, their actions seemed to lack the fluidity of a lady and when Kenneth and Charles did a 'bottom touching' move, they ended up playing a game of 'bum rubbing' instead!

Afterwards, Charles laughed: "I know Kenneth quite well and we were just joking. (What thoughts do you have about dressing up as a woman?) This is my first time dressing as a lady and I will have to wear three inch heels and a skirt. I will ask for advice from some females in the hope of picking up the right expressions." Also cross-dressing for the first time, Matthew says that they are all very serious about this acting and if need be, they will even shave their legs. As for whether they will have fake breasts, he says he is not sure.


[Ta Kung Pao 08/11/06]

Moses Chan Looks Good in a Kilt

Moses Chan wore a kilt for the first time yesterday when he joined Claire Yiu at a whisky promotional event for The Glenlivet. He was presented with the first bottle of 1969 Single Malt Scotch to reach Asia and was the first person in Asia to taste it. When he received the bottle, he lifted it up and even Claire joked he looks like he has won an award. However, he has not been named in the top five for the TVB Anniversary Best Actor awards that will be presented on Friday, he is still confident in himself though.

Moses says: "I will tell my fans to keep voting, the most impor ant thing is to have confidence in myself. (Bowie has been in the lead though?) He has always been the big brother, but I hope that everyone will vote for me. (If you win the award, who would you like to thank?) I would thank my friends in the media for their support, thank my mother for giving birth to me... I have been planning this for half a year, but when I get onto the stage, I will probably forget everything because I am too nervous." As for wearing a kilt for the first time, he laughs that it is a little 'chilly down under'. Asked if he has worn shorts underneath, he smiles: "No, I will follow the standard tradition and just wear underpants underneath." He feels that he looks quite good in this outfit, so he may wear it for the anniversary. When it was mentioned that Andy Lau has already appeared in this look, he sighs: "Oh, I have lost out." Moses rarely drinks usually, but he will not be giving away his bottle to anyone. He will keep it to treasure for himself because there are only 30 bottles in Hong Kong, so it is extremely precious.

Claire says that her fiance Thomas Lam loves to try different alcoholic drinks, so she will give her bottle to him. She smiles: "That can be my wedding gift to him!" After yesterday's event, she will be putting all her attentions to preparing for her wedding on Saturday. She says she is very nervous and she has been continuously calling her friends to see if they will be attending, so her voice has become rather strained and she is worried she will not be able to make her vows on the day.


[Ta Kung Pao 08/11/06]

TVB's "Scoop" continued airing its exclusive interview with Lydia Shum yesterday in a seven minute clip where Lydia thanked the staff and doctors at Queen Mary Hospital for looking after her so well and spoke about the Indonesian maid incident as well as revealing that at one point, she didn't even recognise her daughter Joyce.

Lydia was quite irate when she spoke about the maid and she pointed vigorously as she said: "Of course I was unhappy when I knew I had been photographed! She had no respect for the regulations of the hospitals authority because as well as me, there were also many vulnerable patients in Intensive Care and lives are at risk here. Her motives were despicable, so what if you photographed me? Only the uncultured would do such a thing." Lydia also recalls the situation when the maid entered her room, she was awake and when the nurse said to her: "Lydia, your Filipino maid is on her day off, this is a replacement.", this made Lydia very suspicious because there was no focus in the maid's eyes. Lydia says: "If she knew me, she would have come over to my bed and said hello, but she didn't and I saw her with a backpack and a small bag on her shoulder that had something turning on it. I thought she was here to take photographs and there was a small camera in her bag, so I called out to the nurse to stop her, saying 'I don't know her' and asking 'who are you?'. She ignored me, so I said: 'bring your camera out', but she continued to ignore me, so I called the police. They found her camera and it was working, so she could not get away." As for the maid being sentenced to four weeks in jail, Lydia feels that if you break the law, then you must face the circumstances. She also respects the punishment given by the courts and says: "You cannot let her off without punishment, otherwise there would be no law in society. Although I am an artiste, they still have to respect my privacy. Take today, I have no make up on for this interview, but I have still brushed my hair and put on some lipstick. Why do you have to photograph me looking pale and terrible? What is the point? I really don't understand." Talking about this made Lydia rather heated.

Aside from this, Lydia also indicated that her daughter Joyce was often by her side in hospital and although she did not cry in front of her, the doctors told Lydia that whenever Joyce left, she would hide away and cry. At this point, Lydia's voice was quaking with emotion. She syas: "I was so touched, she is just 19 and I don't know what she would do if anything was to happen to me. So when the doctors told me I had a tumour, I did not cry at all and said to the doctor that I will pass my body over to him to do whatever he can to keep me alive, because I have a nineteen year old daughter. You have to stay positive and you will survive and I have passed this hurdle now." Lydia also tells of when she was at her most critical, she did not even recognise Joyce. As she was not aware of the situation, she waved to Joyce to tell the story and Joyce said that she went up to the bed to say: "Mom, do you know who I am? I am your daughter and I really miss you. Get better soon!" After saying this, Joyce started to cry and Lydia looked at her with a puzzled look and stroking her hand, said: "Don't cry, your mother will come back soon.", showing that she really didn't recognise her own daughter. Before the camera, Lydia turned to Joyce gently and said: "I recognise you now and am better! I am better now." After this, Lydia and Joyce shared a hug. At the end of the interview, Lydia thanked everyone again, saying: "Without everyone's support and care, I would never have survived such a big step."


[The Sun 08/11/06]

Close Encounters with a Foreign Passer-by for Niki Chow

Niki Chow, Kevin Cheng and Bosco Wong were filming in Central for new series "The Most Beautiful Seventh Day" yesterday in a scene that tells of Kevin seeing Niki having her bag snatched, so he plays the hero to help her. Niki reveals that her alertness in real life is rather low and she often loses things: "Fortunately I have never been mugged out in the open, but after entering the industry, the paparazzi have raised my awareness of my surroundings." Just as she said this, a South Asian man suddenly flew out at her and said something close to her ear, scaring her so much she turned pale. Afterwards she played the strong woman though and said: "There were so many people there, so there was nothing to be afraid of. I don't know what he said, I just felt breath near my ear, but he did not touch me." When Kevin found out that Niki had been hassled, he laughed and said that he needs to find out what he said before he comments.


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