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[Ta Kung Pao 04/11/06]

Joey Yung feels Reporting Techniques Need to be Reviewed

Joey Yung, Eason Chan and Hacken Lee were rehearsing for 'Play the Piano - Dance the Dance' act for the "Jade Singers Celebrate TVB Anniversary" show and Joey will be playing on a giant piano keyboard by dancing on the keys. Asked if this was difficult, she says that she has rehearsed it for three or four days now and she can handle it. She also says that this act will be very entertaining and started to pull in the votes for it.

As well as this act, the female singers outfits will be the focus of the night and asked if she has prepared her outfit yet, Joey says that her stylist found her an outfit that was a size 40, so it does not fit her. She will be heading out to buy herself an outfit after the rehearsal. When asked for a photograph by the press, Joey lay on the keyboard stage and Eason laughed: "You look like the Monkey King!". Joey immediately responded by calling him the son of the devil.

As Joey and Gillian Chung won a large amout of money on an earlier episode of quiz show "15/16", she was asked what they would use the money. Joey says that after the anniversary show, they would go out for a meal and also donate some of the money to a children's charity. With the attention placed on Gillian's earlier incident with Next Media, the company's president Jimmy Lai has expressed in an interview with TVB executive Stephen Chan, his utmost apologies for his staff's actions and made an agreement to hand over the films and to review the methods used by the press during reporting. Joey says that this is the least they can do and she feels that this matter should be addressed formally. She feels that to exist in this industry, there will be mistakes, but this should spark improvements and she hopes that there will be no more people hurt by this in the future.

Eason indicates that he would like his daughter Constance to learn music, because he feels the music can help harmonise people and he adds that she likes to listen to his songs once in a while. Eason also says that he would like to learn to dance. After saying the wrong thing in an earlier interview, he decided not to say too much time time and be a good boy to end the year on because he does not want to create more work for his colleagues.


[Ta Kung Pao 04/11/06]

Miriam's Idol is Andy Lau

Miriam Yeung, Leo Ku, Jade Kwan, Patrick Tang, Ella Koon and Hins Cheung were rehearsing yesterday for a Cantonese Opera piece for the "Jade Singers Celebrate TVB Anniversary" show, where Ella and Hins will be reversing roles and playing the opposite gender roles. For pop singers to sing opera is no easy feat and Miriam says she has been learning from a teacher for three days and she feels that the teacher has the patience of a saint because teaching her is not easy either.

The preparations for the performance are almost complete now and the biggest headache for Miriam now is whether to appear in the opening because it takes two hours to do the complete make-up and if she does the opening number, then she will not have time and she does not want to have any imperfections. Will she breathe a sigh of relief after the anniversary show? She says that she does not have time to relax just yet because she still has to record and laughs that she has become 'Yeung Wah' because she has taken Andy Lau [Lau Wah] as her idol as she wants to be like him.

The attacker who assaulted Ella on stage earlier admitted guilty charges yesterday in a Tuen Mun court and sentencing will take place on 17th. Asked about this, Ella says she did not know he had pleaded guilty. As for whether she felt appeased by this, she says she does not know and she will find out from her company.


[Ta Kung Pao 04/11/06]

Shirley Yeung Disappoints Lee Ka Ding

Shirley Yeung attended a promotional event yesterday for a Canadian Skincare brand and as well as opening the shop, she also celebrated the fourth anniversary for the brand by decorating a birthday cake and singing a birthday song. After the hugging and kissing incident, Shirley met with another group of foreign executives, but she said she was not worried about a repeat. She says: "There is no shadow and it was very happy and warm. I can earn money and be happy for their anniversary, so I chose this pretty red dress. The cut is not too low, so I don't need to do any special preparation."

There have been reports that she has suffered depression after the last incident and this has left her missing periods. Shirley denies this, saying: "There is no such thing, I am just suffering from a little acne because I have not had enough sleep and I am eating at odd times. After filming has finished, I will look after my skin a little more." As for the reports that future father-in-law Lee Ka Ding did not actually sue the previous executive, she says she has spoken to him about this and he was very calm about it all.

To celebrate Master Lee's 60th birthday, Shirley says that they will hold a party on his Lunar birthday and give him a surprise. However, Master Lee has expressed a wish to have grandchildren, but on hearing this, Shirley immediately pushed the responsibility back onto her boyfriend Gregory Lee's twin brother Lee Wing Hon: "Tell Wing Hon to work harder. Although he is still single, there are plenty of chances." Asked when it will be her turn, she says: "There is still a long time. I love acting, so I will not consider marriage for a while yet."

In the internet poll for the Disney Princesses currently being held for the Disney Princess celebration this month, Shirley is leading the votes for the Little Mermaid Ariel she says she knows that Ariel has long hair and a wide smile. She does love swimming, but she says that the choices should be made on her personality too. She compares herself to Cinderella because when she was at school, her parents would not allow her to stay out past midnight and she also has her own ambitions in the same way as Cinderella. So is Gregory her Prince Charming? "I don't know, I like the glass slippers but he has not given them to me. He has given me other presents though."


[Ta Kung Pao 04/11/06]

Toby Leung Loses the Casual Look

Toby Leung was invited as a guest for the opening of the first Evita Peroni concept store yesterday. She smiles that she has always sported a casual look before entering the industry and has always put simplicity and comfort first, but since entering showbiz, she has needed to start paying attention to her outfits and accessories. Toby feels that the right accessories can help to bring out your tastes and promote yourself. She is very happy to be a guest at this event because she has noticed this label when she has been abroad and with a store in Hong Kong, she will be a regular customer.

Toby also reveals that she is quite forgetful and is always losing her accessories, so she will always buy more when she cannot find them. This means she has things all over the house and is often scolded for this by her mother.


[Ta Kung Pao 04/11/06]

Nat Chan refuses to talk about Anita Mui

Nat Chan was interviewed yesterday for Stephen Chan's chat show "Be My Guest" and as usual Stephen had prepared some gifts for his guest. The first was a pair of his'n'hers golfing tops for Nat to wear with his wife when they play. The other gift was a little horse toy, which Stephen used to demonstrate the winner's parade with. Nat was quick to sing the praises of TVB, saying: "It is rare to be like TVB being a winner for 39 years. I am a true son of TVB and different from Hacken who is a godson." Stephen joined in and said: "So I am afraid of you and not afraid fo Hacken." Afterwards, Nat also volunteered to sing a Cantonese Opera piece with Stephen at the next Tung Wah charity event.

Nat feels that for Stephen to take time out from his serious managerial job to host this show for pay vision is very admirable as this is an uphill struggle against Cable as they have thirteen years experience in the sector. He also believes that there will be some pressure on Stephen to interview him because he is always interviewing other people himself. As for Eric Tsang being brought to tears by Stephen in a past episode, Nat says that Eric does have a sensitive side and the question must have hit a nerve for him to cry. He says he is more sensible, but he does not rule out crying in the show!

Asked what questions he is not allowed to ask, Nat says he has nothing to hide and if the question is about someone he knows nothing about, he will be honest and talk about it. However, if it is about his good friends, then he will protect them and their privacy and give a crafty answer, but he will not refuse to answer. He says: "If he asks about Anita Mui, then I will not speak because she has already departed us and I must respect people I have worked with. In truth, the things I have dealt with for her have paid dividends so people tend to leave me alone."

Asked if he has been to visit Lydia Shum, Nat says: "It is not advisable to disturb her at this time, but I did meet Joyce [Cheng] at an opening in Vancouver earlier and told her to contact me if she has anything she needs. She has not called upon me, so she should be okay." As for the news that the maid has been sentenced to four weeks in prison, Nat says: "This is down to the methods used by the press and whether she was sent in or not is known by everyone, there will always be scapegoats." Nat also says he is looking forward to the interview with Jimmy Lai to see whether he is truly changing his ways to fit his conscience. As for Mr Lai's comments that the paparazzi do not need to take responsibility for their actions, Nat says: "This is a legal loopholem, but the question is whether they can pass their own ethics and morals."

Stephen adds that the reason why Nat is always calling himself smart is because he has met with many failures in his lifetime and even his company facing bankruptcy, but he has learned from all these experiences and he hopes that through this interview, he can help to pass on this intelligence to the viewers. Also there are also a lot of rumours surrounding Nat and Stephen would like to know whether Nat and his wife have actually registered their marriage yet.


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[Extracted from Wen Wei Po 04/11/06]

Lydia Shum Writes to Thank her Supporters

Lydia Shum's health has been a hot topic recently and a note of thanks written by Lydia was posted on daughter Joyce Cheng's blog yesterday, thanking the over 5000 people who had left her words of encouragement and proving that her health is improving. Joyce also added that the doctors have told Lydia that she can go home to continue her rest next week.

The blog post was entitled "Thanks from my mother" and tells of how happy she is that her mother is on the road to recovery and how Lydia expressed a wish to thank all the people who have wished her well. [You can read the blog entry here: http://blog.sina.com.cn/m/zhengxinyi - the majority of it is in English.]

The note from Lydia reads:
"To all my friends, I hope you are well: I have some good news to announce that I will soon be leaving hospital. Thank you to everyone once again, for all your love and support during the time I have been ill. Thank you!"


[Wen Wei Po 04/11/06]

Kate Tsui Dispels Rumours with Chin Ka Lok

There have been reports that "Sexy Miss Hong Kong" Kate Tsui has become linked romantically with Chin Ka Lok after filming with him during his split with girlfriend Lee San San and flirting with him on set. Other reports have suggested that Ka Lok also introduced her to Eric Tsang in the hope of giving her more work opportunities.

In a radio interview yesterday with Cha Siu Yan, Kate denied these rumours and said: "I do not know Chin Ka Lok very well at all and I just find him quite witty and humorous. (Did you get a lift with him after work and do you go to his home all the time?) I really don't remember being in his car. I really don't know him very well and we don't have very much to talk about, so we are usually just part of a group." Asked what she does talk to him about, Kate says that there is nothing special, just general conversation. Asked if the rumours have affected her, she replies: "I hope that the viewers and readers will not take it as the truth after seeing this."


[The Sun 04/11/06]

Vivien Yeo Poses with Semi-Nude Male Model

Vivien Yeo modelled at a jewellery fashion show earlier in a nightclub and she left her 'good girl' image at home as she took part in some steamy performances on the stage with a semi-naked male model and a panther girl. She said excitedly afterwards: "I am so high!" With a chance to party late as well as combine work with leisure, Vivien took this opportunity to have some fun. Asked if she was drinking, she smiles: "It depends if the man buying the drink is handsome or not! (Have you taken precautions for this disco show?) I have tape all around my dress and there are plenty of security staff and crew to protect me. Although the people are quite frenzied, they just want to shake my hand."


[The Sun 04/11/06]

Matt Yeung denies dating Chloe Nguyen

There have been reported sightings of Matt Yeung on a date with unsuccessful Miss Hong Kong contestant Chloe Nguyen in Causeway Bay recently, but responding to this in an event yesterday, Matt denied everything: "We were not dating, she was my classmate from the TVB artiste class. That night, we went to Mr Hong Kong Otto Chan's birthday party and then she wanted to the bank to get some money. My arm movements were pointing out to her where the bank was. I hope that people will not make stories up from the photographs." Chloe also denies dating Matt, but asked why she was holding hands with him, she stuttered and said she would respond next time.


[The Sun 04/11/06]

Halina Tam Gains Weight to Look Sexy

After dieting and slimming to just over 90 lbs, Halina Tam has now regained her curves a little and signed a six-figure deal for a slimming ad. In a recent shoot, she posed for many sexy bikini shots and asked if she is less convincing if she is too skinny, she says: "I got into trouble before because I was dieting irresponsibly, so I had to get help from these slimming companies to help me put weight back on and regain my figure." Halina indicates that when she was overly skinny, she daren't even wear a little top and she has only found her confidence again after putting some weight back on: "I have the courage to wear some skimpy clothing now and people pay more attention to me when I go out."


[The Sun 04/11/06]

Sonija Kwok Pays Six-figure Tax Bill

Single lady Sonija Kwok has been enlightened by Eric Tsang, who has reminded her that women don't need to have a man to support her and she says that women need to build up their own resources, so even faced with a six-figure tax bill, this is not a problem at all.

Sonija took part in an event for a fashion event hosted by champagne brand Moet & Chandon earlier, celebrating the work of five asian designers. In response to Charmaine's earlier declaration that she faces a seven-figure tax bill this year, Sonija says: "I have had a few more ads recently, so I also have quite a painful amount to pay that is six-figures, but this is only because I have been working so hard. Fortunately I have a saving habit, so I don't need to take a loan to pay my tax bill. One year I forgot to pay my second instalment and was fined several tens of thousands."

Asked if she is saving up to start a family, she smiles that she has not found a boyfriend yet: "There are no opportunties and no time. Those with the right credentials are rare and being single is quite happy. Eric Tsang reminded me that women just need to be beautiful, so for me this is the most important thing." She also reveals that her friends have introduced her to people outside the industry. Asked if this friend was Joe Ma, she immediately denied this with a smile and said that she has become friends with this person outside the industry.


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