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[Ta Kung Pao 03/11/06]

Sunny Chan and Louisa So at Blessing Ceremony for 'Prison Inferno'

Sunny Chan, Louisa So and Krystal Tin took part in the blessing ceremony yesterday for TVB's new series "Prison Inferno". Afterwards, Sunny officially announced that he will become a father next year as his wife Ada To is four months pregnant with the baby due in April or May next year. He has therefore prepared Mothers Day presents for his mother and his wife.

Sunny has been married for two years and he says that he was worried about divorce to start with, so they did not try for a baby straight away. After two years, things have settled down and they decided it was time to start a family. After his wife fell pregnant, he has taken some time out to spend with her and he will sing and tell jokes to make her and the baby happy. As Sunny has helped bring up his sister from an early age, he is already very accustomed to looking after children, so he has planned to look after the baby himself. He says happily: "I now have a true feeling of being a man. (Would you like to have a boy or a girl?) I don't mind, but as my wife prefers a boy, then I will prefer a girl."

This new series will be based in a 1930's background and Louisa will be playing a villain for the first time, who will have to commit murder and has her appearance ruined before being killed. She says: "This series will centre around a prison and has the feeling of American series 'Prison Break'. (Will there be a feeling of copying this series?) They can't copy really, the backdrops are completely different." Louisa will be working with Krystal for the first time and already has a good first impression, praising her for her dedication to her acting and saying that they get on very well together.

For Krystal, who has just joined the TVB family, she says that the directors and the other cast members, especially Louisa, have been looking after her well. She has adapted to her new environment well, but she has not filmed a series for four years now, so she will find it hard work. She says: "I finally get to see how TVB join up their location shots to their studio scenes and TVB artistes are all very talented. I am getting older now, so I am finding it hard to keep up and as I have a lot of crying scenes in this series, sometimes I am so tired that I cannot cry out and this puts me under some pressure. (Will you sound off at your husband [Chapman To]?) Yes, but only the happy things because this is a very good script that has dramatic potential and I love acting."


[Ta Kung Pao 03/11/06]

Leanne Li's Birthday Wish for More Work

Leanne Li, Lee Ka Ding, Mannor Chan and Lau Dan took part in TVB's November Birthday Stars celebration yesterday and with her birthday on the 25th, Leanne says she does not know if she will be working on that day, but her fans have planned to hold a birthday party for her and her aunt will be celebrating with a meal for her. Her parents will not be visiting until Christmas time.

Asked what her birthday wish is, Leanne says she hopes that she will get more and more work this year and her performance will keep improving. Asked if she hopes to find a boyfriend, she says she does not need to because she is a very attentive person and if she were to start dating, then she would put her heart into it and it would affect her work, so she is putting her career first. Talking of her housemate Fala Chen having a boyfriend,she asks: "Really? I have asked her but she says she hasn't. (There have been pictures of her shopping with her boyfriend and driving his car?) Going shopping with a man is very normal overseas, I don't think there is anything there."

Shirley Yeung was hugged and kissed by a foreigner at an earlier promotional event and there were reports that future father-in-law Lee Ka Ding had threatened to sue the man in question. Asked how the legal proceedings were going, Lee immediately denied this and says that some reporters had shown him the pictures, but he did not comment and the reports were made up by the press. He says: "I have been framed this time, but as I have got older, my temper has become a lot milder." Master Lee is 60 years old this year, but he does not know exactly when his birthday is because when he came to Hong Kong from the mainland, his birthday was just a random date. Asked if he will have a birthday banquet, he says: "No, I don't want to be accused of being greedy for gifts. (Would you like grandchildren?) If I said I didn't, I would be lying, but I understand that in this day and age, bringing up a child is hard and fortunately I have two very good sons."


[Ta Kung Pao 03/11/06]

Angela Tong to Emulate Jolin Tsai on Stage

Angela Tong and Alex Fong took part in a fire prevention and safety event as 'Fire Prevention Stars' yesterday and shared their advice on preventing fires. The guest star at the event was Jade Kwan. Angela indicated that once she nearly caused a fire when she was making soup and she hopes that people will not follow this example. She says: "My family and I often forget to turn off the heat, so we have fitted smoke alarms." She says that the fire awareness message in Hong Kong is not as strong as it is in Canada and sometimes people will ignore fire alarms, whereas in Canada people will always respond and leave the building. She once went into the street in her nightclothes from the 20th floor in quite a memorable event. She will soon be taking part in the Sales Presentation event for TVB for prospective sponsors and she will be emulating Jolin Tsai by doing a Yoga Dance on the stage, so she is busy slimming down as she hopes to lose 3 lbs so she can look at her fittest.

Alex responded to the news of the ending of good friend Gillian Chung's case about the secret filming and he feels the most important thing is the feelings of the victim. With Gillian praising him for being a gentleman, he smiles: "She is a good friend. You need to have a good understanding to be friends, otherwise you will meet a lot of bad people. We are good friends anyway." Having just recovered from illness, Jade will soon be performing some Cantonese opera in the "Jade Singers Celebrate TVB Anniversary" show and she is worried that she will need to have an injection to help her on the night. Asked if she is looking for the remedy of love, she smiles that friends have invited her to a singles party, but she has declined. She does have people courting her, but they are not suitable.


[Wen Wei Po & The Sun 03/11/06]

Liza Wang Soldiers on Despite Illness

The four shows of "Golden Songs of Our Century" kicked off on Wednesday evening with a star-studded line-up including Liza Wang, Adam Cheng, Frances Yip, Suzanna Kwan, Ng Wai Kwok, Dave Wang, Annabel Lui, Fen Nei, Ron Ng, Raymond Lam and Kevin Cheng. Special guest stars on the night were Miriam Yeung and Vincy. Liza was suffering from flu, but battled on despite singing a little out of tune and off key, showing her professionalism and dedication to her work, winning the praises of all and the applause from the audience.

Relative newcomers to the stage Ron and Raymond's standards were far inferior to the veterans and as they performed their song and dance routine, the background music seemed to drown their voices or they were singing too quietly to be heard. Raymond's cap and top outfit was reminiscent of Korean star Rain and he even copied the part of his act where he took his jacket off. Raymond denies imitating Rain, explaining that he was too hot in the jacket and had to take it off.

Originally, Liza had been arranged to sing three songs and then join Adam in a rendition of "Jee Chai Han", but in the end this was reduced to just one song of "Man Shui Chin Shan Jung Si Ching" instead because of her illness. When she came onto stage, she said: "I hope you are all well, I am not so good. I hope you will forgive me as I have had a bad cold for five days now. Flu is spreading now, so everyone should be careful. My performance will not be up to scratch tonight, I am very sorry!" The audience joined in applause to support her and she tried her best in her performance, but it was not a good one and even she commented afterwards: "Haha, it was terrible!" After her song, she apologised again for just singing one song and promised to sing more in the future.

Fen Nei performed her classic song "Mui Dong Bin Wan Si" as well as some opera and suddenly burst into tears on the stage. Afterwards, she explained that seeing so many fans supporting her, she was very touched and it made her think of her parents.

Adam appeared dressed in a pirate look and as well as singing, he had Kate Tsui as his dance partner. However, maybe the presence of his wife Koon Ching Wah put him a little on edge as he seemed rather reserved during the routine, leaving a noticeable gap between him and Kate. Afterwards he smiles and denies avoiding Kate and says that there was contact between them, so his wife was watching him closely. He then went on to ask the press if they had photographed him close to Kate. When the reporters said they had, he became worried about his wife nagging him later. He then explained that his wife was there to see the atmosphere and also to see whether his dance was steamy enough and if it was not, then she would tell him to make it steamier!

Asked to comment on the news that the maid caught photographing Lydia Shum in hospital has been sentenced to four weeks in prison, Adam says that this person was probably used by someone else and was just overcome by greed, so four weeks is a sufficient penalty.

After the show, the performers cracked open the champagne backstage and when Raymond opened the bottle, he turned the bottle towards Fen Nei and sprayed her from head to toe with champagne. A rather embarrassed Raymond helped her to wipe it off, but avoided her sensitive regions. After the show, Liza immediately returned home to rest. When TVB executive Virginia Lok was asked whether Liza would be in the next three shows, she indicated that she has not received notice from Liza of withdrawl and praised her for her professionalism.


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