Thursday, November 23, 2006

[The Sun 24/11/06]

Sheren Points out Michael is No Romantic

Sheren Tang has been working opposite Michael Miu in new series "The Drive of Life", where she plays his wife and they were filming on location at a designer showroom earlier. The scene tells of Sheren shopping for an outfit to go to her father's birthday banquet, but she could not make up her mind and in the end, her husband has to intervene with some soothing words to help her, making her so happy that the two of them start to dance romantically in the store.

However, the shoot was not quite so idyllic as Michael had a string of NG's (outtakes) and even Sheren could not hold back on remarking: "You must not cheer up your wife very much! Don't keep it all in, show us some of that suaveness that you use to attract the ladies!" Sheren says her role has to especially loving with Michael in the show, but she does not yearn for romance or dating in real life: "If it is someone not so good, then I don't need him, thanks! I am working non-stop, so I don't have time to think about these things, leave everything to fate and what God has arranged for us."

Michael, who claims never to have chatted up a lady, he says that he is always the one being led: "Often it is the girls who come and talk to me and I am very impatient, so I have a fear of going shopping. I don't go with my wife and I only go to buy my own things once or twice a year, buying everything I need for the year. I buy what I see and I will waste time to choose." However, Michael reveals that his good friend Eric Tsang is very vain and picky. "Eric takes longer than women to choose clothes and even when he goes to the supermarket to buy something it will take him a long time to choose."


[The Sun 24/11/06]

Nancy Wu Doesn't Need a Replacement for Love

Nancy Wu played Lawrence Ng's girlfriend in recent series "At Home with Love" and her character was still very dependent on her boyfriend even after they split up. However in real life, Nancy has been living independently following her split from ex-boyfriend Deep Ng and has not maintained any ties with him. She says frankly: "I am not someone who puts love and romance before everything else and I will never find another boyfriend as a 'lifebelt'. I am quite independent and I feel that love is more like a 'dessert' to the main course, which is my career." After her break up, Nancy has gone on to film for "Welcome to the House" and new series "Prison Inferno", getting stuck into her work.

After several years in the industry, Nancy was finally nominated this year for the Most Improved Female Artiste and Best Supporting Actress awards at the TVB anniversary this year and she says: "For a show to be aired is already satisfying, so I had not thought about the awards. I hope that in the future, my roles will allow me to express myself even more and this will give me the confident to win an award. (Are you disappointed at not winning?) Maybe my performance is not yet worthy of an award, so I will carry on working hard in the hope that one day my acting will be widely accepted."


[The Sun 24/11/06]

Leanne Li's Double Mask gives the Wrong Result

Leanne Li modelled for a website photoshoot earlier to be their 'November Beauty' and in order to look her best, she did a double mask on the night before, but this had a negative effect on her skin and she ended up with two spots on her face instead. She smiles: "I was being greedy and thought that if I used two masks, the results would be even better, but the over-moisturising left me like this."

Leanne reveals that her fee for this shoot is a six-figure sum and she is very pleased. She likes to go shopping online, but she will not make friends online. She says: "I will not chat with strangers on the internet because meeting people like this is quite dangerous. Usually I only talk to friend and family on MSN."


[Ta Kung Pao 24/11/06]

Fiona Yuen and MHK winners at Awards Ceremony

Fiona Yuen joined the three winners of this year's Miss Hong Kong Pageant Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui at a beauty products awards ceremony held by a magazine. Asked if she likes premium brands, Fiona says that it is not a necessity and she will lend her support to many new labels. Has she ever been caught out when she tries a new product? She says that she has never had any problems with skin sensitivity, but her brother has a lot of allergies. Fiona has been filming a series of Christmas ads for a cake shop recently and talking of Christmas, she says that her family have come to Hong Kong from Germany to visit her, so she will be spending the festival with her family. Did she spend last Christmas with her boyfriend? She says she does not want to talk about this as she has not found anyone yet this year and she is in no rush to start dating. She smiles that her friends have been introducing her to men, but she feels that as there are not enough 'premium brands' available, she is prepared to give the others a try, but it has to be one she can get along with.

Aimee prefers design to the label and the most important thing is to look good. Koni smiles that she if sees something that she likes, then she will buy it within ten minutes. Aimee smiles that if she knows what she wants, then she will just buy it because she is too busy all the time. She also smiles that she likes mixing things, when the press asked her if she likes 'mixing' with men, she smiles that this is not what she means and clarifies that she was referring to her clothes. So does she like mixed race men? She says that she has to have a feeling for the man and she likes men who are talented.


[Ta Kung Pao 24/11/06]

Tracy Ip and Matthew Ko at Rugby 7s Promo

The Hong Kong International Sevens Rugby Tournaments have been aired live on TVB Pearl for three years and a press event was held to announce that next year's event will be held in March and TVB's coverage plans. TVB artistes Matthew Ko, Tracy Ip, Kenny Wong and Sharon Luk attended and gave a demonstration of their passing skills.

Matthew indicates that when he was studying abroad, he played rugby, but he was injured in his first match and since then he has been afraid of this particular sport. After this, he took up ice hockey, but he broke his arm during a collision. With a good scolding from his mother, he then took up basketball, but when he was 18, he knocked his head with another player and had to have six stitches on his right eye.

Tracy used to work in a veterinary clinic and the vets all liked to play rugby, so they would return to the clinic looking very muddy. Asked if she likes brawny men, she smiles that she does not and a normal sized man is fine for her. When asked whether rumoured boyfriend Don Li is not working out because of this, she says this has nothing to do with it and she has heard he needs to start slimming. As soon as the conversation moved onto Don, Tracy immediately changed the subject and laughed that she finds Matthew is not bad at all, but he is younger than her.

Tracy hopes that her boyfriend will be a little taller than her, so does this rule out Don? Tracy did not answer. As for always being paired up with him by the press, Tracy says that she doesn't mind. Asked if she will be playing sports with Don, she says she will not, because she prefers activities on her own, such as swimmng and jogging.


[Ta Kung Pao 24/11/06]

Bernice Says From the Heart - Moses is a Good Friend

Bernice Liu was invited to switch on the Christmas lights at Mongkok's New Century Plaza yesterday and to tie in with the festive atmosphere, she was dressed in a pink dance outfit and joined in a performance with ten other dancers on the stage. As for the recent open appearances together with Moses and for them to be spotted chatting closely at the anniversary events, it would seem that their relationship is blossoming. She says that there were four events for this year's anniversary, so there were plenty of opportunities and she is good friends with Moses, so she will not get involved with any romantic affairs with him. She insists that they have never evaded the matter, it is just the press making Moses very embarrassed.

Bernice reveals that Moses is in fact a very shy person, so when the reporters ask whether she finds this cute in a man, Bernice smiles: "It's okay! If he makes me happy, that is enough." Talking of Moses's new home, Bernice says that he did not invite her to a housewarming, so she will only buy him a gift if he does. She has been very busy recently though, so she has not had time to go shopping for Christmas presents. The press also joked that whenever she talks about Moses, then she will say the wrong thing and she smiles: "Then I should publish a book of 'Bernice Language' so you understand me."


[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 24/11/06]

Steven Ma has Fear of Horses after Accident

Steven Ma injured his right eye when he was knocked into by a horse during filming earlier and although all the bandages have now been removed, there is still a little pain in his eye. At an interview with Cha Siu Yan yesterday, he was asked about how his eye was and he said that the swelling has almost all gone down now, but in the morning when he wakes up, he finds that there is a problem with the vision in his right eye and he is somewhat cross-eyed and unable to see very well. Only after closing his eyes for a short while to recover does this allow him to see properly and this is quite unnerving for him. He says that the drop in his eyesocket will not be rectified, but he will have more details on his condition when he goes for his next check up next week.

Steven says that the pain around his eye socket occurs even when he is just moving his eyeball around, so when he has to do crying scenes during filming, it is a very painful experiences for him and the cameraman has pointed out this is causing an imbalance in his face and is having to counteract this with a reflector board. Steven laughs that when he saw the horse that injured him, the animal seemed to be suffering from hyperactivity and he will never forget that horse. He was even bold enough to go near to it and flick its nose, but he says he will no longer ride it becase has has bad memories of that experience.

Talking of his forthcoming series, where he will be performing some dancing with Bernice Liu, Steven stuttered as he said he will do his best in the dance. Asked why he was stuttering, he explained that he was just thinking about what to say. Jokingly asked if he was thinking of what to say to Moses Chan, Steven continues the joke and laughs that he doesn't care what Moses thinks, but he has spoken to Bernnice and she will not worry about him either. Steven and Bernice know each other fairly well so there will not be any restrictions to their performance. He says that usually Latin Dancing is very close and steamy, so many partnerships are of married or dating couples. So will they develop this kind of relationship? Steven says that this is not possible because he cannot be like that and he has confidence in Bernice. Asked whether Moses will be visiting to keep an eye on things, Steven laughs out loud and says don't be silly and asking what Moses needs to keep an eye on.


[Ta Kung Pao 24/11/06]

Charmaine Sheh says Image is Important But Roles are Not Dictated by Artistes

Charmaine Sheh has been filming in the mainland for new series "The Drive of Life", but she took time out to attend a fashion show event earlier. With the current wave of negative press against her co-star Joe Ma and suggestions his role has been cut as a result, Charmaine was asked about this and she says she does not know about it, but she knows that roles are not dictated by artistes and she does not have many scenes with him in this series. As for TVB executive Virginia Lok's earlier remarks about an artiste's image being very important, Charmaine says this does not just apply to artistes and everyone's image is very important.

With another rumoured girlfriend in the picture for Joe, is Charmaine relieved that the focus is no longer on her. She says that it cannot be put that way and he will deal with things in his own way and they know what is true and what is false. Will she be calling to comfort him? Charmaine says that he is very busy at the moment, so it is not convenient to call him, but she insists that her friendship with Joe has not changed. Asked if she is particularly careful with her own romantic affairs, she syas that she has always been very careful, but everyone deals with things differently and the most important thing is to be comfortable with yourself. Talking of the complaints received against the anniversary show, Charmaine feels that they were already very reserved during this year's show and they were let off quite lightly because past shows have been crazier, so pouring water and throwing cakes is nothing unusual any more.

When the press asked her about the part where she was running away from Nat Chan and his moving bag, Charmaine smiles that she did not know if the thing inside was real or not as she could not be sure that they would not put a real snake inside. She says she will not be angry with them because it was all just for a laugh and she feels that these shows in Hong Kong are already a lot milder compared with those from Taiwan and the Mainland. She says that at the end of filming for "The Dance of Passion", she had a 1 litre bottle of cola poured down her back and she was fine about this.


[Ta Kung Pao 24/11/06]

Lydia Shum's Reunion Show is Aired

TVB 39th Anniversary Production "Reunion with Friends" was filmed before her hospital stay and the 25 episode series begain airing on Monday and will be shown on MOnday to Friday evenings at 10:35 pm, narrated by TVB General Manager Stephen Chan under his pseudonym 'Wai Ka Ching'.

During her many decades in showbusiness, Lydia has made many acquaintances all around the world and she has plenty of close friends, but many of these have retired from the industry and have emigrated. To tie in with the anniversary celebrations, Lydia has been to seek out old friends in many countries and cities, including Taiwan, Shanghai, Japan, Vancouver, Seattle and Toronto to have a reunion with her old friends and conduct a frank interview, sharing experiences, feelings and expressions. Among the people who will be visited are legendary and classical stars such as Jimmy Wang Yu, Feng Hsu, Weng Chien Yu, Agnes Chan Mei Ling, Tang Lan Hua, Elliot Yue Hua, Tanny Tian Ni, Liu Feng Ping, Li Linlin, John Chiang, Sun Zhong, Jin Lin, Zhong Ling Ling, Charlie Chin Xianglin, Ho Sau Shun, Chan Lai Sze, Nora Miao Kexiu and Jia Ling

Em's note: If these names seem a little unfamiliar to you, then maybe if you ask your mother or grandmother, they will recognise some of these names.


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