Thursday, November 23, 2006

[The Sun 24/11/06]

Roger and Bernice - Judging or Fighting?

Roger Kwok and Bernice Liu were judges for a Homeware Design Competition earlier and out of the two hundred entries, they had to select their favourite item as the winner. After two hours of scoring, they had a difference of opinion and nearly ended up fighting over the result! In the end, after much negotiation, they reached an agreement.

Afterwards, Roger laughed: "The quality of all the entries was so high and they were all very creative and it gave me a headache as to which one to choose. I chose a a 'fruity clothes hanger' as the winner because it was very creative and very cute." Bernice loved the 'crabby cushion': "The cushion was very huggable and I hope that I can hug it while I work."


[The Sun 24/11/06]

Fala Chen's work has been endless since her transition from Beauty Queen to Artiste, but her rumours and gossip have also risen as well, but for the optimistic Fala, she sees this as part of her work in showbiz and she says once again that she has no-one in pursuit at the moment.

Since she entered the industry, Fala has filmed for five series one after another and her Cantonese has improved a lot since she first arrived in Hong Kong. She says that there was some difficulty in learning Cantonese but fortunately she has had plenty of opportunity to perform and this has also provided her with many chances to learn and improve. With the increase in her exposure, the gossip has also been part of the package and Fala says seriously: "I understand that to be interviewed is all part of the job, but I am not being courted at the moment and those who know me will know I am quite a tomboy." She says that the gossip has not afffected her daily life and she has never imagined that she would be followed by so many reporters, but she is used to this now.

As Fala has signed for a number of years with TVB, she is currently focusing on her work and she will be putting romance aside for now. She will soon begin filming for a show about dancing opposite Matthew Ko, so she is working hard on her Latin Dance lessons because this is a new challenge for her. It turns out that Fala's mother is a dance teacher and has her own dancing school, but Fala has never been much of a dancer and has not inherited the talent. She says: "I was quite naughty as a child, so I would jump around a lot when I was learning. My mother rarely taught me formally anyway, so this time I have to learn how to do it properly to avoid making a fool of myself in front of everyone."

As well as her interests in performing in the limelight, Fala studied Marketing in America, so she plans to return to the business world in the future and even become an environmental warrior. She says: "American Society progresses very quickly and the air quality there is very poor. A lot of the problems in some areas can be solved and as an artiste, it is difficult to promote this message on my own."


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