Wednesday, November 15, 2006

[The Sun 16/11/06]

Myolie at Christmas Event

Myolie Wu attended a Christmas lights switch on yesterday and she syas that she would like to spend Christmas in Hokkaido: "Although I have to film for a long series, if I may be able to get the time off to go. (With Bosco?) Not necessarily. (Did he go with you to Disneyland for your birthday?) Why would he go with me?" Talking of being photographed with her family at Disneyland, Myolie was very unhappy about this. "They printed my parents' and sisters' full names and followed them around. They are not from the industry, so that is not very good. (Are you buying an apartment for your family?) I will, but not like the way the magazine have written." She also indicates that she has many Christmas shows this year so she laughs that even if she didn't win an award, it will not affect her fee!


[The Sun 16/11/06]

Koni Lui Steals the Show

Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui were guests at the Miss Pearl River Pageant 2006 yesterday and Koni wore a dress that showed off her bust and her back, quickly stealing the attentions of the media. She smiled: "I have just returned to Hong Kong, so I have not had time to unpack yet, so I do not have much clothes to wear." As for Aimee, who was a lot more covered up, she says that it was not an instruction from the company to dress more modestly, but she just felt comfortable in this outfit.


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