Friday, November 03, 2006

[The Sun 03/11/06]

Jessica Hsuan Supports Sheren Tang for Best Actress

Comfortably sitting as the top female at TVB currently, Jessica Hsuan looks on at the competition surrounding the 'Best Actress' award with the experience gained from past years and with the competition heated between Myolie Wu and Charmaine Sheh, Jessica takes an objective look and indicates her support for Sheren Tang.

Talking of the hype surrounding Myolie's show "To Grow with Love", Jessica says: "I can't give you any comment as I haven't seen the show yet and I have to watch it before I say anything. There is a good gimmick to the show in that Myolie gained weight to film it, but the award should be awarded to the person with the best acting talent. Charmaine did quite well in 'Maidens' Vow' and had plenty of chances to shine, but I favour Sheren because her acting ability is very good and she was able to carry the whole show for 'La Femme Desperado'. She was responsible for a large element that made the show so successful."

Having changed to a per-series contract with TVB, Jessica is no longer part of the internal TVB 'family', so she will no longer be placed in the centre as the 'big sister' position in any future anniversary or other big shows. In response to this, Jessica laughs easily: "Whether you are at the top is not just about your positioning and I don't think the viewers will make any decisions about me based on whether I am stood in the centre or not. Anyway, I will not lose my rapport with the audience just because I am stood elsewhere!"

Will she look to win the Best Actress award again? Jessica smiles: "Of course I would like to, why wouldn't I? Awards are a great encouragement to an artiste, but for me the most important thing about filming and work is that I am happy."


[The Sun 03/11/06]

Sharon Chan Recommends More Fruit and Veg

Sharon Chan has kept to a diet rich in fruit and vegetables since she was young and she believes that fruit holds the most health benefits and is the cheapest way to stay beautiful, especially when she has to eat take away rice boxes during filming, then she will balance this out.

Filming often spans days and nights and Sharon says frankly that the days of eating rice boxes are not fun: "Most rice boxes just have a lot of meat and sauce and very little vegetables, so they are not very healthy, but this cannot be helped when you are workng, so I will always bring some fruit with me and this is good for digestion and skincare. If you keep to a daily diet that includes plenty of fruit and vegetables, then you will become more beautiful."

Of all the fruits, Sharon's favourites are bananas and strawberries and she loves to cook with fruit: "Making snacks from fruit means you do not have too many toxins and you can have a little more. I also like brightly coloured foods because the visual effect makes you feel happy and helps to increase your appetite."

"Banana and Ham Rolls" is one of Sharon's favourite recipes and she eats one piece after another. She also recommends "Rainbow Salad", eating five of the seven plates. Although she normally cannot eat spicy food, Sharon was won over by "Spicy Fruity Curry Rice", despite initial doubts: "The 'spicy' in the title is a lie, it is not spicy at all and is a little sour. Very appetising!"


[The Sun 03/11/06]

Claire Yiu slims to 98 lbs Before Wedding

Thomas Lam and Claire Yiu will be getting married on the 11th at Tuen Mun's Gold Coast Hotel and Thomas reveals happily that the registration official is his good friend from high school and university. He also indicates that they made a trip to Macau especially to shoot their wedding photos, but they were a little worried when there was a storm the day before. Fortunately it had all cleared up for them and the sun was shining on the day of the shoot. Thomas laughs: "It proves that even a storm cannot blow us apart." Bride-to-be Claire has been suffering from pre-marital nervous recently and having nightmares. She has lost weight as a result and weighs just 98 lbs now as she jokes even her ribs are showing and this pains fiance Thomas.


[The Sun 03/11/06]

Leila Tong eats Birds Nest to Keep Beautiful

Often filming late into the night, Leila Tong indicates that as autumn approaches, her skin becomes very dry and sensitive. Especially as artistes always lack sleep, then they need to take extra special care of their skin. Earlier, Leila's mother recommended her to take 'Birds Nest White Phoenix Remedy' to help balance her health and bring the beauty from within.

Leila says: "I have not had a very good circulation since I was young and my hands and feet are often very cold. Now I am a lot healthier." Leila also takes Birds Nest Soup: "My mother has always used this to stay healthy and I have benefitted by joining her."


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