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[Sing Tao 08/11/06]

Tavia to Beat Charmaine in Best Actress Stakes?

The TVB anniversary draws ever closer and the female leads competition is as heated as ever. Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu and Sheren Tang are seen as the favourites with the biggest chanc of winning the Best Actress award, but a reliable source suggests that you cannot overlook Tavia Yeung, who is dubbed to step up into the 'big sister' classes next year. Even the internet fans are supporting her strongly and she stands a good chance of being a 'dark horse' winning over the three favourites to be this year's 'TV Queen'. No wonder she took some time out to prepare her outfit earlier for her moment of glory!

The Anniversary show has always been an opportunity for the leading ladies to show off their beauty, so selecting a gown for the evening has required some thought. Although this year's Best Actress award is likely to fall into the hands of Charmaine, Myolie or Sheren, there is also great support for Tavia. The reason for this is that there are indications she will be promoted heavily in the coming year because 'Gossip Repellant' Tavia has always been very obedient to the company as well as very well received among the viewers. She has had the least gossip among all the leading ladies and in light of this, TVB will be wholly promoting her soon.

Charmaine, Myolie and Sheren are leading the internet polls at the moment and are very close, but 'dark horse' Tavia has the support of many fans on the internet, who all support her as the next generation of TV Queen. Even though she has been labelled as the dark horse, Tavia has still put a lot of thought into her outfit. She was spotted at Harvey Nichols in Central selecting her gown earlier. When she entered the store, she was greeted warmly by the assistants and she chose a deep red deep V dress to try on, which sparked her interest. She then went on to have a look at some other sexy evening gowns. Maybe as her figure seems to be getting better and better, then she is not afraid of pushing the boundaries a little towards the sexier side.

Afterwards, when she was asked about selecting her gown, she smiled that she has made her choice, but she will keep it secret and let everyone see her on the night. Is it a sexy deep V dress? Tavia says: "I don't mind being sexy, but it has to match the occasion."

Asked about being dubbed a 'dark horse', she laughs out loud and says: "Of course I hope I can [win], I can't put myself down. Apart from the favourites, everyone who has been nominated could be 'dark horses'. To know that the internet fans are supporting me is already enough and I am happy. Of course I wish to win an award, but there is no disappointment if I don't win, because this does not mean I did not do well. Everything has first, second and third class."

As for her three strong competitors, Tavia feels that there isn't much between them. She says that as she was busy filming at the time, she has not watched Sheren's "La Femme Desperado", but she has been tuning into "To Grow with Love" recently and she praises Myolie for her courage in gaining weight for the role. She also feels that Charmaine did a great job in "Maidens Vow" playing four different roles because this was a big challenge."


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