Friday, November 03, 2006

[Apple Daily Updates 03/11/06 - original articles courtesy of lili]

Joe Ma Treasure Hunting under Car for Jessica

Jessica Hsuan and Joe Ma were filming for TVB new series "The Changing Times" yesterday on location in Central in a scene that tells of how Joe is courting Jessica by kneeling on the street, crawling under a car and pulling on a drain cover in order to retrieve her earring. Seeing a man doing all this just for her, Jessica is moved and they share a loving hug before leaving hand in hand in a very romantic scene.

It may all be sweet in front of the camera, but behind the scenes, it was quite horrible as Joe seemed to forget about hygiene has held onto Jessica's hand without cleaning his hands first. With so many germs on the street, it was quite a chilling thing to watch! As for Jessica, she was wearing a wig that did not fit her head properly, making her look like a cabbage patch kid. Away from the contests for the anniversary awards this year, Jessica is very relaxed though and she is in high spirits. Before filming started, she went to a convenience store to buy a lot of drinks for the crew, who all expressed their thanks to her as they drank.

Sammul Chan to Study Drama and Mandarin in Beijing

Sammul Chan's contract with TVB is due to end soon and after filming ends for "Cadets on the Beat", he will head out to Beijing to undertake a short course in drama and Mandarin, taking a short hiatus from acting. Many artistes have taken time out to study in the past, but many of these do not find any more success after coming back, but Sammul indicates that he should take advantage of opportunities to improve himself and his future development in the Mainland.

Sammul, Yan Ng, Michael Tao and Chin Ka Lok were filming in Tuen Mun in a battle scene earlier and faced with the hot weather and wearing all the commando gear filming for nine hours was very hard work for all.

"Cadets" will complete filming in the next few days and Sammul has decided that after this series, he will be going to Beijing to study. He hopes to build a stronger foundation and forge a path into the mainland market in the future. He says: "The mainland productions have requested that I try to use Mandarin dialogue where possible, after all they would like to use my real voice and I would like to do more MC work as well as acting, so I decided to take this course." There have been many artistes in the past who have not found much benefit from taking such courses, is Sammul worried he will follow the same destiny? He says: "I am not studying for very long, just three months. I have filmed a lot of series before, so even after I have gone there will be series aired and people will not notice I have gone. I want to see more while I am still young and have the courage."

The rather petite figured Yan found the riot gear very hard work and needed three men to help her wit it. She says: "This armour is quite heavy, just this gas mask alone is very heavy, so I keep dropping it and I needed a few people to help me.

Suki Chui Gives her all to TVB with Support from Boyfriend

21-year-old Suki Chui has been heavily promoted since signing for TVB and she has been busy learning to sing and dance and says that she has gained permission from her 50-year-old boyfriend Wong Chung Sang to take on any steamy or kissing scenes if this is needed for her work. The drama she would most like to appear in would be a tragedy because she can cry to let out her frustrations.

Since taking part in the Miss Hong Kong contest, Suki's reports surrounding her relationship with Mr Wong has made her the focus of the press and earned her the title of 'gossip-magnet'. Although she only won the title of "Tourism Ambassador", she was quickly signed by TVB management and arranged to take part in various events. Suki says she is taking time out to learn to sing, dance and drives and says frankly: "I do feel that I am quite lucky and the company are treating me well, so I have to learn more. Although I may not buy a car after I get my licence, at least I have the skill if it is needed for my role."

Asked what type of role she would like to play, Suki says: "I will do whatever the company gives me the chance to do, after all I am a newcomer and I am afraid of bringing other people down if I don't do well and I don't want to slow progress." However, Suki does favour tragedies: "I like to watch Korean dramas and after crying a while, I feel much better."

Which male artiste would Suki most like to work with? She says: "I don't mind as long as they can bring me into the role." If she has to film any kissing scenes, will Suki have to seek a blessing from her boyfriend? She says: "I want to be a professional artiste, so of course I have to fulfil the requirements of the role. I believe that my boyfriend will respect the needs of my work and my friends all want me to do well in my career." How will Mr Wong support Suki? She adds: "He will support me in spirit."

Kate Tsui is Already Happy with Nominations

Since handing over her Miss Hong Kong crown last year, Kate Tsui has been heavily promoted by TVB and virgin production "La Femme Desperado" reached record ratings. Her character 'Hoi Suen' has been nominated for three awards in this year's TVB Anniversary Awards, but Kate knows her limits and does not wish to win an award just yet.

To say that Kate is a lucky person, then no-one will deny this and after winning the 2004 Miss Hong Kong pageant, she was spotted even before the end of her reign by producer Poon Ka Tak and invited to play Sheren Tang's sister Hoi Suen in "La Femme". Tasting acting life for the first time, Kate did not really know what she was doing, but she was very absorbed and has now been nominated in three categories for her role in this year's Anniversary awards, which are 'Most Improved Female Artiste', 'Best Supporting Actress' and 'My Favourite Television Character'. This was beyond her expectations and when she found out about this at the Anniversary lighting up ceremony, she immediately celebrated with her manager.

Being interviewed in Causeway Bay and talking of her nominations, she smiles: "To be honest, I am really very happy because I did not expect to be nominated. After all, I am still a newcomer, so I immediately told my manager and I was so happy." Asked if she is confident of winning, she says: "To be nominated has already made me very happy and I have done my best. I am the newest face among all the nominees, so I have not thought about winning at all."

With such acclaim after just one appearance, Kate expresses her gratitude to Producer Poon and says: "Brother Tak asked me to do this role even before my reign ended, so after I had been nominated, I called him to thank him. I also have to thank Sheren because she really brought me into the role and filming for the first time, there were a lot of things that I had to get used to and I have very little acting talent, but she made me absorb myself into the role, so I was very happy filming this series and afterwards many members of the public would call me by my character's name Hoi Suen."


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