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[Wen Wei Po, The Sun & Ta Kung Pao 06/10/06]

Myolie & Charmaine are friends despite Competition for Awards

TVB's anniversary series for 2007 "Changing Times" held its blessing ceremony yesterday and this was attended by cast members including Myolie Wu, Charmaine Sheh, Joe Ma, Raymond Lam, Ron Ng and Jessica Hsuan. Charmaine's popularity has taken a jump after the success of "Maiden's Vow" and Myolie's highly anticipated series "Lush Fields Happy Times" is due to air shortly, so there are many reports suggesting that they are in direct competition for this year's anniversary award for "Best Actress".

In response to the friendly competition, Charmaine says that she is happy about the reports because she is pleased to be named as a strong competitor. She says: "I am not the only strong contender, there are also many other extremely good and talented female leads this year." Asked if she is confident, she says that she does, but she will leave it to the viewers to select the winner. As for Myolie, she is not surprised by rumours like this before the anniversary, so she will treat it as part of the promotional activity. When it was suggested that Charmaine is a strong competitor against her, Myolie, who is rapidly losing weight, says that they have never worked together, but they have been away on a promotional trip together in the past and there are no hard feelings between them at all. She emphasises: "We are committed to our work and not to winning awards, you can't say Charmaine is an opponent, she is my colleague." Myolie also points out that the anniversary will fall half way through her series being aired, so does this affect her confidence? She says: "I am confident, but I don't have to win an award. (Do you think it is time for you to win an award?) You cannot say that, but I have been in the industry now for seven years, so you could say that this is the 'seven-year itch'."

Joe has been reported as clubbing late and spending a night with a woman lately and he says: "I have already responded to this before, so I am not talking about it now. Thank you to the media for building up my hype and increasing my popularity, I am confident of winning the male lead award at this year's anniversary. (But that was negative press?) It doesn't matter, I am used to it and I am not worried about it affecting my image." He also laughs that he has ordered a tuxedo, just like the ones they wear at the Hong Kong Film Awards, but even if he does not win an award, it doesn't matter because he supports Charmaine and he can share her glory when she wins."


[Ta Kung Pao 06/10/06]

Ekin finally Admits Romance with Yoyo

Ekin Cheng celebrated his birthday earlier and invited his friends for a hotpot meal. Rumoured girlfriend Yoyo Mung arrived with champagne and cake to share his day with him and this made him very happy. As she had to work that night, she took time out especially to join him at around 7:50 pm and left to go back to work at 9:20 pm.

As Yoyo left, the press asked if she had taken 2 hours off to attend Ekin's celebration. She indicated that she happened to have some free time and did not take it intentionally. Asked if she will be celebrating again with Ekin in private, she says she has to go back to work so she will not see him again. Did she make the cake herself? She smiled in response and when asked if she would be spending mid-autumn with Ekin, she remained silent and continued smiling.

After Yoyo left, Ekin and his friends continued the celebration and as he left afterwards, he was smiling happily as the press asked him why he was so pleased. He replied without hesitation: "I am happy and it feels so sweet." Asked what gifts he has received, he said: "Hats and clothes. (From whom?) From Sandy [Lam - Ekin's manager and mentor]." Asked what Yoyo gave him, at first he replied nothing, but when he was reminded about the cake by the reporters, Ekin admitted that Yoyo made him a cake and bought him a bottle of red wine.

As Ekin had previously described his relationship with Yoyo as 'developing', he was asked if there had been any further developments and he admitted that development was stable. As for whether they will have a private celebration, Ekin says they will not because Yoyo has to work and he has many other friends.

Asked if he was very touched, Ekin smiles that he was somewhat. Asked if Yoyo had given him a goodbye kiss, Ekin responded with a 'Ha?' before saying he had kisses from Sandy's daughters. Pushed for an answer about a kiss from Yoyo, Ekin pretended not to understand and avoided the question. As the reporters continued to press, asking Ekin if he has plans to start a family soon, he said: "So soon? Don't talk about it! (Nic and Cecilia arranged everything very quickly?) They do it fast, I will let nature take its course."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 06/10/06]

Konnie Lui to take part in Miss International

Miss Hong Kong second runner up Konnie Lui will be heading out on the 12th to Tokyo, Japan to take part in a two week training camp before representing Hong Kong at the 2006 Miss International Pageant on 11th November in Beijing.

Konnie had her fitting for her national costume and evening grown yesterday and she received good luck gifts of a card and photographs from Aimee Chan and Janet Chow. Janet has just returned from the Miss World Contest, so her words of advice to Konnie was to remember to take a mirror and a hairdryer with her and to just go with the intention of making friends to reduce the pressure.

Konnie says that she has written down Janet's tips in her notebook and she will be preparing some jade mirrors and Hong Kong night scene pictures as souvenirs for the other contestants. Asked if she is confident in this contest, she says: "Winning or losing doesn't matter, I would like to make some more friends at the contest and competing against girls from many different countries will bring me a lot of rewards. This is my first time in Beijing and I would like to visit the Great Wall and be a true Chinese."


[Ta Kung Pao 06/10/06]

Anthony Wong is Stephen's Latest Guest

Anthony Wong and Stephen Chan were filming for TVB Pay Vision chat show "Be My Guest" yesterday, where Stephen presented Anthony with a book on English expletives and a toy car. The car is significant of Anthony's forthcoming appearance at the TVB anniversary and the book is reflective of Anthony's reputation for swearing. He laughs that as there is only one car, his sons will fight over it and then he will have to find a swear word to shout at them from the book.

Anthony says that his sons are often fighting over toys, but he does not smack them and will punish them with other methods. As for his constant swearing, Anthony says that he doesn't mind his sons growing up a little course. Asked if there are any questions that he will not respond to in the interview, he jokes that he will not answer questions about his measurements, sex life and anything rude. Is he interested in filming another series? He says that he has discussed this, but the timing cannot be accommodated so this has fallen through. Asked if he feels that the fee is not enough, he says that there has to be the right character, director and timing.

Stephen says that Anthony has had some wide experiences in his upbringing, so he has has own perspective on relationships and marraige and this is a reason why he would like to do this interview. What questions daren't he ask Anthony? He says: "From memory, he is a very direct person who will talk about anything. Next week, Stephen's guest will be Nicholas Tse, so will Cecilia be there too? He says he hopes so.

With the news that Lydia Shum has left intensive care now with her condition improving, Stephen says he has not spoken to Lydia, but he has received a text message from her indicating that she is coming along well. Will Lydia be fit to host the anniversary? Stephen says that the most important thing at the moment is her health and he does not mind how long she takes on sick leave.


[Ta Kung Pao 06/10/06]

Joyce Koi Joins 'Welcome to the House'

TVB held a celebration for its "November Birthday Stars" yesterday and participants included Joyce Koi, Vinci Wong, Rebecca Chan and Lee Szeki.

Joyce has had a birthday party earlier with her fans. She says: "My birthday was the 3rd October and on that day, I had a party with a group of fans and shared a cake. I received many presents, including lucky packets and electrical goods. It doesn't matter about the value of the gift though and I wish for good health, good luck and to be happy in my work." On the work front, she says that she will be joining the cast of TVB sitcom "Welcome to the House" from next week, where she plays a person who loves cooking and takes Lawrence Cheng's character as her mentor. She adds excitedly: "This is the first time working on a sitcom, but I will have to take part in a Cantonese opera performance, so I will only be guest starring for around ten episodes. I am still very happy to do it."


[Ta Kung Pao 06/10/06]

Stars Plea to let Lydia Rest

Lydia Shum has been in hospital for a while now and with the little information given away by her family, this has raised the media's speculation and an Indonesian maid even attempted to sneak into her room in the hospital to take some photographs of her. Although she was apprehended and arrested, this incident is reputed to have been traumatic for Lydia, sending her blood pressure high again and sleepness through fear.

In light of this incident and Lydia's current condition, her daughter Joyce Cheng joined Lydia's sister, Eric Tsang, Jackie Cheung, Sze Nam Sang and TVB executive Virginia Lok at a press conference yesterday at TVB City and urged the media not to disturb Lydia any more and to allow her to rest and recover. After a brief introduction from Eric, Joyce said: "My mother's condition has improved a lot now and she moved from intensive care into a normal private room yesterday. Although many people would like to visit her, she still requires a lot of rest and I am thankful for your concern, but when my mother is a little better, she will come out herself to see everyone."

Jackie was the next to speak as he said: "You will probably wonder why I am sitting here. Since filming with Lydia in 1987, I have always called her my mother and apart from Joyce, I am the person who has called her this the most. Whenever anything happens, Lydia will stand up and help out and I am not the only one who has received help from her. For every person who was born or brought up in Hong Kong, Lydia is a very important treasure and I would like very much to visit her, but even now I have not seen her. I just ask for updates from Chan Suk Fan because I hope to allow Lydia the rest she needs to get better sooner, so I just send her messages. You can write your thoughts on a card, but I wish to urge people who are concerned not to try and visit her in hospital and feed the expectations of the press who lie in wait at the hospital. The best thing you can do is to send her messages and cards and not to disturb her."

Virginia Lok revealed that she had spoken to Lydia and she speaks on behalf of Lydia as she says: "Lydia is thankful to the positive approach in reporting for her and Joyce. She will try to recover soon and will come out to thank everyone personally." Sze Nam Sang indicated that the person apprehended in the ward has been passed to the police to deal with and although Lydia is much better, the doctors still wished for her to stay in intensive care, however after the intrusion, her blood pressure is still very unstable and as a result, the decision was made to move her into a private room, where her family can be with her 24 hours a day. Eric indicates that the person arrested was not a member of the press, but a criminal who wanted to sell the photographs to the press for reasons of greed. He urges the press not to buy these pictures. As Joyce is still very young, the responsibility for dealing with Lydia's news will now be passed to Ms Chan. Asked what Lydia is actually suffering from, Eric says: "Wait until she comes out to explain it herself. This should be very soon." After the statements and some photographs, they left without answering any further questions.


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