Tuesday, October 03, 2006

[Wen Wei Po, The Sun & Ta Kung Pao 04/10/06]

Bosco & Myolie in the Running for Awards

The Annual Artiste Awards held a press conference presenting some of the nominees for this year's awards and rumoured couple Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu attended the event. Myolie arrived first and after bringing her weight down to 130 lbs, she is still working hard to lose the rest of the weight. As she says she was too skinny in the past, she plans to stop when she is about 110 lbs.

Asked if her chest has also slimmed down, Myolie says: "They have gone down, but this is a natural occurrence . When I was at my peak, it was my back being broad that made me seem bigger. Having experienced it is enough, although I would like to lose some more fat from my thighs." Myolie has been nominated in the "Music Newcomer" and "Female TV Artiste" awards. She says she is not too confident in the newcomer award, but she is already happy to be nominated, so no matter who wins, she will still be pleased. So will she vote for Bosco for the "Male TV Artiste" award? She jokes: "No I won't vote!"

After Bosco arrived, he was asked whether he is happy with Myolie's current figure. He says: "We have not met for a while now as I have to work every day. As long as she has a healthy balance, that is the best thing." Asked who he would vote for in the Female TV artiste category, he avoided talking about Myolie, saying: "I would choose Liu Yifei because her performance is quite good and she stands a good chance. Also there is Charmaine Sheh, we share the same manager and she has a chance." Wouldn't it be happier to win an award together with Myolie? "We have the same manager, so of course I would be happy."

With them both attending the same event, then the requests for a photograph together are inevitable, but Ron Ng was the 'spare part' as he stood between them for the photoshoot. In the end, the reporters told him to move aside and Myolie said awkwardly: "I am off!". In the end she did graciously pose for photographs with Bosco though. Asked if Myolie was pretty, Bosco smiled: "She has always been pretty." Labelled as the spare wheel, Ron explained: "He [Bosco] rang me and asked me to do this, so as a brother I had to help him out."


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