Friday, October 20, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 21/10/06]

Even Without Awards Myolie has gained more than weight from Fat Tin

TVB kicked off its 39th Anniversary Roadshow that will be passing through Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories yesterday and a group of cast members from "Lush Fields Happy Times" took part in one of the first events, including Myolie Wu, Andy Hui, Kenneth Ma, Matthew Ko and Jack Wu. As well as opening the exhibition, they also played games with the audience in a very happy occasion.

The MC asked Myolie what award she would like for the anniversary and she says that she hopes that the show itself will win an award. She says: "Even if I don't win an award, I have already gained a lot in that such a mammoth task (of gaining and then losing weight) can be overcome and if I have any more mountains to climb in the future, I will be more experienced."

Every year leading up the anniversary, there is a lot of gossip about the awards and this year, it is Charmaine Sheh and Myolie at the centre of the reports that become wilder and wilder by the day. Talking of the recent media frenzy, Myolie shakes her head and says: "Every year there is trouble about the awards and after so many years in the industry, I know the rules of the game. Although I don't know Charmaine too well, but there will be no hard feelings between us, even if there is some friendly competition between us." As for the suggestions she put on weight for this series in exchange for an award, Myolie says with annoyance: "That's crazy! Why would I do that? The company tells me what to do and I do it, what power do I have to make those terms? Of course I have to do as much as I can while I am still young." Myolie also adds that she has not been invited to dinner by TVB executive Virginia Lok and says that these reports have turned her from being relaxed to a little agitated and it is creating pressure for her. However she understands that this is something that she has to experience, so she will not let it affect her too much.

Kenneth will begin filming with rumoured girlfriend Margie Tsang in a new series in November, but he says there will be no awkwardness and it will be a lot of fun. He says that although they do not have any romantic scenes, but he will still have dinner with Margie. Will he wait for her to finish work? He smiles: "Of course I won't because she doesn't live in Hong Kong Island." He clarifies again that he and Margie are just good friends and are not dating. He says that he is still looking for a girlfriend and hopes that she is from outside the industry.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 21/10/06]

Shirley Yeung Subjected to Western 'Etiquette'

Alex Fong is the spokesperson for leather goods brand Rockport and he took part in a press event with Shirley Yeung yesterday. Shirley changed three times to model the various outfits and made some rather suggestive poses as she showed off the sexy outfits, including a seethrough top and a black bra underneath. No wonder that the International Vice President Mr Steve Holt put his hand around her waist as he accompanied her onto the stage and kissed her three times on the cheek in a show of 'etiquette' that pushed the limits of decency and left Shirley very embarrassed as she could not follow her instincts and pull away.

Afterwards, Shirley was asked how she felt and she replied that there was some confusion: "Foreigners are more open with their greetings and apart from my boyfriend, I am rarely hugged in that way." Asked if he held her during rehearsals, Shirley said at first that there was not this part in the rehearsals, but after she was reminded by her assistant, she corrected herself and said: "Oh, he did hug me, but not so far up." Asked if her fee went up with each kiss, she immediately denied this and says that he used to be a model too and has experience on the international stage, so he is very professional and it is no big deal. Although he did hold her quite tightly, he was just being friendly. She believes that her boyfriend will understand her line of work and will not be jealous.

Alex has worked with this company for ten years now and says that his fee has gone up each year. Asked what he bought his rumoured girlfriend Stephy Tang for her birthday earlier, he says: "Nothing, usually the whole company chips in so we don't have to buy her a present each." Talking of rumours about Stephy's new boyfriend director Yip Lim Sum, Alex avoids the question and says: "I won't interfere with other people's affairs and I don't know if it is true or not. I just know they have worked together and she knows him even better than she knows me."


[The Sun 21/10/06]

Tearful Erica Yuen betrayed by a Third Party

After intimate petting photographs of Erica Yuen and her ex-boyfriend were released to a magazine and printed, she has not appeared in public until yesterday. Looking tired, she said that she had been betrayed by a third party and she felt very upset. Appearing at her Tseung Kwan O home yesterday for the first time since the incident, she was dressed in a black top and shades, trying to keep a low profile, but unable to hide her tired expression. When she saw the reporters, she seemed a little shocked and then said that she would like to deal with the incident quietly, but after being pressed for a comment, she opened up and spoke about her feelings.

Erica says that when the photographs appeared, she was in America visiting relatives: "Last week, I had flown over to America to see my family and when I found out about it I was very shocked and never thought that these photographs would be leaked. (Were you betrayed by your ex-boyfriend?) I believe it was not him, it is a third party and I feel very betrayed. (Have you contacted him?) After we split up, we did not keep in touch and after this, we have not made contact."

Erica wanted to leave then, but when the reporters asked her if she had any regrets, she said: "Let bygones be bygones, there is nothing I can do. I will be more careful in the future and I hope that people will take more notice of my work and ignore the gossip."

Erica was originally scheduled to host the e-buzz programme on TVB but after the effects of the news, she was replaced by Sharon Luk. She admitted that this happened: "As I have been upset, this would affect my performance, so I have taken some leave from the company and they have been very understanding. I feel very bad for taking time off because of this as it is not very professional, so I hope that I can do better in the future." She says that she will be resting at home for afew days and return to work on Tuesday.


[The Sun 21/10/06]

Heidi Chu says Erica's photos are Disgusting

Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan and Janet Chow joined Heidi Chu at a charity event earlier and talking about fellow Miss Hong Kong contestant Erica Yuen's recent incident where her intimate photographs with her ex-boyfriend were published in a tabloid magazine, the three immediately indicated that they would not take these photographs with their boyfriends and Heidi went on to comment about how disgusting the photographs were: "The cover was horrible and I would not look at the article. I have never had these photos taken and even if I did, they would have to be decent because I like to share my photos on the net with my friends."

Aimee says she has never had intimate photos taken and even if her boyfriend was to request it, she would turn him down: "If I had to do it, I would be very careful and not get too intimate." However, this will not make her suspicious of her friend when they take photographs with her. Janet says that after entering the industry, her friends have been more worried about her than she has and they have been protecting her and even ask her before taking her photograph. She says she feels like a 'protected species', so she is not afraid of being betrayed by her friends.


[The Sun 21/10/06]

Moses Loses his Wallet whilst Filming on Location

Bosco Wong, Moses Chan, Fala Chen and Tavia Yeung were filming on location in Tsz Wan Shan for new series "Storm in a Pool" and Moses indicated tht when they were filming earlier in Lei Yu Wan, he lost his wallet, containing about $3000, his credit cards and his Octopus card. Fortunately, his ID card and personal photographs were not inside and he did not seem too upset at the loss as he says: "I had just taken some money out and some of it was to pay back to Bosco, but I can't give him it now. I remember I paid for refreshments for everyone before I lost it too, you don't get paid back for doing good deeds! I think I must have dropped it accidentally and I don't think it was stolen. (Have you reported it to the police?) Yes and I have stopped all my cards. You can make a police report on the internet now, so it is very convenient and you don't need to visit the police station. (Are you upset about the loss?) Not really, I am an optimist! Anyway, I have a lot of wallets and that one was quite inexpensive."

As for 'creditor' Bosco, when he heard about Moses's loss, he laughed: "It doesn't matter, he has a lot of money! Do I still want the money back? Of course I do, but I will extend the period of his loan!" Bosco also reveals that Fala is also quite clumsy and is always leaving her wallet and phone behind. However Fala explains: "The time I left things behind was at TVB City's rest area and then they all hid it and Lai Lok Yi even lent me his phone for me to call security. It was only after I had called them that they told me my things were inside my bag."


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