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[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 17/10/06]

Myolie's Sweet Fairytale Wedding

TVB Anniversary Series "Fat Tin's Happy Affair" will begin airing next Monday and in order to tie in with the 39th Anniversary celebrations, a 39-table event entitled "Fairytale Wedding Celebrating the Anniversary" was held earlier to promote the series and the show's stars Myolie Wu and Andy Hui appeared in both traditional Chinese and Western wedding gowns and were joined by their co-stars Jack Wu, Selena Li, Matthew Ko, Claire Yiu, Ram Tseung and Natalie Wong, who put them through a series of tests. The couple were tested on their compatibility at the show which was attended by Myolie's parents, TVB executive Tommy Leung and Go East Records Executives, who passed on their wishes for good ratings.

In the games played, Myolie and Andy first had to share a biscuit stick, biting from each end. Then Chun Wong, who plays Myolie's father in the show laughed: "You receive so many SMS text messages, about 600 a day! Although it is free, it still wastes a lot of electricity." On hearing this, Myolie did not respond and just smiled sweetly. When clips of the show were shown at the event, there was one scene where the 150 lb Myolie had to carry Andy, so by popular demand, they were asked to re-enact the scene, however Andy looked out for Myolie and insisted that he carried her instead. He also laughed that when he had to carry Myolie whilst filming, he had to go and see a chiropractor afterwards. However, as Myolie has now lost weight, then it was a lot easier. For the slimmed Myolie, she also said she could carry Andy, but when she tried, she found it quite hard work. Myolie says that when she gets married in the future, she will wear a Chinese gown and says she is looking forward to watching the show because she looks so different now and she finds it quite weird. As for her rumoured boyfriend Bosco Wong's recent rumours about taking advantage of Fala Chen, Myolie refused to answer, telling the press to ask him in person.

Andy wore a Chinese suit in a concert in 1993 and admitted that his partner then was Sammi Cheng. Asked if the feeling was different then, he says there is no difference because he was performing then as he is now. He indicates that he will not have a big party when he gets married because when he attended his good friend Calvin Choi's wedding earlier, he thought they were a bit like Mickey Mouse being photographed. Is he worried about her 'other half' being upset about him carrying Myolie, he immediately asked 'which other half?'. When the reporters replied 'Bosco', he just said: "Really? Oh!"


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[The Sun 17/10/06]

Sunny Chan to become a father next year

Sunny Chan has been longing for a child for a long time and he announced excitedly earlier that his wife Ada To is three months pregnant: "I have fulfilled my responsibilities as a son and produced a grandchild for my mother." The pregnancy was all within Sunny's plans and the happiest thing for him is that the baby is due in April and will be born in time for Mothers Day, so his wife can have her first Mothers Day very soon. As for the baby's sex, he says: "I really don't mind as long as both mother and baby are well and healthy. My wife would like a son though."

Sunny is making fish porridge every day for his wife and reading up on parenthood books: "Early next year, I will stop all my work to be with my wife for the birth. As for whether I go into the birthing room, it will depend on what my wife wants."


[Ta Kung Pao 17/10/06]

Fala and Joey Ignore the Critics

TVB and a Malaysian company will be holding a special charity concert in Kuala Lumpur on 29th October, that will be aired live on TVB8. At the press conference yesterday, the details of the concert were revealed and attendees included event organiser Chelsia Chan, performers Alan Tam and Daniel Chan and MC's Joey Leung and Fala Chen. Other acts on the night will include Eric Tsang, the Wynners, Steve Wong, NamQuanMaMa and Guo Liang.

Joey was accused of being the peeping tom at Fala during an earlier episode of "King of Games", but despite the rumours, Fala and Joey happily posed for photographs together. Asked if he had taken a peek, Joey was immediately protected by Fala, who said that he did not look at her. In response to the suggestions from the internet that Joey had been staring at Fala's chest, he denied this and said: "How would I? Do not think too much." Fala supported him saying: "He wouldn't." Joey feels that if people have to hold a tainted view of him, then there is nothing he can do and Fala pointed out that he was the team captain, so he had to look out for her.

Joey adds: "Things on the internet are irresponsible and that is very unfair to me." Fala then adds: "The contestants just want to put all their efforts into the game, like Bosco, who had reports of taking advantage of me. That was not the case." Joey comments: "If people have to take that view, then there is nothing we can say. If you touch, they say you are flirting, if you look they say you are peeping. You can't do anything, even with men they will make gay suggestions, why don't we just retire from this industry?" Asked if he was unhappy about this, Joey says frankly: "I don't read the reports any more, but I get unhappy when the media tells me about it. I used to buy the magazines, but now I would rather donate the money to chairty or sponsor a child because I don't have to explain so much."

Fala feels that after the reports go out, it will mean that people are more reserved when they play games and are less likely to play properly. Joey says that the most important thing is to do your own job.


[Ta Kung Pao 17/10/06]

Peter Pau to make Tribute to his father Bao Fang

Veteran actor of the movie and TV world Bao Fang took his final journey yesterday as his funeral was held, attended by many artistes including Gallen Law, Al Wai, Louisa So, Pak Yan, John Chiang, Mary Hon, Maggie Chan and Leung Shan. His daughter Bao Qijing was very touched by the attendance of his friends and his son Peter Pau reminded everyone to show your filial gratitude to your parents while you are young and still can. He also indicated that when the time is right, he will make a film as a tribute to his father's life.

After the funeral service, Bao Qijing (Sis Bao) emerged to shake hands with and thank the guests, with both her and her sister Bao Qijia's eyes stained with tears. Peter Pau was also very emotional as he joined his sisters to escort their father on his final journey to the crematorium. The wake was held at a North Point restaurant and Sis Bao agreed to answer the press's questions. She thanked them for attending and indicated her father's ashes would be placed at a Buddhist Memorial Temple before choosing a suitable date to be taken back to Shenzhen and reunited with her mother's ashes. She feels comforted after her father's funeral and will soon be returning to work in the mainland, where she is filming. She expressed her gratitude for so many friends and colleagues of her father's for attending and offering their sympathy.

Bao's son Peter indicated that although his father has departed, he will still continue his passion for movie arts in his memory, because he inherited this from his father. He says: "My mother and father had forged a new direction in creativity in the forties and I am so proud of them for their work. I will continue to contribute to the world of movies as this was my parents' spirit. (Will you make a film about your father?) When the time is right, but there is no-one to play him yet. (How about you?) I am so far behind him, so I will stay behind the camera." He also insists that his father was not a veteran actor, but an outstanding artist. Speaking from the heart, he added: "Many people find their parents a pain, but to have them nagging is better than not having them. As long as our parents offer their unconditional, unending love for us, then we have to learn to love ourselves and honour them. My father has an 80-year old sister, so I will take on the responsibility of looking after her."

Pak Yan has known Bao for forty years and when she was young, she admired him for his masterpiece production of "Chu Yan" and then when she entered the industry, she worked with him on many occasions. She says: "He was a very good senior and looked after the young people, so I called him 'dad'." Louisa only worked with Bao on the series "Plain Love", where they filmed together in Guangxi, but this was also the series where Bao suffered a stroke. She says: "I used to call him 'handsome' and he would laugh very happily every time. In truth he was very handsome and was very charming as well as a friendly senior from whom you could learn so much. You just had to look at his laughter and you would forget all the unhappy things." John indicated that Bao was a friend of his father, but he did not have many opportunities to work with Bao. He says that Bao was a good man and was willing to teach his juniors. Despite their age differences, Bao loved to talk about his history with Maggie and because she once played his daughter-in-law, he would call her this. She says: "He respected every role and was very punctual. Sometimes he would look closely at people's costumes or hairdos, maybe because he was handsome, he wanted other people to look beautiful too."


[Ta Kung Pao 17/10/06]

Andy Drops Raymond from the Team to Avoid Embarrassment

Andy Hui took part in the press conference for the charity run up the IFC 2 tower that will take place on 3rd December. He joked that he does not work at the IFC like the Chairman of the Monetary Authority Mr Yam Chi Kong, who takes just 28 minutes to run up 88 floors of the building. He says that although he is younger than Mr Yam, he is still not confident of beating him because he has plenty of practise when the elevators break down! As a result, he encourages everyone to take part because it is not the winning that is important, it is having fun and raising money.

Andy will be the team captain for the artistes and singers team this year and he says that the event this year will be the same as two years ago in a relay race. Asked who he thinks will do well, he says of course Alex Fong (Lik Sun). He also laughs that two years ago, he had just returned from working abroad so he was so out of shape that he nearly fainted, but Raymond Lam beat him to it and fainted first. Will he be inviting Raymond back this time? Andy laughs probably not because he does not want the team to fail, but he says he might invite Woo Fung to join in because that way there will be someone slower than him.

Andy says his fitness is fine and running is no problem, but his legs get a bit weary when he climbs steps, indicating that when he was young and his parents took him to the temple, he would go weak at the knees at the sight of the long steps. However, he will take time out to train. He also says that he lives in the Mongkok area and once he went running at 1am and got lost, running into Mongkok and many people recognised him. Fortunately he managed to recognise a restaurant and find his way home. From this time onwards, he daren't go running in the street again.


[The Sun 17/10/06]

Tracy Ip Loses Model Arrogance in Preparation for Acting Career

TVB has been filming sales presentation clips for next year's Grand Production "True Hero" and one scene stars Lai Lok Yi and Tracy Ip. They play immigration officers assisting an old lady who has suffered burns to meet with her daughter from the mainland who has not been able to complete all the procedures and it is a very moving scene. This is the first time that Tracy has taken part in such a big production and she is quite nervous, however she will prepare her good behaviours for working in television because she understands that as well as good acting talents, punctuality is also an important factor.

Tracy indicates that as she was taking part in the Miss World Pageant last year, she could not film for TVB's Sales Presentation last year. Although she is concentrating on her modelling career, she is still interested in acting and has gained some experience after her guest part in "Storm in a Pool". She hopes that after filming this clip for "True", she will be able to reprise her original role when the real filming for the series starts. Asked if she would feel pressure with her relative lack of experience, she says: "I feel that preparation is very important and acting has to be refined over time. I have learned to be punctual in my work at the studios and it is only after returning to modelling have I realised that models have this arrogance and bad habits. I see that there are many senior females at the company who are very punctual and professional and they live up to their reputations."


[The Sun 17/10/06]

"Cadets" refused entry to Gallant Garden

Warning: this article contains spoilers for "Cadets on the Beat"

The servicemen cemetary Gallant Garden at Fanling's Wo Hup Shek was vandalised in August this year and security has been stepped up there. Despite much of the damage having been repaired, TVB were still refused permission to film there for new series "Cadets on the Beat" and had to change the script for Fiona Sit and Sonija Kwok's characters to be buried in the Catholic Cemetary in Happy Valley. Michael Tao, Ron Ng and Chan Hoi Yee were filming outside Gallant Garden yesterday, under close scrutiny from the security guards to make sure they did not sneak in to film. The reporters on the other hand were allowed in and out freely.

With Chief Executive Mr Donald Tsang openly offering his support to the film industry but then his authorities refusing access, Michael says: "People always look down on television series and we are always treated unfairly. We are still a part of the arts and should be treated as such." Ron feels that there is a valid reason for their concern.


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