Wednesday, October 11, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 12/10/06]

Kevin and Raymond Feel Pressure Performing with Liza Wang

"My Century Golden Concert" will be held next month at the Hong Kong Coliseum and a press conference was held for the event yesterday, attended by some of the performers, including Liza Wang, Fen Nei, Adam Cheng, Kevin Cheng, Raymond Lam and Susanna Kwan. Kevin and Raymond both indicate that they feel pressure working with so many great senior performers such as Liza.

Since working together on TVB series "Pearl of the Orient", Liza and Susanna have become good friends and almost sisters. At the event, Susanna presented Liza with a gold watch and she wore a matching silver one herself. She explains that this is a return gift after Liza bought her a handbag from her European travels. Liza says that Susanna's performance in the new series is quite good and she stands a chance of winning the 'Most Improved' award. Next year, it will be Liza's 40th anniversary in showbiz and also her 60th birthday, so she plans to hold a concert and as she will be quite busy then, she may not have time to do special shows and she does not want a big celebration.

Fen Nei talked on the stage about the breakdown in her marriage and suddenly became quite emotional as she indicated she will be making a total comeback in showbiz. She says that after her divorce nine years ago, she has felt very trapped and the worst thing was seeing her two children and becoming depressed. The doctors told her that she did not need medication, but had to stay happy, so in order to find her new direction in life, she hopes to do more work and crawl out from her hideaway and she has already seen improvement.

Adam is a great supporter of environmentally friendly cars as he thinks it is a great concept that will save you tax too. Asked if he will consider buying one, he says he does not mind because he does not like driving fast anyway, but he does not have enough money to buy a car!


[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 12/10/06]

Yoyo Mung and Melissa Ng at Moiselle Promotion

Yoyo Mung and Melissa Ng were guest models at the Moiselle 06 Autumn/Winter show earlier, showing off the new fashions with supermodels such as Balia Chan. Yoyo modelled a cool black seethrough number at the start and ended the show in a pure white dress that resembled a wedding gown, but her expression was a little melancholic. Afterwards, she explained that she had not finished preparing, but the music had started and so she was pushed onto the stage by the crew and so she felt a little uncomfortable, especially as she was not wearing a bra.

Asked if she felt that the dress was reflective of her recent romance with Ekin Cheng, Yoyo explained: "This is not a wedding gown, so there are no special feelings." When she heard the reporters referring to her as 'Mrs Ekin', she immediately replied: "No, my name is Yoyo." Since the news broke of her romance, she seems to have more jobs presented to her and asked if this news has raised her popularity, she denies this, saying that it is the effect of her new series. As for reports of a soothsayer suggesting that she and Ekin are suited to working together as a couple, she says questioningly: "I have not seen the reports, but if I have to work with Mr Cheng on the same job, I don't mind. I will get on with anyone I have to work with, unless what they do affects my image, otherwise I will not turn work down."

Despite Ada Choi being the face of Moiselle for the past nine years, her leading place was taken by a Danish model at the event. Company boss Mrs Chan indicated that Ada's contract had ended with them and it was time for some new blood and a foreign face would make the brand more international. Asked how her relationship was with Ada, Mrs Chan says: "I don't know, but we will not rule out future co-operation." She also says that they have more than one spokesmodel and she feels that Yoyo is quite suited to the company's styles.


[Wen Wei Po 12/10/06]

Roger Kwok and Zhang Qian - No Sparks Off Camera

Joint mainland production between Hangzhou and Shanghai production companies "Chun Can Zhi Meng" (Spring Cocoon Weaving Dreams) will be released in China soon. In this series, Roger Kwok and mainland star Zhang Qian worked together fir the first time in a light comedy set in the early Nationalist period. There was plenty of onscreen chemistry between the two as they filmed with the beautiful backdrop of Guangxi and they shared many laughs and happiness together.

The silk industry has a long history in China and played an important part in the development of Chinese culture and economy as the cultivation of silkworm and the weaving skills combined together created a beautiful traditional craft. The series uses this as a theme and tells of a silk merchant encountering the love and hardship of the Zi Shu Nu spinsters, who dedicated their lives to their work. The story also brings to light some of the unsung heroes of the silk industry over the ages.

Roger and Zhang play a pair of torn lovers who overcome many obstacles to be together in the end. During filming, they spent three long months in Guangxi, but Roger was happy with this because he said he got 8 hours of sleep a day and filming finished at a reasonable hour. He also gave up drinking milk tea, taking up yogurt drinks and eating porridge and vegetables, so he feels a lot healthier. Zhang caused some amusement because she thought there would be very few shops in Guangxi and she brought with her a huge box of shampoo, face masks, skincare products and cup noodles. However when she arrived, she found that there were plenty of supermarkets and she regretted bringing so much stuff with her.

Being separated from their other halves for three months, did they miss their partners? They both said there were no problems because their respective partners were aware of their work and they were busy too, so they kept in touch using the telephone and text messages. With their relationships so strong, then no wonder there were no rumours or offscreen sparks reported during their filming.


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