Wednesday, October 04, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 05/10/06]

Yoyo Drops by at Ekin's Birthday Celebration

Ekin Cheng celebrated his birthday yesterday and at around 7pm, he had booked two tables at a hotpot restaurant and invited some friends to join him. Despite saying in advance that she may not attend due to work commitments, Yoyo Mung was the first person there, proving her haste to see her boyfriend. She brought champagne, a cake and a present for him, but she would not respond to the reporters' questions, just smiling as they snapped away.

As a spokesperson for a watch brand, Ekin was presented with a limited edition watch by his sponsors. Asked what other gifts he had received, he said: "Everyone bought me badminton racquets, I have already received three. (Would you like to receive a pair of them?) No, there is no need, in badminton, there are the attacking and defensive types and I tend to be on the attack." Ekin thought for a long time when asked about his birthday wish and then said: "I wish for Hong Kong to promote badminton." When it was suggested that Chu Ling Ling also fell in love with her badminton coach, he laughed: "Next time, I will have a good understanding when I play with Ling Ling. (Do you have good understanding with her [Yoyo]?) I have a good understanding with Lai Lok Yi." At this point, Ekin's phone rang and he said it was a call from his younger sister. Asked about his thoughts on Nic Tse and Cecilia Cheung's lightning reunion and and wedding and hints of having children, Ekin says that for him it has just been splits. Asked about the news of Gigi Leung's new Frenchman boyfriend, he refused to comment.

Yoyo had previously been to a Shatin hotel to promote new series "At Home with Love" together with Halina Tam, Carlo Ng, Raymond Cho and Miguel Choi. To celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival, the cast members played a treasure hunting game in the swimming pool. Although they were sitting in a dinghy, they were sprayed with water pistols, so they ended up soaking wet. Yoyo was pushed into the water by Carlo and although she had a white swimsuit underneath her clothes, she was still eager to cover herself up with a towel. As it also happened to be Ekin's birthday, then Yoyo became the butt of everyone's jokes. During one photocall, Raymond ran over with a phone saying: "It's Mr Cheng... Lawrence Cheng!", to which Yoyo could only respond by laughing.

Asked if she would be joining Ekin for dinner and whether she will be sending him an SMS to wish him a happy birthday, Yoyo said that she had to work, but added: "As a friend, I have to be polite and send him my wishes. If I have time, I will go for the meal. (What gift have you bought him?) If I can go to dinner, it is already a generous gift." With the reminders of Ekin's 'memorable birthday' (where he emerged from Gigi's home and announced their romance to the press), is Yoyo going to give him a repeat of that experience? She was stunned for a short while before smiling: "Are you not interviewing me today? I am having a great time at the promo today, but when Carlo pushed me in the water, I swore to seek my revenge. (Will you be spending mid-autumn with your lover?) I will be going for a meal with my family at mid-autumn, it is the same every year."


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