Saturday, October 14, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Wen Wei Po 15/10/06]

"Land of Wealth" Stars Hand out Cake to Diners

TVB Series "Land of Wealth" will be airing its final episode on Saturday and a group of cast members including Moses Chan, Steven Ma and Tavia Yeung took part in a promotional event yesterday in a Tseung Kwan O restaurant, attracting the attentions of many diners, whom they handed out snacks to. In a frenzied atmosphere, Moses seemed to be the most popular, as the public asked to shake his hand and a granny even went to have her photo take with his hand on her shoulder. Tavia was protected by a female security officer throughout the event to avoid a repeat of the Ella Koon incident.

After the event, the artistes stayed in the restaurant for lunch, but as there were no private rooms free, they were subjected to stares and comments from the public. Moses smiles that he is used to this and often hears people telling him how handsome he is. Asked if he has been touched by over-zealous fans, he says he has never experienced this, but when he was in Australia, a preacher was speaking to him on the bus about religion and then started stroking his thigh. Moses was so shocked that he immediately froze and then pushed his hand away before getting off the bus before it had reached his stop. He says that the worst incident was when he was a model, he had his underpants stolen when he was in a gym and had to leave with just his trousers on. He laughs: "A friend of mine has had an even worse experience, when he returned to the locker after having a shower, there was a rose left there for him!"

Tavia indicates that she was very shocked to hear about Ella's incident and feels lucky that her fans are all very good and have never overstepped the boundaries. She says: "My fans just ask me to shake their hand and once in China, I had my hands in my pockets and they pulled them out to shake them, but they did not do it with malice." However, she says that Ella's incident has warned her to make sure she has underclothes and to be careful about the people around you.

There have been internet reports that Bosco Wong was spotted taking advantage of Fala Chan in a recent episode of "King of Games" where he was touching and stroking her hand. Afterwards, he had explained that they had touched a little as part of the game and Tavia supports Bosco, who plays her husband in their series currently filming "Storm in a Pool", saying: "He does it to men and women, young and old and he is just being playful, so I would not say he is taking advantage of her. However, when I go to work later, I will warn him and teach him to put his hands in front and not let them wander." Asked if she was teaching him on behalf of his rumoured girlfriend Myolie Wu, Tavia laughs: "Yes, yes..." before correcting her and saying: "I am teaching him on behalf of his manager Tina, they have the same manager so they are like brother and sister. I won't say any more because the more I say the worse it sounds." Tavia then changes the subject and says: "He has a dog, so he is used to the gesture. Fala is not an easy person, so she would say something if she was unhappy."

Talking of the anniversary awards, Tavia says that she thinks Myolie will win because although her show has not yet aired, there is already some hype about it. However, she will not put herself down and she will still support her own work. She says: "I will not wish too hard for an award, as there are plenty of people who are better than me, so I will just go with a peaceful heart. If I do win, I will be very surprised and happy, so happy I would go mad!" As for the male artiste award, she thinks Moses will win.

Steven will begin working on a new series next month with Bernice Liu themed around dance and although he has taken a few lessons in waltz in the past, Bernice is a professional dancer, so to avoid looking out of her league as her partner, he is currently looking for a teacher to continue his lessons. Steven points out that he will ask Bernice along to his lessons, so he wishes to point out first that this engagement is for professional reasons only. He will also be growing his hair so that he can wear a ponytail in a fresh new look.

Steven laughs: "I have measured my height against Bernice and I will have a pair of shoes made that raises my height by 2 inches to avoid her being taller than me." Steven has had many dance performances in the past, most recently working with Rain Li, when he was rumoured to have touched her sensitive regions. In response to this, he says: "When you dance, you will come into contact with the other person and I am not a professional dancer, so I will try to do as the teacher requires. However I am very relaxed this time working with Bernice because she is a dancer and understands the contact that is needed, so we can dance freely and I hope we can do a very carefree Latin dance."

Talking of this year's anniversary awards, Steven hopes that his role in "Safe Guards" will make him one of the 'Most Favourite Television Characters' this year, however he is also quite confident of his chances in the 'Best Actor' category. He says: "I think Kevin (Cheng) stands a good chance of winning because he has been through so much and has found success now, so I hope he wins. Of course I hope that I win, the best would be if we could both win. (Bowie Lam wants to win too?) It doesn't matter, everyone in acting wants to win it, but healthy competition is a good thing and to aim for the award is a great motivational force. We can compete against each other but also support each other and we all share hugs no matter who wins." As for the 'Best Actress' award, Steven thinks it is a battle between Charmaine Sheh and Ada Choi and he thinks the 'Most Improved' awards will go to Linda Chung and Kenneth Ma.


[Ta Kung Pao 15/10/06]

Sonija Kwok wraps up to Avoid Assault

Jordan Chan, Sonija Kwok, Kenny Wong and Francis Ng took part in a promotional event for Wong Jing's new film "Wo Hu" yesterday and they had been arranged to play games on stage with the public. Sonija was not worried about a repeat of the Ella Koon incident because she had covered herself up and the organisers had screened the participants and chosen mainly females.

With reports about Bosco Wong's alleged improper contact with Fala Chen, Sonija idnicated she did not know him very well, but people were probably being oversensitive. Usually when she plays games, she will communicate with the male artistes and she believes that Bosco and Fala know each other quite well. Kenny does not know Bosco very well either, but says that when he plays games with female artistes, he will try to be very careful and keep his distance. He believes that Bosco did not mean it and he will not do such a thing in the studios.

Jordan was asked about his recent comment on a radio interview that 'it is best for those who get married not to divorce' and whether this was targeted at ex-girlfriend Cecilia Cheung and her newlywed husband Nic Tse. Jordan says that they split five or six years ago, but the media are forcefully dragging their news back together again. He laughs: "I have been back on the right track for five or six yedars, but the press just keep pushing my train back."


[Wen Wei Po 15/10/06]

Joe Ma is Confident of Anniversary Award

Joe Ma, Rain Li and Takuya Suzuki took part in the "Lan Kwai Fong Beautiful Girls Cooking Contest", where they were guest judges. Takuya was particularly scared that the food cooked by the girls would be horrible.

Takuya indicates that he can cook and his favourite foods are Japanese curry and spaghetti. He says: "Sometimes I will invite my friends to eat at my home and I often cook for myself." He has recently taken part in many events and filmed a lot and he is working hard to learn Cantonese."

There were reports yesterday that Joe Ma is currently topping the internet polls as a favourite to win this year's TVB Anniversary award for 'Best Actor. He is very happy for the support of the audience, but he will not put additional pressure on himself. Joe says: "I have a good feeling about my role in 'Maiden's Vow' because playing characters in four different periods was a breakthrough for me." He is confident that he will win an award and says that artistes tend to be too polite, but he feels that everyone has to have some confidence in themselves to be able to play their roles convincingly. As for the female award, he is confident that his co-star in "Maiden's Vow" Charmaine Sheh will take it. He says: "I have always liked Charmaine's acting and I think she is very talented."

Rain indicates that she has been suffering from fainting due to low blood pressure and low blood sugar as a result of her menstruation. She says: "I suddenly fainted in the street and this is the first time I have done this and I banged my face. I am fine now, but I cannot emphasis my expressions too much."


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