Tuesday, October 10, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 11/10/06]

Sir Run Run and 100 stars begin TVB Anniversary Celebrations

The lighting up ceremony and press conference was held yesterday, marking the start of TVB's 39th Anniversary celebrations at Tseung Kwan O's TVB City. Accompanied by Miss Hong Kong winner Aimee Chan, Sir Run Run Shaw was in high spirits as he took part in proceedings. With TVB Divas Liza Wang and Carol Cheng at his side, he lit up the stage and over a hundred artistes were present in an atmospheric occasion. Guest performers for the event were Leo Ku and Joey Yung.

At the main switch on, the front row of artistes were all female stars. On Liza Wang's side were Ada Choi, Melissa Ng, Sheren Tang, Niki Chow, Louisa So and Christine Ng. On Carol's side were Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu, Yoyo Mung, Bernice Liu, Linda Chung and Tavia Yeung. Bowie Lam and Roger Kwok were at the centre of the second row. In one act, stars from new series "Pearl of the Orient" Liza, Charmaine and Roger performed a song and dance routine and the cast from "Welcome to the House" also put on a comedy sketch item.

Liza's series "Pearl of the Orient" will begin airing in November and so will not be included in this year's nominations for the anniversary awards. Liza says she does not mind because she has done her best already and she does not want to think too much. She supports Charmaine to win this year's 'Best Female Artiste' award, because she played four different characters in "Maiden's Vow" and this was quite unusual. Although Myolie is also not bad, her series has not yet aired and as people have only seen her look, they do not know how her performance is yet.

With Liza's support, Charmaine does not feel any pressure, but she is thankful for the encouragement and hopes not to disappoint Liza. Talking of her strong opposition from Myolie, Charmaine does not feel this as she says all of the nominees are strong opponents. With more reports of her having dinner with executives and exchanging new contracts for awards, Charmaine says she just finds this all very funny because she still has two years to run on her contract and the meal was just normal dining out.

Myolie was dressed in a sexy outfit for the occasion in a deep V neckline and backless dress. She smiles that she still does not have a perfect figure, but over the past few months, she has shown off her body no matter if she is fat or slim. With five nominations last year, but just one this year, Myolie does not feel her chances are reduced because she hopes to win with just the one chance. However, she does agree with Liza's comments. She predicts that there will be a lot of gossip about conflicts in the anniversary month, but she will not take notice of it and she does not feel anything about it.

This is the second time that Leo has been the guest at the lighting up ceremony and there are rumours that he has well and truly kicked out TVB's Godson Hacken Lee and that he will have a chance to take the Male Singer award at the end of the year. He insists that this is two separate things and people should not read too much into it. He also says that the words 'kick out' are very negative and should not be used because everything is arranged as work and he has not thought about winning awards as he will just go with the flow. Asked about reports that her three properties total $82 million, Joey immediately replied: "Don't make me happy, I am afraid of a falling property market. My mother looks after my investments and she knows how to do it. I don't pay much attention, but the upkeep of the three properties is too high, so I am planning to sell the apartment in Happy Valley."

Roger celebrated his birthday with his wife Cindy Au and a group of friends earlier in a Wanchai Japanese restaurant, but he was not in a good mood when he saw the press. However, he still posed for photographs with his wife.


Em's note: More great photos from this event can be found here: http://www.atchinese.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=23438&Itemid=91 - thanks to Rana and Ennis for the link!

[Ta Kung Pao 11/10/06]

Joe Ma turns Celebrity Chef

Joe Ma will be stepping up into literary circles as he releases his cookbook "Joe's Kitchen". A press conference was held yesterday to announce that the book will be released at the end of the year. In the book, Joe will be introducing 44 Italian recipes. He has been able to cook since he was 11 or 12 years old and he has also learned to cook from a real chef. He did think about becoming a chef after becoming an actor, but in the end, he decided that he loved acting more.

At the event, Joe demonstrated his skills by cooking 'Herb and Sardine Rolls' and he seemed very professional. He indicated that his best dish was 'Sea Urchin baked with Lobster' and his reason for releasing this book was to show more people that he does know how to cook. Many of his friends have tried his cooking and he has had many raving reviews. Asked if he cooked more than his wife at home, Joe says that it was the maid who did most of the cooking. So has he risen to the heights of a writer with his new book? Joe laughs that he daren't call himself that, but he just wanted to try some new things. However, he does not have plans to open his own restaurant just yet because the rent is too high. If he was do do this, he would choose to open a hotpot restaurant in France, because there is nothing like that there.


[The Sun 11/10/06]

Tavia Yeung will not have an Affair

Tavia Yeung has been filming recently for TVB series "Storm in a Pool" where she plays a married model, whose relationship breaks down because of her work and in the end she has an affair. However, in real life, Tavia is very devoted and will never have a lover behind her husband's back. She says: "I am very afraid of complicated matters, so triangular or rectangular affairs are not right for me. I am very faithful to the end, so I will never have two relationships at the same time."

As for whether she has met with a boyfriend having an affair, Tavia says: "No! I am lucky and never encountered this, but if I found that a partner was unfaithful, I would definitely leave him." Talking of her current love life, Tavia describes it as a whitewash as she is busy concentrating on filming and she will leave it up to fate.


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