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[Ta Kung Pao 28/10/06]

Linda Denies Rumours with Raymond

Michael Tse and Linda Chung were filming at TVB City yesterday for new series "Gambler Yi Takes a Wife" and Linda has been juggling her time between two series recently as she is also filming for "Storm in a Pool" simultaneously. On the set of "Storm", there have been rumours that she has been upsetting people and also sending a barrage of SMS to Raymond Lam. Yesterday, she explained this, saying: "It is all not true. My phone was faulty on that day, so I had to keep pressing the buttons on it. I really wanted to call my mother and I was not sending messages." As she is starring alongside Raymond in the series, she knows that these rumours will affect them, so she has to clarify things first.

In this series, Michael is often being slapped and they often give their full force into it. Michael does not find this hard though and says lightly: "I am fine after the shoot, it is not too hard." Michael was teasing Linda on set yesterday, calling her 'pretty girl' and then saying cheekily: "She is my wife in the show, so I have to give her some compliments."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 28/10/06]

TVB and Disney have Halloween Special

TVB artistes Lai Lok Yi, Matthew Ko, Suki Chui, Nancy Wu and Elaine Yiu were invited to help promote the Halloween events at Hong Kong Disneyland yesterday, where they joined Mickey and Minnie in their Halloween Fancy Dress and a giant Pumpkin. After exchanging souvenirs, the five stars took part in the parade and greeted the other visitors. Lok Yi indicated afterwards that he was very happy because has watched the parade many times before, but this is the first time he has taken part and he feels like a Prince.

Suki loves Minnie Mouse and says she is very cute. Asked about what she thought about earlier reports of secret clips of the Disneyland staff getting changed being posted on the internet, Suki says she has not seen the reports and says that this does not change her impression of the park. She smiles: "This is a very one-sided story." For Halloween this year, Suki will be wearing a wig and partying with her friends. She smiles that last year, she played a white haired ghost and when she took the MTR to meet her friends, she scared many people on the train. Asked if her boyfriend will join her, she says: "I like to go out with my friends. (Is he too mature for these things?) I choose to go with my friends and he understands. (Without your boyfriend with you are you not afraid of being taken advantage of?) My friends will protect me."

Matthew says that he almost lost his life at a Disney theme park becuase his mother went on the Space Mountain ride when she was carrying him. He laughs: "At the time, my mother had already given birth to my sister, so she felt it was fine to go on these rides when she was pregnant with me. Fortunately, I was not shaken out." Having lived abroad, Matthew has celebrated Halloween in the past, when he would go to the woods to scare people. He also went trick or treating, but as he was already 5 ft 7 at the age of 12, people thought he was 17 or 18 and scolded him.

Although she has split up with Deep Ng now, Nancy is still not worried abou the crowds at Halloween and she will be joining friends to party at Lan Kwai Fong. Is she not afraid of being taken advantage of? She says: "I will make myself look very unattractive, that way people will not come near me. (Will you find a new boyfriend to protect you?) A big group of friends will protect me and I am busy with two series at the moment with another one starting in November, so I don't have time for dating at the moment."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 28/10/06]

Andy Hui Prepares Gift of $10 notes for Hacken's Wedding

Jenny Tseng, Hacken Lee, Andy Hui and Myolie Wu took part in the blessing ceremony for a forthcoming charity show and Hacken showered Andy with praises for his performance in "To Grow With Love". Andy says: "I would prefer to go to a wedding banquet though!" Asked if he will be inviting Andy, Hacken says swiftly: "Of course! I have known him for over ten years and there are not many of us left. I hope he will have a weighty gift for us!" Hearing this, Andy smiled: "Yes, I will prepare a big pile of $10 notes."

Working with a veteran on this show as great as Jenny, Hacken says it is like striking gold and he is quite nervous. With Jenny's figure the centre of media focus, Hacken says that he is has not paid attention to this and just feels that her voice is amazing. When the reporters asked about his wedding plans,he immediately changed the subject, but admits that he has received a lot of congratulations lately.

Andy is happy with the ratings for "To Grow With Love" and the theme song duet with Myolie 'Beautifully Ugly' will be recorded on the Second Edition of his new album. With critics on the net commenting that Myolie did not sing very well, he says: "The most important thing is that the song is lovely. Myolie has already tried very hard to sing it and everyone will have their opinions on whether the song is good or not." Talking of the rumours that Myolie did not invite him to her premiere party, Andy says: "I have already responded to this. (There are suggestions some of your scenes were cut and more of Kenneth's were added?) I have the same screentime and I will just treat these reports as a joke."

Myolie is also very pleased with the ratings and in response to criticisms about Andy's acting, she believes that Andy did very well and these comments are very unfair. As for not inviting Andy to her party, Myolie says that the producer did ask him, but he was busy. She says: "He is the male lead, so how could we not ask him?" She also asks the press not to write any more about Andy courting her because there is no such thing. Asked if the 'real one' was jealous, Myolie says: "I have no 'real one', this is just unfair to Andy."


[The Sun 28/10/06]

Tavia Yeung picks up Yoyo Mung's job

Rain Li and Tavia Yeung took part in a fashion show at the Dragon Centre yesterday entitled "Sparkling on Ice" as guest models. Originally the show was planned for Rain to be partnered by Yoyo Mung, but Tavia appered instead.

Tavia was unaware that she had been called in as a replacement for Yoyo and says: "I received a call to do this fashion show only two days ago. (It was supposed to be Yoyo Mung?) Really? I didn't know! The company asked me to do it and I am still very happy about it. (Second hand job?) I am not worried about that, after all it is a great experience and I should be honoured by that." The organiser's PR representative explained that they had originally planned for Yoyo to take part in this event, but they were notified by TVB this week that her schedules clashed and offered us four other artistes to select from. In the end, we chose Tavia and this has nothing to do with money. Yoyo's manager also responds: "Yoyo's schedule clashed with the event, so she could not take part. We have contacted the organisers already. Tavia is also one of our artistes and we have agreed this, so there is no problem. (How about the fee?) This has also been agreed."

Rain was also curious when she arrived at the event: "I didn't know why, but they probably have their reasons. I just do my job."


[Apple Daily 27/10/06]
(thanks to lili for providing original article)

Confident of Popularity - Fala Chen

After a little incident on TVB's "King of Games", Fala Chen has raised her profile recently. Growing up from an early age in America, her Chinese is limited and after joining TVB, she has taken part in a number of productions, but Fala's greatest wish is to become an Ancient Beauty, so she is working hard at her pronunciation and ready for always on standby. 24-year old Fala has had her string of gossip, firstly with Bosco Wong and then later with Joey Leung and many viewers may only remember her for this and find her performances a little hazy.

Fala represented New York at the Miss Chinese International Pageant last year and beat Hong Kong's Kate Tsui to take the first runner up position. After joining TVB, she has filmed several series, but apart from "Forensic Heroes", "Psychic Cop" and "Housewife Army" are yet to air and "Storm in a Pool" is still being filmed.

Fala says: "I was very very happy filming for this series because I have improved my Cantonese and everyone was very friendly, especially Raymond Lam who treated me very well and has helped me so much." Growing up in the states has left her with a limited grasp of Chinese, so after coming to Hong Kong to develop her career, she has had more opportunity to speak and listen to the language and she has found improvement. She says: "I can now read the scripts slowly, but I would like my Cantonese to be totally without an accent. Then I would like the company to cast me in an ancient drama because I would like to play an ancient beauty."

In her family, Fala is an only child and working in Hong Kong now, she says she is used to life on her own. She says: "I am quite a boring person normally and I rarely go out when I am not working. I just like to stay at home and read. Without my mother at my side, I am missing her so I can only fly back when I have time to see her."


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