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[Ta Kung Pao 24/10/06]

Kenny Wong has no fears of New Competition - Aimee Chan heading to Beijing for Watch Promo - Vanessa Yeung joins TVB

TVB Pearl's ratings for the popular American show "Prison Break" have seen a steady rise, with the first seven episodes amassing a total of 1.6 million viewings, breaking the record held by the X-files for the highest rated English-language show in Hong Kong. To celebrate this achievement, TVB Pearl held a special party yesterday and invited Miss Hong Kong Aimee Chan to join Rabee'a Yeung, Kenny Wong and Charmaine Li in cracking open the champagne.

During the event, Assistant Director of the Programming Dept Chan Shui Ching showed off some autographs from the show's two male leads that she had obtained from a recent Television Festival. Pearl has bought the rights to the second series of the series, so will they be inviting the stars to the promotions? Ms Chan says that they will continue to work on the invitation.

Aimee headed out to the mainland earlier on a goodwill tour, so she has not been able to tune into the series, but she will buy the DVD's to watch it because she likes to watch the series in one go and not an episode at a time, but this comment could easily be mistaken as counter-productive to the company. She will soon be flying out to Beijing, Xian and Shenyang to do a promotional event for her watch sponsors. She says that she after her parents' influence in the past, she once wanted to study in Beijing and learn about the people and culture there, but she could not fulfil her wish.

Charmaine will soon begin filming for "The Most Beautiful Seventh Day", working with Bosco Wong for the first time. With his reputation for causing gossip, Charmaine laughs that she is hoping this will not happen to her. She is a little disappointed that her part does not give her the chance to film in Japan.

In order to bring some youthfulness to its image, TVB will be launching the "TVbeople Talent Search", open to young people between the age of 18 and 25 to take part with the prize of a two year performer's contract and a minimum of 3650 seconds of screen time per year. After his appearance at the "Prison Break" event, Kenny rushed to his second engagement of the day at the release of this event, where he joined Sharon Chan, Elaine Yiu and Kenneth Ma on the catwalk to show off their individuality. The event was also attended by TVB executives Virginia Lok and Tsang Sing Ming as well as TVB's new signing, model Vanessa Yeung. Mr Tsang indicates that this competition is a quest to find more new faces and there will be first, second, third and commendation prizes. Even if your looks are not up to scratch, if you have a good voice, you may still be picked for the commentary positions.

Kenny said openly that if he finds anyone suitable, he will encourage them to take part in the contest. He feels that it is a good thing to have more of these talent contests because it allows more avenues for young people to break into the industry. Is he not worried about added competition for work? He smiles: "No, it is more fun with more people and most artistes like to work with newcomers because they have lots of ideas and can create some new sparks and chemistry." He is currently filming a movie about the the mafia called 'Dark Power' and asked about the reports of a six-year old interrogating high school students with black magic, he asks what is the world coming to. He says that children mature far too soon nowadays. He adds that in his film, he will not be playing a triad gang member, but someone who is being victimised.

With this year's anniversary awards looming, the hot favourites for the Best Actress Award are Charmaine Sheh and Myolie Wu. When asked who she supported, Ms Lok said: "They are both good. (There are rumours that it has been decided they will receive an award each?) Can it be decided already, we haven't even voted yet! (But the company is going against Charmaine?) Not at all, Charmaine has not complained to me. (Are you supporting her?) Of course I will support her. (Because you go to meals with her regularly?) I go to meals with all the artistes, just that you don't see them all." She also reveals that there will be an artistes dinner next month on the 6th, when Charmaine and Myolie will both be present. As for the Actors award, she says it is very difficult to choose and with the suggestion of the top three by the media, Ms Lok says: "There is a top five in my mind!"

Supermodel Vanessa Yeung has signed a 'per-series' contract with TVB in July and was asked at the event whether her signing was because she wants to try her hand at acting, She indicates that she is just hosting a lifestyle property show and is still primarily working as a model, but if there is a suitable role, she will try it. She smiles: "I have heard that you don't get much sleep when you film series, but I need eight hours sleep per night and if I don't get enough, I will not function properly. As a result I would be quite worried about filming series and I hope they will give me a few month's notice in advance so I can train myself to sleep less."

In her role as host for her show, Vanessa has the chance to visit many luxury homes and at first she felt a little disheartened because her own home is so small, like a shoebox in comparison, but nowshe feels that as long as it is your home, it doesn't matter if it is large or small. She says: "I don't know how to invest, so I will buy an apartment. (How many do you have now?) One and a half, one is my own home and one is party owned by my parents, so only counts as a half. I hope that I can have properties in many places in the world. My next plan would be to buy a home in my hometown of Shanghai and then a chateau in France, so I have to work hard and earn some money."

Asked about the news that fellow model Cathy Tsui will marry into a rich family next January, she replied carefully: "She has not told me directly, but I have watched her since she entered the industry at the age of 14 and she is very sweet. If she sends me an invitation, then I will definitely support her. To find the right partner in life, I wish her the best of luck and happiness."


[Ta Kung Pao 24/10/06]

Sonija Kwok: Heart Shaped Steaks means I will Marry

Sonija Kwok and Jolie Chan took part in the opening ceremony for a restaurant in Aberdeen yesterday. Wearing low cut gowns, they showed off some of their own culinary skills as Sonija demonstrated a dish of French Duck Liver Pate and Garoupa fish and Jolie made a Seafood Paella. Sonija's cooking is not bad and she seemed quite professional yesterday, compared to Jolie who was a little clumsy and was scalded a little by the oil.

Sonija says that when she was studying in Canada, she often cooked but she has very little opportunity now. When she was 18, she made a heart shaped steak and a special doll for her boyfriend then, but she has heard recently through friends that he is happily married and has children now. Sonija says that the men around her all say that if their girlfriend could cook, she would score more points and she says that if she makes another heart shaped steak, then it means that she will be getting married. She admits that she would like to get married and does not rule out a lightning wedding. Sonija also reveals that she is already preparing her outfit for the TVB anniversary and looking for jewellery sponsors. As for the reports that everyone is turning against Charmaine and supporting Myolie in this year's awards contest, Sonija says she does not look at these reports because they are both her good friends and she will be happy whoever wins. She also hopes that she can win an award, but she is still waiting for her destiny.

Jolie indicated that her cooking is not up to scratch because when she was studying in America, she and her friends loved to eat but were too lazy to cook, so they would buy in a lot of food and eat it over three days. Asked if she was worried about not being able to marry, she says she is not worried because she knows how to make spaghetti and cookies and if she finds a good husband then he will have servants to cook for her!


[The Sun 24/10/06]

Sneak Preview to Anniversary Plans

The annual TVB Anniversary Extravaganza will take place on 19th November and many of the acts for the night have already been confirmed. These include a special edition of "Beautiful Cooking", featuring the TVB 'Big Sisters' Liza Wang, Carol Cheng and Nancy Sit cooking some very expensive abalone, ginseng, sharks fin and fish stomach. Some leading males and females will join together for a 'celebrity parade' with the hosts and some human waxworks of classical figures. There will also be a singing showdown between the artistes in "All About Men vs Lady in Red".

The MC's for the night have been comfirmed as Eric Tsang, Nat Chan, Carol Cheng, Liza Wang, Amigo chui and Anna Yau. As she is still recovering in hospital, Lydia Shum will be absent this year. Eric will be dressing as a woman to dance with the handsome males and experience for himself how hard it is to be a woman.


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