Saturday, October 21, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 22/10/06]

Steven Ma and Louisa So at Cookery Event

Steven Ma and Louisa So were guests at a promotional event for Towngas and as well as performing a song, Steven joined Louisa in handing out puddings to the public. It will be Steven's birthday on the 26th and has fans appeared at yesterday's event to present him with an early birthday cake as a gift.

Steven has been busy filming recently so he does not know if he has to work on his birthday. If he has time, he will call his friends out to go and drink red wine. Steven has already started receiving gifts, including a flash and a bag for his camera that he has bought himself as a gift: "I have started studying photography recently and I think everyone will give me related presents, but I like watches and collect them, so if someone dares to give me a watch worth $100,000 or $200,000, I will be happy to accept!" In recent years, Steven has lost touch with some old friends and colleagues, so he hopes that he can take the opportunity on his birthday to find people's latest contact numbers from their birthday cards and messages.

Steven was dressed as a chef for the event and he is quite a good cook himself because his father taught him to cook from an early age. However, he will not force his girlfriend to cook because the women of today concentrate too much on their careers to step into the kitchen. If she is able to cook, then Steven sees this as a bonus. Talking of the anniversary awards and the rumours surrounding Charmaine Sheh and Myolie Wu, Steven jokes: "I don't think the station is against Charmaine, otherwise the 'snakes' would be everywhere!* This kind of news appears every year and there is no reason that you will get an award for renewing your contract. If that was the case, I would have an award! As for the dinners for awards, there aren't that many awards to give out!"

Louisa will be building on her title as "Beautiful Cooking Goddess" and will be releasing her cookery book in December. The words and photographs have all been completed now and are being laid out and edited. She says happily that she thought that her first book would be about acting, travel or lifestyle and never imagined it would be a cookbook. However, she says modestly: "My cooking is not as good as everyone thinks it is, just kindergarten level and I am just an artiste who is interested in cooking, so I am not worried about any pressure."

With a nomination for her role in "Men in Pain" for Best Actress at the anniversary awards, Louisa comments on the recent spate of reports, saying that they happen every year and she takes little notice of them. To be nominated is already not bad and everyone has a chance of winning, even her. She says that as long as she makes people happy, then it is fine, but if she received a surprise, it would be even better. She emphasises: "If I get an award, I will be happy, but if I don't it doesn't matter. For an artiste to act well is their duty, Chung King Fai once said that the road of an actor is long and hard and you will have to pass through many obstacles and failures before you find success and even when you do, you still have to keep working hard, so awards are a great encouragement."

With Charmaine's experience, there are suggestions that it should be her turn to win this year, but Louisa says that awards are not about whose turn it is because there are many people in the past who should have won. She adds that Yu Mo Lin has worked for many years, but it has never been 'her turn'.

*[For the non-Cantonese speakers, 'Do Sheh' meaning 'Against Charmaine Sheh' sounds the same as 'pouring snakes'!]


[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 22/10/06]

Aimee Chan still looks Stunning in her Casuals

This year's Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan and Janet Chow were guests at the Hong Kong Open Squash Competition yesterday and with her great figure, even though she was well covered up in her casual clothes, Aimee was the centre of attention as soon as she sat down and overshadowed Janet in her pretty top.

Aimee revealed that she has taken part in a squash event before and had lessons from a professional, but she still cannot play very well. She finds it great fun though because you can play it on your own, but she still prefers to go skating or skiing as she loves the outdoors. As for recent magazine reports that fellow Miss Hong Kong winner Tracy Ip has had cosmetic surgery, she supports Tracy, saying: "She has always been very pretty and I don't think she has had surgery." After suggestions that she had breast enhancement during her own competition, what does Aimee think about surgery? She says that she does not oppose it, but the most important thing is for it to look natural. As for her figure being the focus all the time, she is not unhappy about this because she understands that everyone has something people will write about and the most important thing is that she will head towards the right direction.

With TVB's anniversary approaching, the custom in recent years is for the Miss Hong Kong winner to be one of the MC's for the event. Aimee hopes she will have the opportunity to take part, but says she has still not received notice from the company. As for the pressure of working with so many other senior MC's, she says that it will be an honour to work with them, like when she worked with Lydia Shum for the children's song awards, she found Lydia was very nice and did not scold people.


[Ta Kung Pao 22/10/06]

Myolie Laughs off Rumours as Publicity

Myolie Wu represented her DVD player sponsors at a charity auction yesterday and talking about rumours that have appeared in a magazine about Andy Hui falling for the plump Myolie whilst filming for their series and courting her with text messages, she laughs it all off as a funny story.

Although she was not too bothered about the reports, she still asked the reporters whether her photographs in the magazine looked pretty. She smiles: "The reports are getting more and more original and I never imagined there would be rumours about Andy courting me and for them to break so long after filming has finished. I don't mind these things at all, I will just treat it as publicity for the series."

With more promotional shows lined up for Myolie and Andy, is she worried that they will be awkward when they meet again? She laughs that there is nothing to worry about because the reports are just a joke. She adds: "Maybe
he does not fancy me as much now because I have slimmed down. Anyway, my cooking skills are only so-so and don't meet his standards."

When they worked together, did Myolie find him especially attentive to the girls? She laughs: "He is the same to everyone, not just the girls. He is just as attentive to the guys." She also reveals that Andy once said to her that he would like to find a girlfriend. She says: "I hope he does find someone soon! (Will you introduce him to a girl?) If there is someone suitable, I will introduce them, but I don't know what kind of girl he likes, let me ask him first."


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