Thursday, October 19, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 20/10/06]

Blessing Ceremony for 'Gambler Yi'

Anne Heung, Linda Chung and Michael Tse attended the blessing ceremony for TVB's new series "Gambler Yi takes a Wife" and Anne was asked about the recent exposure of kissing and bed pictures between Erica Yuen and her boyfriend and whether these reports would affect the reputation of the Miss Hong Kong competition. She feels it is unrelated, but there is no need for girls to take this kind of photograph, regardless of whether they are in showbiz or not. She says that for two people to date, then it should be very sweet, but there will be arguments and splits and it is no wonder that photographs like this appear on the internet so often. She says: "I will never have these photos taken and even if my boyfriend asked for them, I would refused. The boyfriend should respect the wishes of the other person."

Although Linda grew up abroad, she is still very timid and reserved and she reveals that she does not have much experience with dating and the closest contact she has had with a boyfriend is to hold his arm, so she will not make this kind of momento. Also, with the recent reports of her watching Raymond changing his trousers, Linda jokes: "When do girls watch guys getting changed? It makes me sound so perverted! The next time I see Raymond, he will be joking about it so badly."

Sheren Tang has offered her support for Michael to win the Best Actor award this year and he says happily: "She is so kind! There are plenty of good looking and talented men in the company and I have never thought I would make the top five. I think I have more chance of getting a 'Favourite Character' award, but I am thankful for everyone's support. I also hope that 'La Femme Desperado' will win an award and Sheren will take the Best Actress award."


[Ta Kung Pao 20/10/06]

Andy Support Myolie for Award

Andy Hui, Myolie Wu and Janice Wai were guests on an earlier episode of "Jade Solid Gold", where Andy and Myolie sang a duet of Andy's first ever song "Excerpts of Love". Andy will be contesting the Best Actor award at this year's TVB Anniversary with his performance in "Lush Fields Happy Times" and he says that if he gets into the top five, he will be very happy already. Asked if he is putting more emphasis on the 'Best Male Singer' award at the end of the year, he says that awards are 'bonuses' and of course he would be happy if he won. Asked which award he wants more, he says: "Can I be greedy?" He says that awards are down to being in the right place at the right time with the right people and he is not too confident about the male singer award and he just wants to be part of it.

As for Myolie causing a stir even before her series has aired, a lot of competition has arisen between her and Charmaine Sheh. There have been reports earlier that Charmaine was putting Myolie down to raise her own profile and causing a heated response as colleagues rose to support Myolie. Andy was asked if he will support 'Fat Myolie'? He says that he does not watch TV much so he does not know about other artistes' performances, but after working with Myolie, he feels that she is worthy of the award. He also says that these rumours arise every year and everyone should relax a little and happily work for TVB.

Myolie does not believe these reports and says: "I believe that Charmaine will not do this. Her acting is so good and does not need to bribe the executives. This news appears every year and maybe everyone else is more excited than the nominees themselves. I don't think about it too much. (Charmaine wins on length of serice, do you think this should dictate the awards?) Don't say that, the series has finished filming and I am working hard at slimming. I will not be at odds with Charmaine." Myolie adds that there is no need to think too much and this is all down to the company to decide, so there is no question of fairness. She is just happy to be a part of it.


[Ta Kung Pao 20/10/06]

Adam Cheng Still Strong and Active

Adam Cheng and Kate Tsui were rehearsing for a dance routine in forthcoming "Golden Songs of Our Century" concert, but although he is fast approaching sixty years of age, Adam is still strong enough to pick Kate up and pose for a photo. Asked if he has any steamy dances with Kate, he jokes that he will be totally absorbed into his work and if there is a need, he can't help it. Kate on the other hand was very nervous about her first co-operation with Adam and she says she is not worried about falling, she is just worried about it being hard work for Adam. Although she has limited stage experience, she believes that Adam will look after him and hopes that the performance will be good.

Adam called his daughter Joyce earlier and found out that former wife Lydia Shum's condition is under control and improving, but she did not mention when Lydia will be discharged from hospital. Adam also reveals that his wife Koon Ching Wah is still angry at him and forcing him to go shopping with her, because it was her birthday in September, but she has still not found a suitable gift. He says: "She has to choose a gift herself and I cannot control the finances. So out of control." As for the income from the concert, he says: "I don't know if there will be an income, but if there is anything, I will give it to her to put into the bank, she has always had control of the finances. (Are you not worried about upsetting your wife?) I am respecting her. I do not have time to deal with the money because I am too busy working." Adam laughs that when he runs out of money in his wallet, he has to ask his wife for more money and she tells him that one or two thousand dollars is enough, so he laughs he cannot be a true celebrity.


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