Wednesday, October 18, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 19/10/06]

Bosco Keeps his hands on his Sword to avoid rumours

Bosco Wong, Ella Koon and model Amanda Strang were dressed up as a pirate and elegant ladies respectively at a promotional event earlier and Ella's outfit was noticeably very reserved, but when the wind caught Amanda's skirt it left her screaming out with surprise. With the wind rocking the boat about a bit, they struggled to stay standing and relied on the treasure chests for support.

After his earlier episode on gameshow 'King of Games', where he was alleged to have stroked Fala Chen on her arm, Bosco kept his hands securely on his pirate sword at this event. Asked if he was unhappy about the reports, he says he is not and he just finds it amusing. Fala herself has said that nothing happened, so he feels that there is no need for people to keep mentioning it. He says: "I did not take advantage of her, when I see close friends, then I will be very warm and put my arm on their shoulder. Maybe this caused misunderstanding, so I will be more careful next time." As for Tavia Yeung's earlier joke that she was telling him off on behalf of Myolie Wu, he laughs that she was just joking.

After Ella's earlier attack, before the show, Bosco asked how she was. With so many reports about crazy fans lately, including the most recent reports of Korean band TVXQ being admitted to hospital after drinking glue in a drink given to them by fans, Bosco says that he has never met with this situation and the most he has encountered is a fan asking for a kiss and this was just being friendly.


[Ta Kung Pao 18/10/06]

Angela Tong buys a large home for her parents' short trips

Angela Tong took part in a beauty product promotion yesterday where she went on stage to sing "My Pride". Asked how much her fee was, she laughed that she needed to ask her manager, but she does love to sing live because she can gauge the reactions from the audience.

Angela has just finished filming her new series "Murder City Plot" and as her parents have now sold their restaurant in Canada and formally retired, they will be returning to Hong Kong to stay for a short time, so she will take time out to spend with them. Angela says: "My parents will continue to fly between the two places because my father is not used to the hot weather in Hong Kong. (So will you have a bigger burden in the future?) No, they will be very thrifty. (Will you move into a larger home?) I have planned for them to come and stay very early on, so even before filming for 'Life Made Simple', I had bought a 1,300 square foot home with great fung shui and it is very lucky for me."

Talking of TVB's female lead award, Angela thinks it will be a challenge between Charmaine Sheh and Myolie Wu and as for the rumours that everyone at TVB is turning against Charmaine and supporting Myolie, she says that not everyone there thinks the same and it is just someone stirring the news. She smiles: "They will not victimise one person, but to have competition is a good thing and I hope that everyone will choose my show!" Angela feels that she has put on weight recently, so in order to be at her best for the Anniversary, she has strated her keep fit regime.


[Ta Kung Pao 18/10/06]

Maggie Siu is Nervous on the Catwalk

Maggie Siu appeared as a guest model at an Autumn/Winter fashion event earlier alongside many seasoned models such as Hung Doi Lam, Gaile Lok, Rosemary, Lisa S and Tricia Chan. There were many leaves laid out on the stage and Maggie indicates that during rehearsals, she accidentally slipped up, so she was especially careful when she did it for real. She seemed very nervous as she walked out in the show and she explains: "I have not walked the catwalk for a long time now, so I was very nervous." With Maggie praising how good the models' figures were, she was asked if she felt any pressure from them. She says frankly that she did not feel any pressure and they were very friendly and helped by teaching her some techniques, telling her to be natural. She laughs: "Before they get changed they are very friendly, but as soon as they have the clothes on, then they all suddenly have the model's air."

Maggie's 'holes in front'outfit was designed especially for her by an Italian designer. When it was pointed out that she was enhancing her breasts with the clothes, Maggie said that she should show off her feminine beauty. Asked if she has sexiness bottom line, Maggie says that this is still within her limits and she can accept even sexier outfit. As for magazine reports that people are supporting Myolie over Charmaine for this year's anniversary awards, Maggie says: "I have not heard this, probably just another story. (Who do you think will win?) Everyone is good and and the competition is tough because the standards are quite level. I have not been nominated this year and will not start filming on my next series until January."


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