Sunday, October 15, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 16/10/06]

Bernice's Dogs to Marry, Raymond Looking for Romance

Bernice Liu, Raymond Lam, Toby Leung and Vincent Wong took part in a charity walk at Mai Po yesterday morning. Bernice was driven in by her chauffeur father who had earlier taken relatives to the airport, before heading into Mai Po and taking a wrong turn to the Wetlands Park and arriving late at the event, where they had to delay the start for her.

Bernice also brought her beloved dog Bailey to the event and she revealed that she will be getting married to her other dog Mac next week. As she was busy filming, she was not able to celebrate her dogs' birthdays earlier, so for their wedding, she will be sending invites to their party and having costumes made for them to have wedding photos taken. The two dogs' initials are B and M and this coincides nicely with her rumoured boyfriend Moses Chan's initial and hers, but when asked about this, she explained: "Mac is named after my favourite coffee and Bailey is named after the coffee liqueur. My sister chose the names."

This is the first time that Raymond has taken part in the start of this event and he says that he often comes to the hills around Mai Po to film ancient costume series, but rarely has time to enjoy the countryside and nature. His biggest regret in life is that he is yet to experience walking on the beach and watching the stars with a girl and he has not even had the opportunity to walk along the promenade. He says: "Even when I am in the company of Linda Chung, they will immediately say we are dating. At the time I was changing my trousers, but she was on the other side and it is all about camera angles and the person who took the photo was rather perverted." Asked if there was a chance of them developing a romance, he says he will not discount anything that could happen in the future.

Toby reveals that in the past, she has been to the fields around Mai Po to do some cultivation and she often likes to go hillwalking with her father. She finds it quite romantic as she will imagine her father to be someone who she would like to be with. She admits that she would like to date someone, because she feels lonely.


[Ta Kung Pao 16/10/06]

Ekin Cheng Wants to Produce a Sportsmen Photolog

Ekin Cheng was filming a TV ad for his camera brand sponsors yesterday together with a group of newcomers from TVB and he was immediately promoted to 'big brother' in the group. Ekin says he has worked with this sponsor for five years now and he has not requested a further fee for this ad.

Ekin was filming in a villa in Shatin and in between takes, he was playing with model aeroplanes and testing out the new models of camera. He smiles that he will be receiving one from the sponsors. Asked if he will be asking Yoyo Mung to be his model to test the camera, Ekin changed the subject and indicated that he is working on a concept for a pictorial photolog of sportsmen because he likes to take pictures of men's muscles. Asked why he does not want to snap sportswomen, he says that women have plenty of people to photograph them, so the men would be better. He admits that he would like to represent Hong Kong in a sport, but it is too late now.

Asked if he would film an ad with Yoyo for the camera brand, he looked a little embarrassed and said he did not know. Would be be against this? Ekin says that he would not mind but the most important was to see whether it was suitable and they were happy with it. Would he be happy with it? He says: "I like it a lot - I mean the camera though." The reporters went on to ask him whether he had received offers from badminton equipment sponsors to advertise for them together or even matching outfits and he quickly said: "Matching outfits are out of fashion now!" When it was pointed out that Nic Tse and Cecilia Cheung still wear them, Ekin laughs that everyone is different and he has never worn them.

Ekin also reveals that his earlier book release "My Photos Writing My Heart" has sold quite well and a Japanese edition will be released soon. He says he never imagined the sales his book would make and it has done even better than his records. However, he has not received any royalties yet and although it is not very much, he would still like to have it. In an earlier magazine interview, Gigi Leung indicated that her relationship with Ekin had smiles and tears, but Ekin said he would not respond to this. Asked if he would be happy for her new Frenchman partner, he says he will not talk about it and said he has never seen him.


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