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[Ta Kung Pao 09/10/06]

Tavia Yeung's Fresh Long-haired Look

Tavia Yeung filmed a shampoo and bodywash ad in Guangzhou earlier and in order to bring out her beauty through her hair, the sponsors had arranged for six inch extensions to be put in for her, taking the length of her hair right down to her waist. It was midnight before she left the salon.

The theme of the advertising campaign was for Tavia to be led onto the dancefloor by a handsome male model and letting her hair flow as she danced, attracting the attention of the viewer. For Tavia who does not know how to dance, she had to have a crash course in the steps an hour before the shoot, but she managed to pull it off and look professional. She said happily: "This is my first mainland ad and the sponsors were very pleased with my new look, which will give everyone a fresh feeling. The fee this time is the best I have received since I have been in the industry."

Tavia also says that the most memorable thing about this shoot was when she was filming a shower scene. After putting on the body wash, they kept spraying her with water and the aircon in the studio was quite strong, so she was freezing and her teeth kept chattering. Fortunately, everyone was very accommodating and they turned down the aircon for her and even turned on the heating. The sponsors also prepared ginger tea to avoid her catching a chill and this touched Tavia.


[Ta Kung Pao 09/10/06]

Lawrence Cheng airs his Views

TVB series "Welcome to the House" held a promotional event at Lok Fu yesterday and cast members attending included Christine Ng, Lawrence Cheng, Sharon Chan, Annie Chung and Raymond Cho. The event was coupled with a message to the public to undergo regular blood pressure checks and some of the artistes had their pressure checked at the event.

Since Ella Koon's earlier incident where she was attacked by a fan on stage, security was markedly stepped up and a human wall was formed by twelve security guards from the mall to keep order. Yesterday there were reports that DJ duo I Love You Boy'z were poking jokes at Ella's ordeal and they have been criticised heavily for being derogatory towards women.

Having worked previously at CRHK, Lawrence says that the band have always been very wild, but he feels that they should have a limit to their play. He believes that their comments, which made at a contract signing with their new record company, should provoke some action from the company, who should bear some responsibility. He feels that the company should make it clear to their artistes what can and cannot be joked about.

Lawrence also commented about Lydia Shum's intruder reports, saying that only the highest risk patients are kept in intensive care and if anything happens, it is a life at stake, so they should think about the consequences to their actions.

Sharon says that Ella's ordeal should not be joked about and she will be very careful when she meets her own fans. Commenting on recent reports about her falling out with Kingdom Yuen, Christine says she just finds it all funn. She says that people who know her will know that she is best friends with Kingdom and Almen Wong.


[Ta Kung Pao 09/10/06]

Jerry Lamb Protective of his Wife

As ambassadors for 'Respect for the Elderly', Jerry Lamb and wife Lily Hong took part in a Grandparents Day event yesterday and they met with some enthusiastic fans who asked for photographs with them. In light of recent events, Jerry was very careful to protect his wife and put his arm around her during the photos, however, Lily said she would not get too scared because she is well covered up and she is already a mother, so she should not be the target of any desperate fans. Jerry says that he has seen the film of the incident and he feels that the role of the MC is very important, but he saw the host at that event was just standing to one side holding the microphone when he should have been the first person to pull the attacker away. With his great experience of hosting events, Jerry says that he has seen many people in the audience who are a little disturbed and he will be very careful around them.

Talking of the untasteful stunt pulled by I Love You Boyz as they jokingly re-enacted Ella Koon's ordeal, as their colleague, Jerry was very evasive. Asked if he has a bottom line as a DJ, Jerry points out that he did not start out as a DJ and he just does it as a guest, but he knows that if he makes mistakes, he will be sacked. Does he think that I Love You Boy'z have overstepped the mark? He says that this is possibly a new age style of comedy, but he is very much of the old style and he follows the old rules.


[Ta Kung Pao 09/10/06]

Hacken Lee & Andy Hui Vying for TVB Affections

The Lions Club New Life Project Charity Night was held on Saturday and the guest performers included Andy Hui, Hacken Lee, Kenny Wong, Renee Tai and Johnny Yip. The show was hosted by Eric Tsang, Cutie Mui, Anna Yau and Tang Tsz Fung. As it coincided with the Mid-Autumn Festival, a giant lantern was made by the stars to celebrate.

Andy's new series "Lush Fields Happy Times" has been chosen to the be the anniversary series for TVB this year, but even before the show has begun airing,the gossip is already starting. With reports that the scene in the previews of Andy scolding Myolie Wu's character are suggestive of discrimination against fat people, Andy points out that the storyline is split into three parts. Firstly, his character hates Myolie, because he feels that she cannot hold back, but then he gradually falls for her. So how does he see fat people in real life? He feels that internal beauty is most important. Andy says that if there are problems with the thyroid, this can lead to weight gain and you have to take medication for up to six months. He knows this because his own sister suffered from this. He feels that the most important thing is to watch this series with happiness. As for the show being chosen as the anniversary series, Andy says that he gave his all during filming so he could not let anything go wrong and so he is very confident it will do well.

Talking of the intruder found in Lydia Shum's hospital room, Andy says that this is too much. He says that patients should be allowed to rest and not have to change rooms because they are worried. He also says that when his father was in hospital, he was also photographed by intruders and this frightened him a lot. Who is to blame for this? Andy says that there is no need for the family of artistes to be interviewed or disturbed.

Hacken has been dubbed as TVB's godson, but his absence at a recent awards event has sparked rumours that his position has been taken over by 'new godson' Kevin Cheng. In response to this, Hacken indicated that he was in Shanghai on that night and he does not know how the scores are calculated, but he knew that his own score was not as high as Kevin. He says that he has reviewed this with his record company, but he cannot control the awards and we should look ahead to the future. He also says that he had signed for his Shanghai performance in advance so he had to carry out his commitments.

Hacken says that any work is important to him, but there is never a perfect arrangement in life. Asked if he will be booking in the next TVB awards ceremony into his schedule, Hacken says that he will have to check with his record company, but he will make suitable arrangements.

Hacken will soon be appearing in the "Jade Singers Celebrate TVB Anniversary" show, but he will not be a guest for the lighting up ceremony as this will be led by Leo Ku and Joey Yung. Hacken says that every year, it is Sir Run Run Shaw who switches on the lights. Asked if he is afraid of losing his position, he says that people should not think about it like this. He has had a four year run without any awards, so he does not mind too much. Of course, he will definitely take part at the Jade Solid Gold main awards for the year because he has been taking part for over ten years and not appearing at the last event was just an oversight. Asked if there were problems created by the producer changing the date of the event, Hacken said he was unaware of this. As for the rule that you have to be present to receive an award, he says he does not want to know. However, he was a little sorry about TVB's World Cup theme not picking up an award.

Hacken also adds that he understands that there are rules at each place that have to be followed. Asked if he wants to be like Kelly Chen and only concerned about making money, Hacken says that she still took part in the ceremonies. With the rumours that Hacken plans to marry his fiancee Emily Lo in October, he says not to ask about this as he will let everyone know later.


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