Tuesday, October 03, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 04/10/06]

Miriam and Kevin Reunited for MV

Miriam Yeung and Kevin Cheng have been joining together in a commercial venture, opening a cake shop together, even baking their own cakes together. Shame that this co-operation lasted only one day as they were filming for Miriam's music video for her new song "Dai Sor" in a cake shop.

In the video, cake shop owner Kevin sees Miriam injure herself outside his shop, so he helps her in to rest, the two become lovers and open their own cake shop. The video also shows clips of them making cakes together, but in real life, Miriam is a novice. After careful instruction from from the real cake shop owner, she has fallen in love with baking now. Kevin learned how to make cakes two years ago, so after the shoot, they continued to experiment with their cooking.

This is the second time that Miriam and Kevin have worked together on a music video, the last time was on "Dai Sing Siu Si" two years ago. Miriam says: "In order to thank Kevin for his help, when he asked me to make a guest appearance in his concert earlier, I agreed straight away. Then on stage, he said he would thank me by appearing in my video again as the male star. At first, I thought he was joking, because he is very busy filming series, but he has given up his rest time for me and I am very touched. Next time it is my turn to do him a favour, so I will definitely not turn him down."


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