Sunday, October 01, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 02/10/06]

Steven Ma is Popular in Zhanjiang

Steven Ma was in Zhanjiang earlier performing in a charity concert to an audience of 20,000 people. To avoid crowd chaos, there were railings around the stage, but when Steven went onto the stage, many fans pushed forward trying to shake his hand and some wouldn't even let go, nearly pulling him off the stage. Fortunately he pulled his hand back to avoid a fall.

As Zhanjiang residents are able to tune into TVB programmes, Steven has quite a fanbase there and on his flight to Zhanjiang from Guangzhou, many of the stewardesses asked him for his autograph. Many fans also gathered outside the hotel and rushed around when he emerged and he had to call upon the hotel security guards to escort him, but even the security guards asked him for an autograph before they let him go. In the end, his own staff had to intervene before he could get on with his work.

After the performance, the staff were afraid that Steven would get hungry, so they ordered several dozen roasted oysters for him to eat. For Steven, who loves to eat oysters, he was very touched by this and the support of the fans and was very thankful to the staff for looking after him. His only regret for this visit was not having the opportunity to go and take in the sights and try the famous Zhanjiang chicken dish. If he has the chance in the future, he will definitely come back.


[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 02/10/06]

Queenie Chu has become Paranoid about Paparazzi

Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan and Koni Lui took part in a TVB Pay Vision Mid Autmn event yesterday, joining lifestyle channel host Queenie Chu. They played some games and puzzles with the audience on the stage and handed out mooncakes to Pay Vision subscribers.

Aimee says that in Canada, she would spend mid-autumn with her family and they would have a meal together, but as she is in Hong Kong this year, she finds it all very special. She will be spending the festival with her auntie and although she loves eating mooncakes, she is afraid of putting on weight, so she will only eat a little. Asked if she hopes to find a partner for mid-autumn, she says the most important thing is to be with her friends and family for the festival.

As well as working for Pay Vision Lifestyle, Queenie will also be taking a part in an experimental film where she plays a nightclub hostess that dies in suspicious circumstances. Asked how much her fee is for this job, she says it is not high and she is just filming it for her own experience. As it will be shot using film, she wants to try it as it is quite fresh. She will not be dressing particularly sexily though because she says there is a bottom line for television artistes. In order to understand her character, she originally planned to go to the nightclubs to see how the girls work, but she was worried about what the paparazzi would write if they spotted her. Asked if she has become paranoid after the 'shaking car' incident, she says: "Yes, If I am on my own, they will say I am a loner. If I go out with my female friends, they will say I am gay."


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